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Skylarking the Stargazer

Passer inter meos ocellos labebatur... et inebriatus... etiam līberātūrus.


When they say you are able to break your limits as long as you believe, confidence boils over.

But what if that limit returns after you're no longer who you used to be? Do you still believe to succeed?

What is spirit when reality seeks to crush your dreams?

Is it really the time for Daring Do to quit?

Based off episode 18 of season 7, "Daring Done".

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damn, just wow, that is deep and i need some aspirin for that

Yay first comment on this story!

Ty for your honesty. I was hoping to convey that feeling out to the readers.

Ah wait, I messed up. The second comment of the story.

But the first in a very long time!

I put a lot of effort and thoughts on this one compared to a couple of my lazy works before and after this was written. So to hear your voice praising was a dream come true!

no problemo, in truth you just have to come up with something you can continue with even after you're bored

No...You need Amytriptiline.

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