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Skylarking the Stargazer

Passer inter meos ocellos labebatur... et inebriatus... etiam līberātūrus.

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Priority is to Arrive Toward Solitude

Wordy, I know, but I'm tired of how much I have to give up for the pleasure of other irrelevant souls mesmerizing themselves and themselves only. This place is merely a temporary shelter before I'm ready to open up my mind to reality.

We can be friends, but I'm warning you that it will be a loose tie if something goes wrong.


My Personal Interests · 8:19pm Sep 6th, 2016

Just to put it out there, if you need anything specific of a topic, you can come and ask me because I am:

-Semi football fanatic, not like some of those ignorant kids (because there are twelve year olds that aren't as ignorant) who only acknowledge football as of post 2010. Count on me if it's as early as the 60's football.

-Trance music addict. But not any of those unknown artists active on Youtube and such, not too much of underground either.

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Thank you for adding "Hearth's Warming Lights" to your Favorites list! Remember to leave an upvote and a comment letting me know your thoughts, and check out some of my other stuff too! :twilightsmile:

No lever is wrong as long as it leads to me :evil smile:

Yes! I did the thing!

Krunk! Pull the lever! *begins falling* WRONG LEVER!

That's a first. I'm more than honored :D

Thank you and be sure to check my stuffs when you're free!

  • Viewing 160 - 164 of 164
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