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The Great and Powerful Trixie was just a travelling showmare. Impress yokels with pretty lights, swindle them out of money, lather, rinse, repeat. Theatrical, cynical, bored as hell.

Sunset Shimmer was just a mercenary, a hired horn with a practically unflappable attitude and a barrage of offensive spells. Practical, cynical and bored as hell.

Twilight Sparkle was just a librarian on a train who happened to read about a legend in a book. Of a mysterious tree that would supposedly grant whoever found it their hearts' desire. Optimistic, reclusive and bored as hell.

One train crash. One bandit chief. One ill-timed show.

Is that all it takes for destiny to get on the rails?

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Very good start. I'm interested in seeing how and when they'll cross paths.

This fic is off to a good start. Aside from the error of "would" lacking a "be" after it and attack missing a "k", I saw no other problems.

Cue the endig in tears in 3...2...

Why does this seem like it takes inspiration from the Russian film STALKER? If it does, will there be an analogue to the Zone Security Forces from the movie?

i would love to see this continued and hoping you the writer are just writing a rough draft as apposed to having abandoned the story

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