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Fluttershy, a timid mare. rainbow dash, a brash mare with little patience.

for months now they have been an item, but in truth- not much has progressed thanks to the timid mares hesitations. this is a short tale of their progress in their relationship.

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Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 19 )

This is good can't wait for the next chapter. I love this ship. It is in my top ships of the show. This ship is cute, and makes sense.

7394487 lol glad you like it!! - chapter one, was originally a one-shot. :)

but it was well liked, and demand was high.

It's really cute, and the romance is very subtle. Can't wait for more.

7625006 lol glad you liked it. would you be surprised if this was originally a one shot? xD

It feels like it could be. Glad you decided to keep it going though!

7625279 readers didn't give me much choice, they were demanding more xD

Only do what you feel like doing.You don;t have to if you don't wanna.

7625365 no worries, i had fun writing it anyways. though i do need to make sure ch4 gets fixed. i hapend to switch locations often, and the conversation between 2 char. was continued despite that. xD

Comment posted by L3thAlPwnE deleted Oct 18th, 2016

Thanks for adding more, I forgot about the post I deleted. I wanted to say more than i did!

7653821 lol np. i'll be adding more every 2 days. so i'm not bombarding with content.



7655581 thanks! wish i could write ch2 like ch 1 tho. flows better. lol glad you like it so far!

This story gets more and more cute as you add to it!

7657659 thanks xD... hoping the slight discrepancy in the spa session isn't too bad. was meant to be a continued conversation like in the show- when they switch scenes but the talk is still going uninterrupted.

This was oddly heartwarming.

Thanks! That's the goal. Lol glad you enjoyed it

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