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Gallus is having a hard time in class when it comes to the element of Generosity, so it falls upon his friends to help the gryphon with the subject.

None of them realized how hard it would be to get a naturally greedy creature to accept parting with his 'hard' earned cash.

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Pharynx hates the new hive. He hates sharing love. He hates what his brother is doing, so he goes to be alone outside the hive.

During which, he starts to remember one of his older memories. A very important one.

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Cinder is a dragon. A member of a race who has been isolated in the past from the rest of the world by leaders who do not want to forget. But does she want to live like that?

Perhaps she should see why her leaders hate the outside world. Perhaps she needs to see the world for what is it. She doesn't have a choice anyway, now that she has been sent outside as a spy.

She will find out the truth now, and have her entire world flipped upside down.

Along the way, she will meet all kinds of creatures and characters, and a talking crystal tree. No biggie right?

Cover art courtesy of: Mix-up
Edited by Salty Alty

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Let's face it, Thorax is a trooper.

Not because he survived getting his love eaten by Chrysalis then took over the Changeling Empire, but because he managed to survive in the Crystal Empire with Phototaxis.

How will Thorax strive to fix something ingrained in his Biology? Will he stop getting distracted by Shiny things?

This story is inspired by the Lamp meme.

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