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CWD: The Full Experience · 6:50am Sep 27th, 2020

Chronic Wasting Disease
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Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is an infectious disease affecting deer, elk and other select Cervine species

This will include bad symptoms, such as extreme weight loss, mood swings, excessive drooling, a lack of fear of humans and eventually death. (It is always 100% fatal.)

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Blog Posts

  • 2 weeks

    Thanks, everyone! I can't believe I finally made it!

    This has been a dream of mine for years, ever since I first discovered this site around 2014ish

    I have been staring at my blog post for hours now trying to think of what to say, but I am honestly speechless. Thank you all!

    I dunno bout you all, but 2021 has started out great for me, and I hope things continue to go well as I try my hardest to release more and more stories that you can all enjoy!

    Thanks again, everyone!

    2 comments · 36 views
  • 4 weeks
    Merry Christmas All!

    Hope everyone had a good Christmas today.

    1 comments · 38 views
  • 7 weeks
    The Most Embarrassing Thing That Can Happen On Fimfiction

    (Besides cringy rants in stories about how anthro sucks.)

    Your scrolling through stories and you accidentally favorite a story, ok.

    And then, you quickly unfavorite it, but then like, 30 minutes later you get a comment from the author of that story telling you they are extremely thankful for you favoriting their story, and you feel really bad about unfavoriting it?

    2 comments · 61 views
  • 10 weeks
    Every Single Displaced Story Ever:

    2 comments · 80 views
  • 13 weeks
    Having a Existential Crisis at 4 in the Morning after a Long and Depressing Day;

    The Side Character is a Deer was the height of my Fimfiction writing. I am probably never going to release a fic that will reach the same heights as it.

    Side Character was probably the best I am ever going to do on Fimfiction, and I completely fucked it up.

    I am probably going to be stuck on a gradual decline from here on out as I slowly lose all of my followers and begin rapidly becoming unable to write a fic that even passes 500 views at the least. Holy Shit this is awful.

    8 comments · 122 views

Family Photos

(I am thankfully not in this one.)

(Me and my bae in a party)

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Thanks for putting Interviews With Equestrians on your shelf. I'm hoping you enjoy it!

Picked a fine, glitterin-eyed drug to take, my good man.

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