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Due to a strange lack of groups supporting pre-history writers and fans, here is a place to look for support and assistance in writing or editing your story, or just to find stories to read.

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My story begins with the creation of Equestria. It will pass through several stages of Equestrian history, ending with the present day. Does it belong in this group? If so, which folder?

A good chunk of my stories are Pre-Equestria, yet incomplete.


Equestria is a lot darker of a place than we see now. Fifty years ago, the Dragon Skirmishes changed the face of a generation, leading to an uneasy peace. Now, thirty years before the present, it looks to be falling apart. After the bombing of the EAS Mane, Celestia's got something of a rebellion on her hands... a quagmire, if you will, one that will shape the face of a generation.

A work in progress, Blackacre tracks the developments of what will become the defining geopolitical feature of the recent past. Along the way, we'll meet a variety of characters. We don't see many of them in the show... though we are about one generation away. Hm; convenient.

It's not quite prehistory, but the spirit is there.

The Forgotten Sisters

Explains: how Cadance and Blueblood came to be, how the Elements of Harmony were brought to Equestria, and how each of the villains came to be (some of the villain uprisings are made very obvious if you just pay attention to the hints). It focuses on Floriana and Animia, the forgotten sisters (hence the title) of Celestia and Luna, who also mother Cadance and Blueblood, respectively. The main plot line of the story follows these two sisters along with their cousin Clover the Clever and their husbands Ambios Marking and Deep Ramp as they travel the world in search of the Stones of Power (later called the Elements of Harmony) to save Equestria form oncoming peril.

OK, enough shameless self-promoting. Time to go write!

Equestria: A History Revealed

It's written in-character in the style of an academic essay, and some hilariously ridiculous theories on Equestrian history are made by its arrogant, conspiracy-obsessed, racist author. It covers every aspect of Equestria, from the birth of the nation to the rule of Celestia (and hopefully up to Princess Twilight).

hey guys i just started illustrating my story "shadow of the heart" which you can read the full 4 chapter story on this site.


Im only finished illustrating chapter one but it is worth a see to see what i have done so far


I've got a story involving Equestria's past, in fact it centers around that old castle in the heart of the Everfree Forest.

Hey there guys. I just joined and figured I'd post a link to the fan-fic I'm working on called Dragon and the Amulet.

I don't have a lot done and the chapters will in fact take place in modern Equestria but I do have three prologues planned that all take place in the past so if you want to check it then the link is above.

History and lore is a huge thing for me. I just finished a story about Granny Smith's youth, and the time period that takes place in. I'll have to post it later on today.

anyone ever post here?

Pre-history eh? Well my oneshot DOES relate to pre-pony history so why not.:applejackunsure:

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