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Equestria. A world plagued by monsters. Their cities protected by magical shields, ponies afraid to step beyond the borders.

Four mares, friends for years and students of the powerful alicorn princesses, they possess the means to fight back.

And at their side, a dragon of unparalleled power. Sealed away for a thousand years, he is awakened by the very mares he now fights beside. But can he be trusted?

And what does he mean by "I'm not really a dragon?"

My own entry for the 'Displaced' series of fics. While I know they tend to have a dubious reputation, I'll try my best to provide you all with an enjoyable fic that brings the worlds of MLP FiM and Final Fantasy together.

Swords, sorcery and an awesome story. What more could you want?

Generously edited by Thadius0 he also providded much inspiration for this fic.

Edit: Featured the same day I posted the fic ; 6/02/16. Thanks so much guys and girls. I love you all~

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dang I hope that's actual bahamut and not a humanized or a rule 63 because well I already wrote that and now I feel like a girl who turned up to prom wearing the same dress as somebody else.

6907822 - Actual Bahamut. Not anthro and not a girl, that's for sure. His origin's will come later, but if you've read a Displaced fic before, you can get the general idea.

just a question, but by the fact that he used Impulse, I'm guessing he's the FF10 version of Bahamut?

6907831 - he looks more like FF8's Bahamut, but he can use skills from multiple variations. So more like an 'All in One' Bahamut.

6907830 yeah read lots of displaced.

6907843 okay this is getting eerie.

6907843 cool, FF8 and FF9 had the best looking Bahamuts IMO

6907854 - This guy^ he gets ALL the internet cookies!

Darn it that was my idea for making Bahamut a displaced well props to you. :facehoof: :applejackunsure:

I might not be big on Final Fantasy lore, and it's been a very long time since I ever played one so I might be forgetful, but is that how summons really work? Are they really so weak that practically anything can just banish them away and depower them against their will so easily?

It's a bit of weird start to me.

6908231 - It depends on the game really. I mean, some are bound the gems and simply follow the will of the caster, lacking any will of their own at all. Other games, they can be bound by a suitably powerful mage. While my fic follows some basic Final Fantasy principles, it's not really bound by any particular one. Monsters and the like that will show up will generally come from 4 and 8 however.

6908244 Wow, it really has been a long time since I played FF. I didn't even remember what Bahamut looked like. Great games, but looking back, the summoning principles sound kinda stupid to me. Nowadays I really don't think any creature that has will should ever have that will turned against them so easily. It doesn't really make them seem as threatening if they can so easily be defeated.

As summons? Yeah, those principles works, but as actual, living creatures? Doesn't really feel right.

6908259 - You think that's messed up? Read what they go through in FF6...

I'm a sucker for Final Fantasy and summoners and FRIGGING BAHAMUT!

Bahamut and filly Twilight as allies against the forces of evil and all things unpleasant...okay, my attention has been won!

I really do like what you've got going here, and the characters you've added are all likable, so this is a good start for giving me personalities of Luna and Celestia that doesn't make me cry.


The filly sighed and rolled over, groaning when her head hit the dirt. She opened her eyes and sat up, looking around. “This… is not my bedroom.”

The dragon facepalmed and sighed. “No shit. Now, wanna tell me what the ever-loving hell you did to me!?”

The hell Bahamut! That's a child, a child you just cursed at for something she would have no idea about! How dare he harm Filly Twilight's innocent ears!

6908337 - True, and I do feel bad. But Bahamut is rather upset at the moment.

And you think he's vulgar? Oohh, do I have a surprise for you all come chapter two or three...

6908259 in I believe most FF summons are just powerful spirits bound to gems or called forth from another dimension

Good start. Bahamut's dialog is kinda wooden. questions tho. why have the part about spike even exist? if monsters terrorize the countryside, wouldn't he be put to death immediately or something?

and i'm glad you chose moondancer over trixie, as thats been done and done over and over. but why not starlight glimmer?

and how are you going to balance the whole "equal races of equestria?"


and... uh, i eagerly await the next chapter.

6908087 Why not do one too? X & XIII would be neat to see.

Yesss! I love this fic so far! Please don't let it die!

6908259 Well since Aus said he looks more like FF8's Bahamut here's what he should look like.vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/finalfantasy/images/9/9e/FF8_Bahamut.png/revision/latest?cb=20120506200049

Hm..tracking for now. I'm intrigued but I don't really care for the thought of of Bahamut being reduced to effectively a child. In addition to that Celestia is seemingly capable of sealing him; didn't they specifically mention earlier that Discord was the only one with a known method to seal him?

