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  • 6 days
    Chrysalis and Thorax, compared:

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  • 4 weeks
    Introducing my son:

    I mean, technically he is my wife's son, but I'm the one raising him :)

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  • 8 weeks
    Advertising Swell People

    Just wanted to take a little time to advertise some swell people I have talked to in the past; links to their bios will be provided below:

    Toxicfox: My Admin on my Discord, a very swell lad who you should check out the bio of. He writes HiE and displacement so, as a personal principal I haven't read any of his stuff, BUT I am under good information that it is really good lol. Plz check him out, he needs to reach one hundred this year too.

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  • 9 weeks

    Ya boy has just reached the coveted rank of 100 followers. This is an immense achievement that I have pined for and lusted after for years, ever since I started my first account in the early days of fimfiction, (Which I have since completely abandoned and jumped ship on) until now.

    Let me tell you that I cannot thank anyone enough. Each and everyone of my followers means so much to me, and I couldn't be where I am without ya'll.

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  • 10 weeks
    Getting Featured for the First Time, and Five Followers Away

    The title says it all.

    I got featured for the first time, and I am five followers away from 100 followers.

    Thanks everyone for reading my mediocre shit and liking them XD.

    It means alot to me.

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Chrysalis and Thorax, compared: · 2:53am Saturday

Report Deergenerate · 30 views ·

Family Photos

(I am thankfully not in this one.)

(Me and my bae in a party)

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Only feel bad that our amusement was cut short.

Do not feel bad about the terribly-made fan-fiction.

The latter deserved the mockery; especially if the Author could not own up to it. :eeyup:

Aww, I feel bad now

Aw, the "Equestria Apocolapse " (or however it was horribly misspelled) fan-fiction got taken down, by its Author I would guess. And I was enjoying our Comment-thread's cultural & historical mockery of it. :ajsmug:

Cute deer.

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