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Update on life · 9:57am March 12th

Hey all. It's been a while huh.

Honestly, I've no idea where to start on this so I guess I'll jump right in. Let's start with story updates... Or lack there of.

Princess and the Human - This one has been a real thorn in my side. I started it as a thing to update every now and then. As a tracker of how my writing progressed as an author. I honestly never expected people would like it as much as they have.

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Will we ever get more hugging stories?

can you just PLEASE continue writing changelings gotta love em all?

I know that it's up to you, but I hope that there's a reason behind the cancellation of Midnight Mares. I admit that I hadn't gotten to reading it yet, only the previous story, but I'm always saddened when a story is canceled.

I'm also still eagerly awaiting a continuation of Flames and Twilight and have been for a few years now. You can't leave off a story saying that the main character is dying!
Well, you technically can, but it's not very kind. :P

Are you still writing? Are you still writing MLP? How are you dealing with the mandatory stay-at-home shenanigans going on?
(I think everyone's running low on funds (except our exalted overlords in government, who are apparently unaffected by what happens to us peasants, and think they have both the power and right to dictate terms) at this point, so I'm guessing that you may not have had much time to do things that aren't work, but hopefully everything is otherwise fine. Ish.)

Upon a... particular suggestion that you made a while back, another story with Yuumi is now done.

EThe Cat in Canterlot Castle
Celestia and Luna come back to Canterlot after their vacation to find Yuumi in the throne room... only this time, she's got a few friends with her. Even more shenanigans ensue.
FrostTheWolf · 6k words  ·  97  2 · 1.2k views

You might like this one :raritywink:

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