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I'm like a god in cervine clothing. Lightning bolts shoot from my antler tips.


Spike grew into adulthood gracefully. If by gracefully, you mean that he grew into the biggest chad alive. Naturally, having the powerful chin and upper body of a Greek god attracts the attention of the ladies.

Spike finds his diamond-hard abs and hunky aesthetic a battlefield, fought over by four rabid suitors. Two dragonesses, a gryphon, and a pony all lay claim to him, but it's hard to say who will win the purple lizard's affections.

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Lol, Chad Spike is ghey, lulz.

Serves these loser ladies right, they ignore you in their prime, so you turn them down in their decline.

It's the only winning move when they ignore you for so long, then they think they are top tier when you reach your potential.


This story was absolutely hilarious and the ending was extremely adorable, also it had my favorite ship...
All of those are a win in my book.🥰

Chad Spike.

No, he is...ADONISS.

:flutterrage: DISCORD! HE'S A BUG!
:facehoof: I thought I raised a smarter dragon... Oh well.
:duck: I called ORKIN
:pinkiehappy: RAID roach and ant?
:ajbemused: Truly Norten
:rainbowlaugh: Phalanx was right ...
:derpytongue2: It's a roach motel, They go in but no one comes out...
:trollestia: ??? XD

I see...

Adonis indeed!

Thanks! I worked really hard on it by getting a few words down once every few months over the course of 3 years XD

Isn't Thorax a changeling though? Despite his 'default' being a boy, he can shapeshift into anyone else. He's a smart dragon is what.

Abso-fucken-lutely. This gigabrain of a dragon, landed himself a cute Changeling BF



Funnily enough, the originally planned ending of this story would've had Spike telling the others with no irony or hesitation that he chose Thorax cause he could be all of them at once.

I decided that, while funny, would have probably been a bit too far XD

Have you not read the porn on this site?

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