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Princess Glitzy

I'm a human being who writes stories about ponies.

Stuff About Me Pony Style

Favorite pony: Fluffle Puff
Favorite type of pony: Alicorn
Favorite Pony Fic: One of my top favorites.
Favorite Shipping: Rarity x Twilight
Favorite Emoticon: :trollestia: :raritystarry:

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All About Me!

Hi! My name is Princess Glitzy! I've been on FimFiction for about a year and I've written 30 stories so far. I love reading and writing more than pretty much anything. I have a little sister and an adorable dog who you can see a picture of if you scroll down. I love the show, but I love the stories people can write about them even more. I keep changing my favorite character. I love Princess Celestia and Diamond Tiara. I used to dislike Twilight, but now she's grown on me, so I'd say that she's one of my favorites, too! For non-canon ponies, I really like Fluffle Puff and Neon Boom. Discord's really funny too, though. Let's just say I'm undecided. I do editing, so you can ask me for help if you need an editor or proof reader. Also, I have tons of spare time, so ask away!

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Danganronpa MEP? · 1:47pm Jan 22nd, 2017

I don't really come here a lot anymore because I sorta moved out of the MLP fandom and got into the Danganronpa fandom. Are there any fans of DR on here?

Well, either way! I'm hosting a MEP, so if you're in that fandom and have any editing skills, feel free to join! It's first come first serve, basically.


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