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This is a group dedicated to one of the surprisingly few writers on this site with matching X chromosomes, the one and only Foals Errand!

Foals Errand may look like a cute and cuddly pony, but don't be fooled!


She's really a cute and cuddly Changeling Queen! Contrary to a certain grumpy Queen who was expelled from Canterlot, Foalsy prefers to gather love through shared affection with friends and family.

The rules here are simple:

1. Foals loves fluffy stories. So fluffy they induce diabetes just by looking at their titles.

2. You're going to be hugged, snuggled, cuddled, booped, have your nose licked, be kissed, whatever she feels like. She's a changeling queen, she cares not for your silly personal boundaries! Love is love! (And I hear it's quite delicious.)

3. Prepare to lose your evens, your odds, and any other things you may have. Cute and cuddly though she may be, Foals loves to play jokes—she's a changeling, for Celestia's sake!

4. Luna is best pony. I... er... don't quite know why, but Foals says so. Maybe some sort of past history there. You'll have to ask her.

5. The creator of this group is not adorable. He totally is!~


6. Dang it, Foals.

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Congratulations! This group has been listed in New Groups for its freshness.

388169 Hehe play nice. :3

Love you too Merlos!:heart:

This group is awful and I'm only here to talk about how awful it is. Especially this Foals Errand girl, I can tell she's nothing but a bad influence on everypony around here!

388163 *Opens 'Nightmare Filly Prevention Kit'* I have a spray bottle and an old Sunday paper. You have been warned...

388163 *Opens 'Nightmare Filly Prevention Kit'* I have a spray bottle and an old Sunday paper. You have been warned...

I have power yes ^^

388152 You know Albinocorn? Also, I'm here! Nice to see you getting some recognition, Filly.

p.s. Do you have any power over the group? Or is this like a fan-club?

388154 I didn't elect her. This thing just sorta happened...

388150 Because you love Queen Foalsy.

All hail our Queen!

It's a group for me ^^

....Dammit, why am I here?

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