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My Pokemon Mystery Dungeon styled story is now complete. Non-Pony. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12281852/1/PMD-Worldforged-Exile


This story is a sequel to The Diamond Dog's Guide to Engineering

Part of the Observations Universe!

Everyone knows her as Daring Do, the Adventuring Mare of Mystery, but when the revolving doors of her various nemesis' ambitions seems to stop, she suddenly finds herself with far too much time on her hooves.

Through an anonymous source curiously identifying themselves as Daring Do's Number One Fan, she receives a set of coordinates that seem to point to nowhere. Taking her chances on what could either be a trap, a dead-end, or one of the greatest discoveries in her field, Daring must come to terms with the fact that even she, an expert in the field of ancient history, might not know where to draw the lines between myth and legend on this adventure.

Chapters (16)

Aaron was just on a hike to get away from work for a while. Or so he thinks, as there are a few holes in his memory. One thing's for sure though, after a chance encounter with the local Diamond Dog population, he's found himself outmatched in every way but one: Diamond Dogs are dumb to dangerous degree.

Takes place in the Observations Universe! Because of this, it is highly recommended that you start with Observations.

The sequel can be found here: Daring Do and the Throne of Ouroboros.

Caution! There may or may not be spoilers in the comments.

Chapters (17)

After the fall of the Tribunal, and Discord's chaotic reign. Celestia had hoped to finally be able to provide a safe place for all of pony kind to flourish. With her dear sister Luna by her side, it is up to them to rule over the lands of Equestria and bring its people the peace they deserve.

Without warning or provocation, a mysterious army appears and challenges the Alicorn over the right to rule. No time to prepare for a full-scale war, Celestia tries to gather what forces she can to prevent this army from destroying her home.

Only the most clever of plans will keep Equestria from falling to a new tyrant.

An alternate timeline of Celestia/Luna's fight from the Observations Universe!

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Observations and Preservations

Years after Twilight abandons her idea of publishing a translation of Starswirl's journal, Spike stumbles upon it. After reading about the past, he now believes that his own egg might have been among some of Starswirl's treasures of old. If true, then Spike might have a family somewhere. A family worth searching for.

The fourth installment of the Observations Universe!

A continuation of Observations and Motivations

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to Observations and Motivations

When a secret message was discovered inside Starswirl's journal, Twilight Sparkle spends several years trying to uncover it's cryptic secrets, including just how and why the deceased conjurer of old has managed to leave a message just for her. The things she learns on her journey will bring her to question everything she knows, and the events that are thrust upon the unicorn might very well be the end of her and everything she holds dear.

This is the third story in the Observations Universe!

Finished in Motivations: Relics of Antiquity!

Chapters (20)

This story is a sequel to Observations

At the start of the Classical Pony Era the pony known as Starswirl the Bearded was shown to have great influence due to his vast collection of spells. Through Starswirl's personal journal, Twilight finds that there were a lot of things about him that have been lost to history. She decides to translate Starswirl's stories into modern tongue so that others might find that Starswirl did more than just collect spells from almost every unicorn clan of the age, he collected a great number of other things as well. This is the story of Starswirl, and a story of bells and recipes too.

Second story in the Observations Universe!

Continued in Observations and Preservations!

Chapters (3)

A pony calling himself Stein approaches Twilight about her research into her friends ability called 'Pinkie Sense', stating that it might be the key to his research. After observing Stein's odd behavior, and his penchant for avoiding answers, Twilight enlists the help of her mentor and her friends to help her decide whether or not she should help him.

The founding Fic of the Observations Universe!

Continued in Observations and Motivations!

Chapters (6)
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