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This is a group for those stories that contain people, ponies, peasants, heroes, villains and true Legends from the ancient past of Equestria. The minimum age for this is the time of Nightmare Moon, anything past that can be considered in the 'Modern Age' of Equestria.
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Feel free to message me about adding a folder if you feel there is a good one to add, i am not the best at organization.

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I have a question. I have a story that take place a couple thousand years in the future but It will have a connection to the past-(AKA. now) and I want to know if its aloud here.

362032 Sorry for not immedietly having folders out, was trying to juggle a few things and it delayed their placement for a short time.

Nope; has enough now. :twilightsmile:

When I posted that, there were 0.

362027 We could do time periods or the history of famous characters. Like a young Celestia folder or a discord folder.

Needs moar folders. :moustache:

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