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“Trixie hates to interrupt a good monologue,” said Trixie, interrupting a good monologue, “but maybe we should continue it somewhere not on fire?”


D&D: why the new OGL is really bad · 4:25pm Jan 7th, 2023

There's some controversy right now about the new OGL (Open Gaming License) published by Wizards of the Coast, the company behind Dungeons & Dragons.

I don't talk about D&D here a lot, since I know it's not relevant to Fimfiction, but I think it's worth getting this news out. Also they're owned by Hasbro, the same company that own MLP, so it's worth knowing what they're up to.

This also affects me personally - details below.

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Story Boost · 6:54am Jun 1st, 2022

I helped edit a story that's really good. You should check it out:

TShow and Steal
In the dirty slums of Canterlot, Sunset and Trixie face the harsh life in the streets together. Always together.
The Sleepless Beholder · 10k words  ·  38  3 · 677 views
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Gen 5 Bingo · 3:04pm May 21st, 2022

With 5 days to go until the next special, remember that you can still get a bingo card here:

Here's my own Bingo card, only partly filled in after A New Generation:


Another reading · 10:49pm May 15th, 2022

I got another audio reading! This time by Rainbow Infinity Readings. Check it out:

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Generation 5 Bingo Writing Contest Results · 1:48pm Mar 12th, 2022

Generation 5 Bingo Writing Contest Results!

We had an impressive turnout for the Generation 5 Bingo Writing Contest, and it took us a long time to pick the winners.

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I'll return to these rooms in years to come · 5:14pm Jan 15th, 2022

I'll return to these rooms in years to come
When the soul of the house has fled.
I'll walk these doors, and pause on the stairs,
And I'll lay once again in this bed.

I'll lay where I am and I'll close my eyes
And feel the room as it was
The shelves, the door, the uneven floor,
The smells of the paint and the solvent and more,
The window that never quite shut

So tonight I listen to winds as they sigh,
To the breathing of people asleep nearby,

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G5 Bingo Writing Contest - END · 12:30pm Jan 10th, 2022

That's it! The Generation 5 Bingo Writing Contest is over.

Late entries

But if you haven't finished yet, don't give up. There's still space for late entries - you can put them in this folder. They won't be considered for judging, but they may still get some love.

Free prompts

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G5 Bingo Writing Contest: one week · 10:58pm Jan 3rd, 2022

There's just one week left in the Generation 5 Bingo Writing Contest, so get your stories published and into the contest folder pronto!


G5 Bingo Writing Contest: three weeks left! · 2:28pm Dec 19th, 2021

If you're writing a story for the Generation 5 Bingo Writing Contest, you now have just three weeks to finish your story and put it in the contest folder. The deadline is Sunday 9th January.


G5 Bingo Writing Contest: half way! · 12:44pm Nov 12th, 2021

We're now half-way through the Generation 5 Bingo Writing Contest.

I know 3 months feels like a long time, but it disappears before you know it.

There are still prompts available if you want to join in.