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My Pokemon Mystery Dungeon styled story is now complete. Non-Pony. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12281852/1/PMD-Worldforged-Exile



PMD Worldforged Exile is Complete · 7:22am Apr 29th, 2017

PMD: Worldforged Exile, My most ambitious single work yet, is complete and all of the pagebreaks have been correctly added(Fimfiction has spoiled me in terms of formatting...) It isn't pony related, but it clocks in at over 84k words(nearly double my last pony fic).

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I'm going to be honest here, I thought you were just going to pitch ideas for something I was already working on, but I can see now that that wasn't the case. I don't really have the spare time to work on anyone else's projects. I barely have the time to work on my own. Had these ideas of your's actually have been in line with what I am currently working on, then maybe we could have worked something out, but you keep sending me your ideas about characters from the displaced universe. Writing things for that universe requires knowledge about characters outside the MLP franchise, which is not something I'm likely to have, at least not about anything from the last ~10 years.

In short, I simply cannot use someone else's ideas as well as you'd think.:pinkiesad2:

2096689 ok i have other idea

2096160 I don't think I can do anything with this unfortunately. The displaced universe isn't the one that I'm currently working in. Besides that, I'm entirely unfamiliar with the buggy the clown character. Without having watched the show, it isn't likely that I'd be able to do the character justice.:raritydespair:

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