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The Sleepless Beholder

I just headbutt the keyboard till my ideas spill out into writing. Sometimes it works.

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Another Cute Pony Interaction Thanks To Wonderful Art · 11:52am January 10th

BranewashPV once again ends up inspiring me to write cute ponies more than the show does, and while it took much longer than I would've liked to, I'm happy to finally be releasing this little story for your enjoyment (and for a certain somebody's birthday).

Go check it out!

EThe Cutest Deliverer
During a depressingly boring day, Wallflower ends up ordering sushi from a place that has a very curious offer, and a very adorable delivery system.
The Sleepless Beholder · 3.5k words  ·  264  6 · 1.8k views

I really hope this becomes an occasional thing to do because I really enjoy it.

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You are a wonderful human being filled with love, kindness and intelligence.

Let me know when you do and what account you do it on.

I can always help in whatever way is needed!

Whenever I get some good story idea for it. Though probably not in this account.


When are you writing micro?

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