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Sooo.... I've kinda dropped the whole MLP fan thing... BUT! I still love ponies, and if I could remember my ideas I'd continue writing. Also, READ MY WORK ON WATTPADD: MindTheGlitch!!!

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Well... · 11:12am Nov 26th, 2014

I know I haven't been on for awhile, and this is a quick update (actually writing this at 1:03 in the morning on a school night, bad girl Wrath!) because I have been writing A LOT. One problem: my pieces have not been about MLP. They're more like fairytale type fantasies and aren't really based off any fandom, so I can't even post on fanfiction.net. I am not as open about "broniness" but I can still count myself as one. I think because season 5 is taking SOOOOOO FRIIIIKKKKIN LLOOOOOONG I have

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Comment posted by MoonlightSparklez deleted Apr 3rd, 2014

988998 Glad you liked it! I have way too much stuff on my read later list...should probably start whittling down on it myself.

988991 your welcome i was actually just cleaning out my read later list but that one was a fanfic i really really really REALLY liked.:twilightsheepish::pinkiesad2:

Thanks so much fr the favorite!:pinkiehappy:It really means a lot.

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