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The Main 6 live their Immortal lives, doing all they can to make their Dragon friends last few years as happy as they can.

Featured August, 22nd, 23rd, 24th 2020
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This story has a Sequal - Reincarnation

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I'm not crying! *Tries to hide the tears currently fall from my eyes*

Damn, so sad. I loved it. Did I say it was sad? Short chapters but they held a good amount of emotion in them. Also liked the fact the main 6 were all immortal. Great story. Definitely gonna read again.


So, you misspelled immortal in your short description wanted to point that out.

Marked the story to read later.

Spike said to a Pinkie who's mane had gone flat.


of so many, but your so old Spike

you’re (may be the accent of Applejack)

"Your welcome...my little Spikey...Wikey."


Holy hell my dude, time and time again I've seen theories and stories where Spike outlives the Mane 6, the most recent one where Spike napped for a hundred or so years and woke up to the world being different. But never have I seen the other point of view where the Mane 6 outlive Spike instead, and this is a breath of fresh air. And since Dragons are typically depicted to live for thousands of years, the fact that they lived that long to see him wither away gradually just warms the heart in a bittersweet way. The feels are overwhelming, especially when Spike asked about Starlight, I got a heart attack thinking she kicked the bucket.

Overall, I'm entirely interested to see where this goes.

"Happy 6,756th birthday Spike"

The feels man... the feels man...:pinkiesad2:

Phenomenal story, one that has earned a place in my favorites to return to again whenever I'm in dire need of a powerful tearjerker. I suspected that Starlight had died in the first chapter, but I hoped beyond hope that my suspicions would prove false and I would be proven wrong. Alas, this last chapter made my predictions clear and I can't help but feel irreversibly sad about the entire ordeal. I always thought Ember would be the one that Spike courted in marriage, but here I stand with this fic with a new ship that I haven't considered since it was never one that I thought, especially since both of them have a lot more common partners. Not to say that this surprise was unwarranted, I love the introduction of this new ship and her story of dying in childbirth was absolutely heartbreaking.

I have to commemorate you on having the Mane 6 have a separate burial island for Starlight and Spike alone, shows just how much of an impact the two had on all of them. I loved the callback to Spike's greed binge with Rarity parting her Fire Ruby, and considering that this is 6 millennia after the shows end just shows the pure dedication she had. Must've been holding onto that one for this occasion and this occasion alone. And to know that they have a special burial island for all the friends they've made makes me far more emotional than it should, everyone that stuck with them on their journey to bringing peace to the people of Equestria all resting in a place where they could visit and remember them for eternity. Pulls at the heartstrings like a Pixar Movie.

I may have read this masterpiece in one sitting, and a short one at that, but the shortness of it only contributes to the sweetness of ending it because I cannot imagine such a narrative being presented in any other length. Truly a favorite to be remembered, cherished, and loved for the ages.

Man this was so sad, I loved every word.

Shit, taking care of dementia patients must be heart breaking.


I've read a few Spike outliving his friends stories as well, but one day I read a story where the main 6 became immortal and that inspired my then outlive spike story, im just glad you enjoyed it enough to leave a comment that full of thought, thanks you and I'm happy you enjoyed the story.

don't mind me, just going to the attic to cry.

I read this before and as much as I want to read it again, i can’t go through that again. Great job butcher

*loud, teary applause*

They both lie now next to his unnamed child who had passed with his wife during birth.
And the hits just keep coming in this story.

As I read this story, I keep hearing the song, "So Long Old Friend" from the TV Special, "Here Comes Garfield"

I encourage everyone who read this story to go and listen to this song.

Here is a link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLxc9gvDrc4

I helped take care of my grandma in her final years. It was hard.

I read this once... did you keep the original seperate? I have no idea how this one differs...

I'm not crying it's those Damn onion cutting ninjas always sneak into people's house

I still have the original one, the only real difference is that this one had been heavily edited for a better reading experience.

when you say edited do you mean grammar-wise, plot-wise, or both because I also had already read it and want to know if I just reread it. I am currently loving "Reincarnation" and don't want to miss anything at all that might refer back to this story post rewrite.

P.S. congratulations on the most recent feature between just this story and “Reincarnation”. I haven’t read any of your other stories yet, but I’m sure you have a fifth feature there somewhere or a least will get one

It was mostly Grammatical with a few minor changes, that being said me and my editor are planing to edit Reincarnation soon and it'll be mostly Grammatical to, but a few minor things might change as well

My goodness that was sad. I couldn't take it. That was definitely a tear-jerker. And I loved every moment of it.

Damnit, sweet and simple yet still a tear jerker :fluttercry:

Wait... he doesn't get a scene with Twilight? His sister, the pony he spent most of his formative years around/being raised by? Literally the pony who gave him life... and she doesn't even come to visit in his final days? That's... kinda fucked up. I mean, no matter how you quantify their relationship, be it brother/sister or mother/son, there is no question that he is very special to her, and vice versa. And all she can muster is a nice speech at his funeral? Come on, man.

"I was here last week Spike, " Fluttershy said sweetly, having gotten used to working with Spike's dwindling memory. "How are you today?"

Alzheimer's or Dementia? , possibly ALS? Spike's got it now? jesus the world is truly evil.

Damn, I would hope to be euthanized before I get dementia.

Well... that’s sad

I'm not crying your crying.... shut up
That was beautiful.

Evolutionary shadow, natural selection only really comes into play before reproducing, once you have successfully spread your genes and are too old to reproduce, anything that might have been naturally selected out wouldn't matter. That's what is the prevailing theory for the persistent existence of these "late in life" diseases. We are making progress in shutting these things down, as slow as that prog5might be

It’s only the first chapter and it’s already heartbreaking.

Pinkie wiped her eyes and left the dresser to find Spike had fallen asleep again. Pinkie walked over and patted his snout. "Happy 6,756th birthday Spike" she whispered before she took the box to Twilight.


I honestly expected tears.

Aww. I wish they were all there.

That hit the heart hard.

I rarely cry, this story broke me. I tip my hat to you!

This last chapter was hard to read at the end as my vision was suddenly getting clouded.

Those are tears silly... :pinkiesad2:

What? Tears! NO!

FUCK YOU BRO:pinkiesad2: i cant stop sniffling:raritydespair:

God damnit, I was trying so hard not to cry. I'm wiping away tears as I'm writing this, f**k you man for making me a tear and snot covered mess.

no one makes it through So long old friend without crying. And One day I shall get this story an Audio Reading, I'll do it myself if I have to!

This honestly could use another editing pass— there was a lot of stuff that could use fixing. And I agree with 10646702, there really should have been a chapter devoted to Twilight before the funeral chapter. Maybe even after Rainbow's chapter so we have an immediate reaction from Twilight.

That said, this indeed was a heartbreaking tearjerker, and you earned my upvote. Good job.

I did not cry at all. I am not a heartless jerk tho. Me on the verge of tears. Maybe its because one of my songs is playing

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