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My Pokemon Mystery Dungeon styled story is now complete. Non-Pony. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12281852/1/PMD-Worldforged-Exile



Aaron was just on a hike to get away from work for a while. Or so he thinks, as there are a few holes in his memory. One thing's for sure though, after a chance encounter with the local Diamond Dog population, he's found himself outmatched in every way but one: Diamond Dogs are dumb to dangerous degree.

Takes place in the Observations Universe! Because of this, it is highly recommended that you start with Observations.

The sequel can be found here: Daring Do and the Throne of Ouroboros.

Caution! There may or may not be spoilers in the comments.

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Uhm.... let me see. not bad.

So far so good, i hope i can see more. :derpytongue2:

6772595 Thanks! :twilightsheepish: I usually like to plan things out more, but this is the first time I've tried winging it, and it's turning out to be pretty good so far. Now let's see if I can reach a conclusion before my next semester begins!

This gonna be a unique story. keep it up. not many story write about diamond dog's friendship with a human or leading them.

6775781 The concepts are pretty fun and interesting to work with, that much is certain. :pinkiehappy:

Hm, your story has earned a place in the favorites....
Let us see HOW the story continues, because I am intrigued.

6778148 Bwahahaha, yes... Let the intrigue continue...:pinkiecrazy:

love it hope you keep it goin

realized just how long the rest of his day was going to be.

next thing you know, a kingdom of diamond dog. oh And happy new year!

6782189 Happy New Year to you too! :ajsmug:

6781283 I've got at least four chapters in the pipeline at the moment, and I'm pretty sure I've got an idea about where this is going to end up, so stay tuned for more! :rainbowdetermined2:

Bit of a problem with who saying the lines in the middle. A few , 'says X' would be nice.
And we are faaaar back in time. Oh my.

6786597 Thanks for the tip! My other stories aren't usually as dialogue-heavy, so it hasn't been a problem before.:derpytongue2: But I'll look into fixing them as soon as I'm able.

As for the timeline, I've set this before the events of Observations and Motivations' third chapter. So if you want to see more of Starswirl's timeline, you'll have to check out the rest of the Observations Universe.

Good chapter I look forward to reading the next one. Something like Lofty Logic and Logistics if I had to guess the next chapter title.

Oh, I know that puzzle. Spent hours at school doing it instead of work... I think I actually finished it once.

Faved. I'd like somewhat longer chapters myself, but it's just a personal preference. It started out slow and not very interesting, but it got interesting very quickly. I'm a fan of stories like this... Have you read/heard of 'Of Orcs and Men'? It's a fic doing much the same thing, but with D&D orcs.

6791220 The chapters are based on what I can write/edit each day. As for the pacing, I've found that most of my stories end up like that.:raritywink: Can't say I've heard of that orc story though, I've never really gotten into the DnD franchise.:fluttercry:

6790306 Thanks! That one's pretty good, but it's a bit off the mark for the next title. The alliterative titles are fun to put together and this format allows some of them to have double meanings.:pinkiegasp:

6792128 I see, I see. I have only one more thing to say about this story, that I want moar.

The plot is kicked off by Illneval, one of the three orc gods, pulling a modern human male's soul out of his body and thrusting it into an or chieftain's body, Huruk of the Stonegrinders. https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/of-orcs-and-men-a-vaguely-d-d-si.291389/ Doesn't require that much knowledge of D&D.

A decent chapter, felt a bit like filler, though.

6792445 Let's just say that I don't do filler. Everything has a purpose eventually. Everything.:pinkiecrazy:

Imagine Aaron becoming the precursor of all of Equestria magitech. :moustache:

iron, diamond dogs and gems are not proper nouns, they don't have to be capitalized. They are nouns, but not proper nouns. just fyi

6792512 Thanks for that. Consistency is a pain when trying to refer to the other races, imo, but I can correct the others at least. I've got a bad habit of trying to capitalizing everything when I'm tired!:derpytongue2:

"You can't order me around. I never agreed to being a slave."

Everyone present, at least the dogs and ponies, anyway, sounded off a synchronous "What?"

That made me laugh a little.

So many things make sense from this chapter.

I would have destroyed entrance, it would give them little bit more time

I guess it's about time to invest into arbalest technology, get those crossbows right and ready at early stage of your civilization.

6796115 I know that, don't they have another hole where the Sun is touching the garden.
6795944 and yes crossbows and also castle, steel, iron, ballistic a giant cross bows on wheels. that's medieval warfare.

6796280 6795944 6796115 Patience, pups. :trollestia: We'll just have to wait and see!

Damn, the man needs some protein, and revenge!

Aw, he cares! Will be interesting if he must choose at a later date, to stay or to go.

he should have bought some protein bar. and also destroying the entrance even there it wasn't and ventilation shaft

Really enjoyed the plot so far! Gonna follow. :twilightsmile:

Last? Why last? This is good! Don't stop, please :fluttershysad:

I caught up with this yesterday.
Now I'm like: "It updates regularly? Yeeeeeessssssss."

Then I read the note
Well, don't let me stop a good story from getting to the point! Lingering story's R Bad

Such a wonderful thing, the fear of a predator in a prey's soul. That and the promise of finding the closest postmaster. :twilightsmile:

last? nooo,please sir this story is too good to end up so fast:pinkiesad2:

6802492 6802486 I started this little project as a once-per day thing to pass the time during the break, so I was working on a deadline. Now that the deadline is here, the story seems to have gained some form of popularity. Because of this, I think the plot needs a final send off instead of the rushed ending I have right now. You guys, the readers, deserve that much. The good news is, that I already know what I want to do with it, so the next chapter(or two, depending on my workload) should still be available before the end of the week!

The readers here have given me the motivation to see things through to the end, but even though this story will be ending soon, The Observations Universe will live on. :rainbowdetermined2:

"Oh yeah, you know that guy Aaron, who managed to in a short notice overcome an entire den of diamond dogs and save our fellow ponies, even becoming the new leader of dangerous creatures that enslaved him? Yeah let's go and attack him and kill all of his subject instead of thanking him, I'm sure it will not have any negative consequences for us what so ever" --Someone that deserves to be skinned alive for his stupidity.

"Pardon my rudeness, my interests have been known to get the better of my manners. I am known as Starswirl."

Huzza! A Pre-(NM & M6) story! Already looking forward to where this goes just on that merit alone.

6802606 I suppose it would help to clarify why the pegasi unit would react this way. :twilightsheepish: In this era, The tribunal of the three pony races is falling apart. The pegasi are the only real military force, even if they are somewhat fragmented. Their only real obstacle would be lack of food or reprisal from the Platinum crown, who currently control the sun/moon/etc. As long as they stay out of unicorn affairs, they're pretty much free to act as bullies to everyone else. In this case, the commander's daughter was one of the enslaved, and it gave them the opportunity to show a 'lesser species' who was running things.

6803174 In that case, I highly recommend the other stories in the Observations Universe, since almost all of them deal with Equestirian pre-history in some fashion. :moustache:

6803250 Not quite. It's being split into two(at least). I'm still working on them as we speak.:raritywink:

6802606 Nice chapter. Can't wait for when he stops running, and starts building them up.

Awwww man, the end approaches? :applecry:It was starting to get good, I really wanted to see where things developed for Aaron and the DDs. Also I was hoping for Allee's and Aaron's relationship to develop, but maybe that's just me.

If you plan on continuing the story, or even doing a sequel, then I for one would very much appreciate it!:twilightsmile:

(My true first thoughts at seeing your story) Dat alliteration though!

i like this and now i'm sad to know that you are ending it before it feels like it really began

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