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1793446 Navy huh? My brother is headed out in 2-3 weeks. I was Army, though I did train at Corry station, which is Navy. Keep your cool and you'll be fine. It's the ones who panic that don't make it through. Keep calm and do your best. Studying ranks helps a bit too. I always messed up with chiefs and master chiefs.


That sounds eerily similar to what I do, currently. Even the part about the military (shipping off to Navy boot camp in September). Are you some sort of time wizard?whatisthisidonteven

1792557 Haha, I tried that at one point, it was all well and good, but I found that when I actually did talk to people, all the build-up let loose at once, and I rambled. I don't try to do that anymore, and my conversations are much more calm nowadays. Being in the military helped with that too, I think. It's not as big a deal to talk to a stranger when you deliver reports in front of people who could destroy your career with a sneer if they had a bad day. That and online gaming. Games gave me a chance to talk to people and not worry about it afterwards if I made a tool of myself.


Not many do, so thanks. It's quite fitting, really. Considering the fact that I very rarely "talk" on this site... or any of them, if I'm honest. Hell, even my name means silence, and a few other things as well. It's all very... meta, I think is the word. Or am I using that wrong?

thanks for the fav, and nice bio. Took me only a few seconds to get it.

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