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So how long will it be then? How long before you're no longer cursed to walk the Earth?


"Darkness beyond blackest pitch, Deeper than the deepest night." Those words echoed through her dreams from foalhood. However as she grew her bonds with her brother, her assistant and her mentor quieted them. Her bonds with her friends, the other elements, silenced them. But what happens when those bonds break? When all she loves turns their back on her. What happens when the Nightmare awakes?

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I want a follow-up chapter. This is too awesome to leave as a one-shot!

If enough people ask for it maybe lol but for now...

8341097 I wouldn't mind seeing a followup chapter, or an epilogue, but it's your story, so you gotta do what's right for it, and you.

Great story, btw. Never seen one QUITE like this one.

Have a Fave, an Upvote and a Follow from me.

I am impress with this chapter, it look good.

Well, I agree with them. This has too much potential to just be left like this.

Some spelling errors throughout particularly using to in place of too. Still interesting to see Twi as L-sama.

I am just honestly suprised no1 had done it before. I mean with characters like 'Nightmare' moon, Discord, sombra. Hell theres nightmares, chaos, and darkness right there. Why wouldn't L-sama take an interest?

Dear Lord this was beautiful...

Glad you liked it azure. What was it you liked best about it?

I have to choose? Nah I'm kidding, favorite two moments were the reveal right before Chrysalis realised she fucked up, and when Luna started tearing into everyone.

Thanks! I put alot of thought into the reveal. The luna part was actually added when the chapter was just shy of 1k words so it could be posted lol.

I'm very glad you were short then. I love scenes where Luna chastises others for their stupidity.

If i do, do another chapter then i have a suprise in mind for it. But am still not sure if i will. :/

Good story but I have two questions
1: what does this crossover with

2: why is this in the Anon-A-Miss group?, the group does not include canterlot wedding stories


Cross over with Slayers

As for the second question... that was actually an accident lol. I was adding it to crossover groups and accidently clicked Anon-A-Miss without realising until after i had clicked catagories it would have fit if it was a crossover group not the anon group.

Oh I see but if you ever decide to cross over with the holiday special with this, I would like to see that

also the anime?

The anime is Slayers. Crossed over character is the lord of nightmares.

As to holiday special cross over... maybe is all i can say for now

Looking forward to any future stories you write

Nice i hope for more.

Okay, What about Cadance?, she was here after Twilight and Discord left, right?.

She was stunned silent at what was going on.

Did she learn that Twilight was betrayed by Shining Armor and the others?.

Between what L-sama said and their confession to luna kinda hard for her not to

Okay, Will be a sequel of A waking Nightmare?.

Not sure. Maybe. Only L-sama knows o-o

I see, they better do it right.

Lol L-sama is fanon short hand for The Lord of Nightmares. Saying only L-sama knows is just like saying only celestia knows or only god knows.

Okay, but who is this The Lord of Nightmares you spoke of?.

What ammounts to god in the Slayers universe. Which this was a cross over with. Also who twilight turned into lol. Twilight was the most holy of maidens.

Okay, but what Twilight got to do with this?.

that involves going major spoiler into slayer cannon given the fact that L-sama only appears herself at the very end.

I hope the mane five will better do it right to get Twilight back.

No spoilers for if it is continued

Okay, No spoilers.

No sequel to finish this off? Seems like it needs an Epilogue.

Meh...seems more like Twilight should be tossed into a new world as a second chance...

Kind alike the Pokemon crossovers where Arceus takes twilight because Equestria betrayed her. Only in this case The Lord of Nightmares could send her to a new world as 'my small twilight...' ...Because no matter what world she ends up in I have a feeling she would bring light to the darkness...or if need be..darkness to the tainted light.

If you wish to make a sequel i am fine with that. The thing i would recomend keeping in mind is the connection between L-sama and twilight. Namely that twilight IS L-sama just with out L-sama's knowledge (L-sama is an omniscient -all knowing- creation level being -not omnipresent or omnipotent unless she decides to destroy everything under her power and exsistance alone- ) and less than a drop of her actual power.

Please continue this.

Um image was not exactly their

Thats.. odd the image is still there for me?..

oh wait read this on my phone came back to it on my computer image is their know

Please a sequel, this was too good, and now I have a new anime to watch too.

Two birds for the price of one. A good deal I must say.

What did this cross over with?


Crossed over character is The Lord of Nightmares. Aka L-sama! Praise be to L-sama.

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