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Ignorance is never bliss and it can cost you. Their ignorance almost cost us Equestria. But I saw the signs, I saw the enemy. But no one would listen. My so called "Friends" never stuck by my side as I tried to warn them of the threat to our very lives loomed over us. Instead they sided with her. Yet, whenever I can't be bothered to help them they always assume the worst or I'm just a bad friend. I'm done being a pawn, I'm done with these friendship lessons. I'm done with Equestria.

And that's how it started. A journey not for the faint of heart. A journey about duty and honor, love and friendship, Victory and defeat. In a world's darkest hour she will rise to help four friends reclaim their home. Let's get started.

Final Fantasy 15/MLP Crossover

(Just so people know I don't own either Final Fantasy 15 or My Little Pony. All rights go to there respective owners.)

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Great start! I look forward to reading more of this!

7791757 Thank you. :rainbowwild: I'll be a bit busy at work since it's the holidays so my next chapter may be up later.

Well, looks like it's Cadence's turn to let out anger on them in chapter 2

A superior version of my own take of ACW. Other than a few typos and indentation errors, this is promising.

7795545 I'll most likely do a rewrite.

Edit: By the way. I want to thank you. Bitterness was a great inspiration.

I think it time A new Ruler takes over the throne, and Certain Sun butt to be imprisoned and striped of her powers...for the good of Equestria Heh irony worth of the situation.

What Final Fantasy will it make a crossover with if its a FF at all? Personally i hope its 15

Tyrantlestia in the making. This is not gonna end well for her. All hail the New Lunar Republic.

7806514 :pinkiehappy: And you're right. This is a 15 crossover.

First acting like Twilight was the one to make an mistake, then threaten to erase her memories of the event. This Tia, is why most brony hate you. You never seem to learn from your mistakes, telling other to fix theirs and yours. But you try to hide from them. Your plans takes forever to implement and a short-runs event. and even if they do learn of them later on, your just adding one more enemy on your list. congrats in making more of a fool of yourself.

7806575 The only thing i can say about that is TwilightxNoctis or TwilightxNyx

7808420 hmm.. I hate to burst your bubble.. but twilightXnoctus can't happen because in XV.. noctus was/is sapost to marry princess lunafraya .. and nyx gave his life up in exchange to use the powers of the ring to save the future during the movie and she would fall for ignis.. he seems more her type... just saying.. also added the cencors just in case.. also.. I wonder how far along in their adventure they will be when twilight crashes it.. please work hard on the next chapter, but do not give up quality please

7811035 Anything can happen in fan proyects

7811035 Rest assured the next chapter is where things get interesting.

7811654 ok then, I'll give you that one

7812063 oh goodie! I can not wait!

Will Twilght return to over throw Celestia and rescue Luna?

a little saddened that its gonna be human twilight in this alternate world

looks like tia has gone off the deep end.. and dragged twilights EX-friends along with her, and.. if I am reading the timeline right.. niflehime has yet to take Tenebrae? or is this after?

7822230 So that's a yes. Bitchlestia really needs her attitude beat out of her!

so much for being the element of Honesty Applejack

can I have a request
could you have Cadance find out and be furious at them?!

7822698 With Twilight gone they can't keep the truth hidden So Cadance wouldn't be the only one who's pissed.


Who else is going to be on Twilight's side?

7822914 Well riddle me this. If the wrath of a bride to be is Hell, Then what is the wrath of a mother and father?:pinkiecrazy:


Can't wait to see Shining's reaction to that: His refusal to defend his little sister from Celestia and allowing the princess to turn her into her mindless slave (okay, not really, but still pretty close) may not only cost him Cadence, but his mom and dad as well.

No one messes with a mama bear and a papa wolf.

I hope they, along with Luna and every pony that ends up not agreeing with Celestia end up getting the heck away from her. They could end up being used against Twilight if they don't.


My interest is piqued

This may turn out to be one of my favorites if you do it correctly.

“You don’t care about your own home?!” Celestia retorted. “You don’t care about your brother, Cadance, your friends, your mom and dad?! You can look me in the eye and proclaim you don’t care if all of everything you love is destroyed?!”
Twilight’s Eyes turned red. “MAYBE IF YOU WERE A COMPETENT PRINCESS YOU WOULDN’T HAVE TO RELY ON THE ELEMENTS!” That statement sent everyone in the room reeling even Celestia. “WHY ARE YOU EVEN A PRINCESS?! ALL YOU DO IS SIT ON YOUR THRONE AND ACT AS IF YOUR ALWAYS IN CONTROL! BUT YOU’RE NOT! YOU NEED US SO NO ONE CAN CHALLENGE YOUR RULE!” Twilight calmed down just enough for her eyes to return to their lavender color.
“You know, I see it now. Every villain we fought wasn’t really a villain.
“THAT’S ENOUGH!” Celestia bellowed. “Every adversary you fought has threatened to destroy the very peace and harmony of Equestria!”
“Like who?!” Twilight shot back. “Nightmare Moon? Luna only became that creature because you soaked up all the lime-light. Luna sat and suffered in silence as you basked in all the praise. She felt unloved, even by you. But seeing you now I don’t see why she was jealous.
Rarity fainted at the sound of such harsh words directed to their princess. But Twilight wasn’t done.
“Or Discord? Yeah Discord was an all around pain in the flanks but other than that what was his crime? He didn’t hurt anypony. If anything he just kept making a nuisance of himself toward other ponies. That shouldn’t have warranted such a heavy punishment like an eternity in stone. So your threats were a court jester and a jealous sister. The only threat you faced that meant you harm for no reason what so ever was Chrysalis. But when I tried to warn you, none of you listened to me!”