“If Bahamut were to somehow escape… without the method Discord used to seal him away…”

6908378 I guess that's why I was a bit worried when I saw this. I want this story to be good, but that might be difficult by trying to make something as easily manipulated as a summon one of the main characters.

This looks like a pretty interesting premise. It'll be interesting to see where you take this....and I'm also curious if they're going to attract a couple more friends to take on the roles of other FF jobs.

heh As if Equestria's world wasn't already a death world, now there are even bigger and more numerous (not to mention magic-resistant, apparently) monsters.

is this inspired by the Dragon God one?

I'm really not a fan of displaced story mainly because for the same reason that owns their dubious reputation you mentioned.

But since It's you and I really enjoyed your stories with Flare Blitz, I'll give it a try.

No offense, but seeing 'The Dragon King' up on the feature box got my hopes up that I had finally gotten in myself.

Congratulations, just the same. I will check your rendition!

Zero like, Zero like ALOT

Loves it! :pinkiehappy: plz don't let this fade into oblivion :fluttercry:

6908436 Well mine would be actually different were Bahamut is a guy, and in Anthro world with Nightmare Moon is a sister to Luna, and Celestia. :twilightblush:

will be waiting for the next chapters. great story.

6907830 You don't plan to do any crossovers right?

Apparently I havent played this version of FF, what with teh cards, but Im going to keep tracking this, just to see how Bahamut and Spike get along.

Or more likely, not.

Is this FF squad a maximum of 3, 4 or what number and so is Bahamut the last member And summons, or will it be Spike, or he is too young, or maybe someone like Fluttershys Mother, Bastion?

I will read this later. If it is the Bahamut I think it is, it has to be awesome.

Mega flares peppering the landscape? Someone has seen End of an Era... Well then this is just a kick in the keister to start writing more of my own. I look forward to seeing what this will go to! Now if you'll excuse me... I've got a Miqo'te to wrangle.

Man, I'm really not sure about this. It's like every bad JRPG cliché I've ever seen mashed all together. I've liked some of your other stories, but I'm really a bit sceptical about this one so far.

Celestia couldn’t believe her eyes. This little filly, had just reduced the Dragon God-King… to something that could be mistaken for a plush toy.

6909231 Cool. By all means go for it. Should be fun. Especially if he gets to beat up any villains like Kefka or Garland.

6909851 Well I never thought about that, but I have a problem right now, and I'm not happy. :fluttercry: :pinkiecrazy:

6909953 What's the problem exactly?

6909965 My iPad screen broke, and a lot of my stuff is on it, and I can't use it with out the chance of getting hurt a bit. :applecry: So do you know what might help besides getting a replacement. :ajbemused:

6910113 Not really. Is there anyone who can repair screens by chance or put in a new one? As for your stuff, if you have to get a new one, I suggest going to the the IOS store on your ipad, download a cloud storage app like MEGA and backup all your stuff to it on your account. If you have any computers at your house you can go to MEGA and sign up there, and verify your account with the link sent to your email. After that sign in on your Ipad and start backing everything important up. If you have a stylus for the Ipad, I suggest using it unless you can use your fingers with say your shirt bottom to do everything, keeping the glass away while backing the files up.

6910145 Well thanks for the info about the whole thing I'll keep that in mind again thanks. :fluttershysad:

I will give this a shoot. but those "displaced" and "ALTERNATIVE UNIVERCE" tags makes me afraid.. I have read many Displaced fics and ALL of them had more or less the same beginning and story. I hope this will be a good one.

6910153 Anytime.
6910176 Should be a good one. Most Displaced start out like this cause it's a common situation and rule. Convention, buy something from shady merchant, appear in Equestria as said character and it branches off depending on the situation as well as story. many end up in the past, many in the present. Even the stone thing varies. ANubis Doggie Cruger, cryogenic stasis after Discord trapped him in his own base, Ichigo Kurosaki and a few others, sealed in stone after being a berserked threat, misunderstanding stoning happens too. Heck a villain sometimes traps a hero in stone for 1000 year. Some end up in equestria from buying online or being saved by another more kinder Displacer like Roden or Crux. In the end how good a story it is depends on the author and editors.

So... you just turned a human-turned-Bahamut into a pseudo-Spike? That's... original.

My own entry for the 'Displaced' series of fics. While I know they tend to have a dubious reputation, I'll try my best to provide you all with an enjoyable fic that brings the worlds of MLP FiM and Final Fantasy together.

The fact that you made Bahamut less powerful right in the first chapter gives me hope that you'll succeed. Forcing a protagonist to face a genuine challenge is not something many Displaced writers are willing to do, and is one of the reasons i think there are a dearth of good stories in what should be fertile ground for greatness.

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