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I'm like a god in cervine clothing. Lightning bolts shoot from my antler tips.

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CWD: The Full Experience · 6:50am Sep 27th, 2020

Chronic Wasting Disease
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia at en.wikipedia.org

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is an infectious disease affecting deer, elk and other select Cervine species

This will include bad symptoms, such as extreme weight loss, mood swings, excessive drooling, a lack of fear of humans and eventually death. (It is always 100% fatal.)

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Blog Posts

  • 21 weeks
    Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

    Happy thanksgiving and all that!

    Sorry I haven't been as active recently in my writing I plan to fix that soon, but for now have a good day :3

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  • 24 weeks

    Hey! I made another milestone! Thank you all for following and reading my stuff, you have no idea how much this kind of thing means to me!

    Love you all!

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  • 47 weeks

    Yo, I finally got around to updating Spike the Corrupter, my CYOA. I hope to be far more active with it from now on, hopefully it all turns out well!

    Here's a link, plz give it a read and vote if you'd like!

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  • 63 weeks
    Deergeneracy Discord Server

    Whelp, to celebrate 300 followers, I made a discord server for people to hang out in! Plan on having games, frequent VCs and early access to some of my stuff as I write it, for fun, ya know.

    If this gets enough people, I might even make an official Minecraft server or some shit lmao.

    Feel free to join! I want new friends lol


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  • 63 weeks

    Words cannot describe how much this means to me. Having dedicated so much time to writing and stuff of that nature, it means the world to me to finally have hit such a big goal, something I've been trying to reach for years.

    Thank you to everyone who followed me, it means so much to me that you all stuck around with me the entire time I was writing. I've had a stupid smile on my face all day now that I have reached what I feel is a milestone.

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Thanks! Sorry I put that story on hold, but I got caught up in a ton of different projects I had to work on and it sorta fell to the wayside lol.

I have read your changeling mating season 1 and I am impressed I loved every thing about it it's just a shame that you put it on hold for now I really do wish what will happen now and I am looking at your other stories and I hope that there is as good as the others I did put thumbs up on them because I'm pretty sure there is good as the one you made

Comment posted by raven dark deleted Aug 22nd, 2023
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