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I'll return to these rooms in years to come · 5:14pm January 15th

I'll return to these rooms in years to come
When the soul of the house has fled.
I'll walk these doors, and pause on the stairs,
And I'll lay once again in this bed.

I'll lay where I am and I'll close my eyes
And feel the room as it was
The shelves, the door, the uneven floor,
The smells of the paint and the solvent and more,
The window that never quite shut

So tonight I listen to winds as they sigh,
To the breathing of people asleep nearby,
And I bury myself in the warmth.

I'll sit on this seat in years to come,
When the echoes are dying away.
I'll sit here again and I'll sob like a fool
And I'll try to remember today.

There'll be no furry head to rest on my knee,
And no silly nonsense to tease
No quasi historical facts to rebuff,
No music or tales or musings or stuff,
As I’ll silently stare at my knees

So today I reply with as good as I get
While I scratch that furball as long as it lets me
And wrap myself in the noise.

I'll stand in this kitchen in years to come,
When the oven is cold and black
When the knives are dusty, the hinges are rusted,
When the cupboards hold nothing but lack

I'll lean in this corner I lean in today,
Recalling the days and the nights,
And the kitchen will feel too large just for me
Without voices to fill it so cheerfully
Without joking or tears or fights

So today I hang out here and steal the food,
And dodge out the way as people pass through,
And seep myself in the smell.

I'll return to these rooms in years to come,
When this place is no more than a place
When the walls and the roof are nothing but that
When the spirit of home has escaped.

This house will be somebody else's some day,
When the people who made it are gone.
When we've taken our stuff and paid our respects,
And said goodbye to the things that are left,
And our business here is done.

So today I just am, with no plan whatsoever
I just am, in a home that won't be here forever
And I fill myself with the love.

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Comments ( 4 )

This is really well-done.

Awh.. I cried at this, so beautifully solemn

First verse: coming back to my parent's house where I grew up
Second verse: no frame of reference; my dog died while I was away at college
Third verse: my grandfather's house, now owned by my uncle, who doesn't even live there anymore
Fourth verse: Any of the half-dozen apartments since I moved away from my real home

I am not a big poetry person, but this seemed pretty good.

Also, some things I spotted, if you find them useful:
"And I'll lay once again in this bed."
"And I'll lie once again in this bed."?

"I'll lay where I am and I'll close my eyes"
"I'll lie where I am and I'll close my eyes"?

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