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Shrink Laureate

“Trixie hates to interrupt a good monologue,” said Trixie, interrupting a good monologue, “but maybe we should continue it somewhere not on fire?”

Season 9 Bingo

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  • Sunday
    Writing Contest: Begin!

    I've just sent out the first set of prompt cards to the authors in the Season 10 Bingo Writing Contest. That's 49 of them so far, including one for myself.

    It's not too late! You can still join in and get your own random writing prompt.

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  • Thursday
    Where's all the hippogriffs at?

    So apparently I've published the only story on this site about hippogriffs to date.

    This seems, perhaps, implausible. I think "hippogriffs" must be a pretty new tag, which nobody's got round to using yet. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go and find stories about hippogriffs and pester the authors to get them tagged.

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  • 2 weeks
    I Melded Minds (And I Liked It)

    (to the tune of "I Kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry)

    This was never the way we planned
    Our five year mission
    We remade the promised land
    Without permission
    We thought it was over
    Starfleet was glad of our return
    Now we're going back cause
    I can't escape the wrath of Khan

    I melded minds and I liked it
    Touched thoughts with an alien psychic
    I melded minds just to try it
    I hope Admiral Kirk won't mind it
    Spock's in my dreams
    Spock's in my head
    “Remember” - just like he said

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  • 3 weeks
    Season 10 Bingo Writing Contest

    Do you feel like a challenge? Do you need to step outside your writing comfort zone? Or are you just curious what fate has in store for you?

    This is a writing contest with an unusual premise: each writer gets a random prompt card.

    Prompt cards look a bit like this.

    Interested? Comment on this thread to sign up.

    Places remaining:

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    76 comments · 583 views
  • 5 weeks
    Pre-announcing the Season 10 Bingo Writing Contest

    In two weeks I'm going to launch a new writing contest.

    This is a sequel to my previous writing contest, which had a unique premise: each contestant was issued a randomly generated prompt card with five characters, locations or concepts on it. They were asked to write a story that incorporated as many of the ideas on their card as possible.

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Admiral Shimmer verse

The story world of the Log of the U.N.S. Twilight Sparkle is an open world. You're welcome to write stories in that universe.

ELog of the U.N.S. Twilight Sparkle
Two friends separated by centuries and light years.
Shrink Laureate · 1.4k words  ·  248  3 · 2.6k views
TFate of the U.N.S. Moon Dancer
New frontiers aren't always safe.
Shrink Laureate · 14k words  ·  172  2 · 1.3k views
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