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Other Ways To Reach Out In Communications!

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I finally found you, and now idk what to do.

Oh yeah! I can remember a few parts of it and MAN that was a good one!

I missed that you'd done Nocturnal.

Hehe Fimfic has been so quiet these past few days I didn't think it would gain much traction at all and was afraid I'd chosen a really bad time to post. The way I see Misty is, Stockholm Syndrome aside, she does actually want to see Opaline as an adoptive mother, but the way the show is going it'll probably end up as her turning on her and joining the Mane 5 while Opaline gets written out as an irredeemable villain. I do kind of see something in the fan theory that Opaline is actually a corrupted Flurry Heart though, much like Nightmare Moon was a corrupted Luna. I mean who else could match Twilight in ability post g4 end?

  • Viewing 165 - 169 of 169
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