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I'm like a god in cervine clothing. Lightning bolts shoot from my antler tips.


Twilight's entire life is upended after the Equestrian Parliament votes to subjugate the Changeling Empire via a political marriage. Twilight, in order to save her mentor from taking on the responsibility of the marriage ends up volunteering herself to be the bride.

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Spike grew into adulthood gracefully. If by gracefully, you mean that he grew into the biggest chad alive. Naturally, having the powerful chin and upper body of a Greek god attracts the attention of the ladies.

Spike finds his diamond-hard abs and hunky aesthetic a battlefield, fought over by four rabid suitors. Two dragonesses, a gryphon, and a pony all lay claim to him, but it's hard to say who will win the purple lizard's affections.

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After dying in a car crash, (or whatever generic Isekai opening best suits you) Johan finds himself in the magical world of Equestria. Of course, magic is subjective, especially considering that Johan doesn't seem to have it in the slightest.

Now he's stuck in a world he doesn't seem to belong in, while his friend starts to reap in the glory of being the main character. All the while, mysterious conspiracies centuries in the making start to flare up, as villains from the ancient past and the present seem to both be gunning for the poor deer.

As if it couldn't get any worse, apparently he's developing a voice in his head. Great for him.

Cover by: Lux Arume links to their accounts can be found here:

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The Map of Friendship has summoned Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash and sends them on a quest to visit the far off Principality of Cervus, the homeland of the enigmatic deer species.

When they arrive it becomes rapidly evident why the map sent them there. They have never met a bigger race of cynical apathetic nihilists in all of their adventures. Now the three ponies have to do everything they can to help the deer cure their self-destructive tendencies.

Spoiler alert, it is one of the hardest friendship missions they have ever had.

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Equestria has been doing some shady stuff for a while now. The Student 6, after nearly being killed by Discord (A conversation point for another day), are now realizing just that fact.

Like, seriously what the heck? Why does Celestia own their culture's artifacts?

Written because Season 8's Episode; A Matter of Principals sorta rubbed me the wrong way XD

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Deer are terrible. They aren't strong, they don't have magic, they can't fly, they can't even manipulate things with hands!

So what happens when some guy named Johan gets displaced into Equestria as a Deer while his best friend, Derek, gets displaced as a Half Alicorn, Half Gryphon, Half Shadow Pony, (Yes the math doesn't make sense, Johan has told him that several times,) he gets stuck as Derek's involuntary side kick, forced to sit there and watch as Derek saves the day again, and again, and again.

What happens when you are the only person in the world who hates someone, when you are supposed to be their best friend? What happens, when you are the side character in your own story?

Featured: 6/3/2020

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Gallus gets into a debate with Twilight Sparkle during his economics class over whether or not citizens should pay taxes to the Equestrian Government.

As a former citizen of Canterlot, Twilight argues yes, everyone should have to pay taxes, in the same way it has been done for a thousand years.

Gallus argues that taxation is theft, and you do not steal from a griffon.

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Ocellus grew up in a dark cave all he life with nothing but natural bioluminescence of the hive's glowing fungi. Now that she is enrolled in Twilight's school of friendship, she had discovered a brand new form of light.


They are really pretty too....

Written as part of the The Discovery Contest.

Not expecting a win, but at least give me a participation ribbon, come on guys.

Featured 1/30/20, and is my first feature XD

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Gallus is having a hard time in class when it comes to the element of Generosity, so it falls upon his friends to help the gryphon with the subject.

None of them realized how hard it would be to get a naturally greedy creature to accept parting with his 'hard' earned cash.

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Pharynx hates the new hive. He hates sharing love. He hates what his brother is doing, so he goes to be alone outside the hive.

During which, he starts to remember one of his older memories. A very important one.

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