*Claps hands* Bravo Twilight, and this is why Tia is the worst princess. Its either Banish, Lock away for somepony else to fix or just mind wipe them for her 'harmony' logic. This fic I like.

Also now that I think about it, Their plan for the revival of the elements it not going to work. Mind wipe is the worst case of lying and Applejack, I'm disappointed in you to think that this is a good idea period, wouldn't the elements sense their deceit the moment they ware them again and wouldn't Magic just still die out because of this.

Also I like this add this line here:

"So you said the elements were important for keeping Harmony in Equestia, how in Hay are they the only thing you have to save Equestia." Twilight retorted.

"The Elements are to only thing that I can use to keep Equestia safe Twilight, My hoof were full in keeping my ponies for going astray and following your Destiny, Twilight Sparkle."

"The only thing." Twilight started, "THE ONLY THING! Are you telling me, you, Princess Celestia, Monarch of the Sun, who rules these land for a Thousands years, never once deciced to find another way to defend Equestia." Celestia was about to retorted but Twilight beat to it.

"And before you say anything else, that's most likely another excuse from the mouth of yours, you had Your school of Unicorns of Magic Educations, Starswirl the Breaded, hay even Clover the Cleaver, are you really telling me out of all that 1000yrs time you never concidered finding another way and all for my destiny, as you claimed, have no idea that even existed nor what it is. No, the problem is that you, Celestia, Never tried to find another way and that Princess. Is. Your. Weakness."

...I wish my line was in the story. Great chapter.

7823558 :pinkiehappy: thank you......And I like that line.

7823043 you should have Big Mac and Granny Smith be furious as well



7828472 what Luna said to Applejack reminded me of that episode

wow... not what I was exspection, but really much beter. I really want to read more and hope it in well, hope twilight is not going to be brainwash but if she is than it happens. not exspection celestia to react like that too is a surprise and hope that end well not too keen on her abad guy. but if she is than so be it.
also good job on the horn bit, this is a first and how that end up that a pluse to the story.
all in all I really want to reads more and I look forward to more ch/storys uoi make and wish you the best of luck so thanks for the story

7836217 Thanks. :pinkiehappy: Celestia isn't really a bad guy. She's a ruler whose woken up to the bitter truth.

This is pretty good. Though make sure to check for grammatical errors. Also, I feel the pacing should be a bit slower, but I know your trying to get to the point. In the end it's your story and you do as you see fit. But so far, I really like it.

7836352 Thanks for the advice. and this is really the only part I wanted to get through. Now I'm pretty much set.

oh dear.. poor twilight.. I can only fear what they plan to use her for..

I was hoping for Twilight to fight alongside with the kingsglave

Not gonna lie not looking foward if Twilight ends up with Ravus(not a fan)

And so Spike joins the growing numbers aganist Celestia. I can understand he only wanted to help his mom recover and smile again. However, the only ones who would had benefitted would had been Celestia, as she got her weapon, and the Mane 5, as they dont have to work for her forgiveness and possibly give them the idea they can get away with any bullcrap they pull on her: Just have Celestia erase her memory and poof, problem solved.

Who else is most likely going to go aganist Celestia's wishes and why? So far, we have Twilights parents, Cadence, Luna, Spoke..

7837376 Now, Now I haven't gotten to them yet. :pinkiehappy:

7837155 I have a policy on "sinking" ships.

7811035 Agree Ignis would be the best for Twilight

To be honest, I really hope that Shining Armor is NOT accepted by the ponies that support Twilight. He was supposed to be her big brother, who protects their younger silblings. Instead, he throws her aside for a bride he should had noticed wasn't herself, and was fully willing to have her memory of the wedding stripped and be manpiluated by the princess just so she can have her living weapon back.

And for what, just so things would go back to the way they were without actually working to earn Twilight's forgiveness? Family doesn't work that way! Just so he can keep his rank? That didn't do squat around Nightmare Moon and Discord!

And I think a part of him is motivated by the desire to have Cadence marry him as she was really angry over what happened, and most likely refused to do so unless Twilight forgave him.

Thing is, that would had never worked: Cadence would had figured out what happened and do whatever she could to reverse the damage. And she would cut ties with Shining, as he used his sister to get to her.

So yeah, Shining Armor is a terrible brother in this: He's convinced he's being a good brother, but in reality, he's just sarficing Twilight's freedom and happiness just for his own benefit.

Will twilight be with the empire and then still protects Luna and Noctis? ( maybe Ravus too):rainbowhuh:
If so Twilight would be badass for being an undercover guard for Noctis and Luna.

ps. I am done with the game so you can alter this story as you please... I am so happy for Noctis and Luna!!!

damn, Celestia is losing it! she's acting like some sort of tyrant and she is becoming worse than Nightmare Moon, Discord and Chrysalis put together!

So Shining Armor revealed his Dark side, well hop he happy he truely lost everything now.
His honor, his family his bride....may he suffer for all time when it over.

So 12 yrs in other world time huh? I wonder how long is that in Equestia time, also I wonder how it holding now that the Elements are virually useless on all accounts. I bet Discord, King Sombra and Tirek are having a ball with Tia while mostly likely Luna (who escaped prison) is counterattacking with actual train night guards. Hope to see the next chapter as I only watch Kingsglaive.

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