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name: link4 what else?
ships: favorite is flutterdash, with twidashie coming in close at third. obviously twilight/luna is second place.(i will sail on them! you can't stop me)

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Random thoughts · 12:59am Sep 30th, 2018

hm... ever wonder, if changelings were Self aware A.I? and the eggs they hatch from are organic chrysali that form them from parent data from the already existing changeling A.I? and every generation there is one or two anomalies?(thorax) while the central hub is the queen/king? disguises are just mechanical processes fueled by love somehow and green fire is the exhaust?

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Hi the Wolf King isn’t dead I just have not had the time to work on additional chapters until now so it’s not dead hence the hiatus tag

Thanks for the fave!

Thanks for the add to your bookshelf.

'i love you daddy' who would write such trash?

thanks for adding my story
like 28 other people did
so thanks i guess.

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