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This is the place for all romance or shipping stories! Any stories with the romance tag are perfect in this group!

Lyra x Bon Bon, Derpy x Time Turner, Octavia x Vinyl Scratch, Big Mac x Cheerilee and many other possibilities!

This is the group for romance! Love is in the air in Equestria!

1.) Due to how often this happens I must address something. Please do not add any story more than three times.

2.) This group is steadily growing and I would appreciate it if you were to contribute to the forum. You can also go to our introductory thread to get yourself acquainted with others.

3.) If you would like to help out in this group by being a spammer, moderator or story finder, please check out this thread for information.

4.) Try to enjoy yourself while you're here by checking out the stories, adding threads to the forum or posting something in the comments.

5.) Each folder now has subfolders. Please use them for organization! For a story to fit into a subfolder it must fit into the folder and at least one pony, griffin etc. in the relationship must fit into that subfolder. I have put descriptions, so just make sure it fits. For example, in royalty at least one must be royalty. If it fits into two then you may put it in each one.

Note: It can only be submitted to two subfolders within a folder.

6.) Do not make any thread sticky. Only I can do that.

7.) Each folder now has a description so that you can put stories into the correct folder!

Crushes: This is a story that goes no further than a simple crush or a nice date with a peck on the cheek at most

Love: This is a story that has two ponies, changelings etc, who fall in love and can date with kissing and at most passionate kissing or that has the two lying together

Shipping: This is a story that is more or less simply putting two together whether it's friendshipping, relationships or a story making fun of shipping as a whole

Romance: This is a story that is a bit too saucy to fit in with the others and can contain very passionate kissing, innuendo or clop

Unrequited: This is a story that has one pony, changeling etc, who's in love with another, but ultimately never ends up with them

Main: This is a story that seems doesn't seem to fit any other category or you just simply want more attention then you can put it in here as well as one other folder

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Nice to get into the romance stories, I hope my stories fit in here. :pinkiesmile:

Please add a folder for the G5 characters, otherwise well be forced to put Sunny and her gang into the Main 6 folder, since they do not correctly fall under any other category.

Hey I’m new into fic writing so i joined this group to share them with you

Hi, everyone! Glad to be here! I hope you’re having a wonderful day full of inspiration. :pinkiehappy: Expect some stories from me soon!

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Are we allowed to post our thoughts on how romance is handled in canon?

Greetings, I just joined. I just finished a romantic story biased off of a song and was looking for a group for it as it didn't fall into any of my other groups. the story is called Colony (Of Just Me And You) biased off the song with the same name. I hope you enjoy it. The musician who wrote the song really seamed to like it.

Well... Love is the most powerful force in the universe.

There's one I'm a fan of. It's in my romance bookshelf. It have a cover art of Blueblood in a mask. It is called "His Magiesty" or His Highnesses. The title escapes me. It's been so long since I read it.

Can anyone recommend a good Blueblood romance story that is well written and finished? Or did everyone forget about him?

I joined this group to you know making romance and stuff but i have no idea and besides am working on a awesome story! why am i even posting this?

I'm so glad I found this group! I love to read romance and I already got like three stories for this group and more is coming! I love Fluttercord!

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


I'm the 666th member of this group… :rainbowderp:
Three sixes…
Six divided by 2 is three…
Three sides to the triangle…

384941 Why are you sorry lol, and yeah, i waz lookin at stories.

383314 Hmmm... Were you looking at the number of stories, perhaps? We are still in the 500s member-wise. But, I'd love for us to someday have that many members!

P.S. Sorry for the late response. I don't check the comments super often.

354973 Sorry it took me so long to respond! You probably already figured it out by now, but I would just plop it into shipping. Most things I'm not sure about I just put into shipping.

I'm a bit confused as to where to put my story, Citizen Weevil as it different kinds of romance, including:

*A married OC couple (two changelings) who have their passionate moments/

*Said couple's OC colt who has a blooming childhood romance with a OC zebra filly.

Where do you think this would fit?

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