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This group is going to be remastered and better than it was. Well, it wasn't that good to begin with but, hey, you get the point.

This will be a place to post the history of Equestria, have it be ideas of what happen in cannon or simply your own twist to it. Feel free to message the administrator for questions. You may also ask MidnightWalker55, she will probably respond first if we are being honest.

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Anyone still alive here?

Comment posted by claw552001 deleted Feb 5th, 2018

367343 Gosh. Claw can't spell. Thanks I will get her to give me her loggin and fix it later.( it's hard to spell on a phone and cracked tablet.)

367330 Equestria has one T and Bronies has one N for starters :-)

367022 don't tell me.*sigh* what did claw552001 mess up this time..(the mare can't write for her life. LOL)

Umm... could you proofread your group description? :derpytongue2:

Claws tablet broke so we will write from my account sometimes. We like to thank you for joining the group. You have great stories so far! Happy writing. (I got a instagram and wattpad)

So I talked to my new editor and this groups cofounder ( Midnight Walker55) and we decided to make this history in general,but it has to affect Equestria
Like the. Dragon kingdom affecting the Equestria society.

Happy writing...:scootangel:

I am back people. I have been busy and grounded so I could not upload. BUT thanks Midnight Walker55 for looking out for me. I am currently on spring break so anything you need please ask this week. Gotta go write and eat a sandwich

Hi, nice to be here. I'll be posting a Sombra/Crystal Empire story and was just looking for group to sort it in. You guys seem awesome.

We need a Chrysalis folder... :twilightoops:

343838 Thanks for updating. We spent days fixing the problem.:scootangel:

Hey so claw552001 is really busy so I'm am checking her group. She said she tried to fix the update problem so try to post or repost. I will tell her how things are going so have a question ask me and check my blog.:pinkiehappy:

Thanks for staying with me guys I am getting help from my editors to fix the problem uploading:applecry:

Comment posted by Lumosity15 deleted Jan 8th, 2014

Since I cant figure out how to post a story, I will just leave a link. I'm thinking about putting Sombra in my next chapter. Any suggestions?
My Story:

Does anyone know how to post a story in a group?

Comment posted by MoonlightSparklez deleted Dec 26th, 2013
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