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Celestia wakes up in human form and at an insane asylum where similarities between the world she is in now and the world of Equestria cause her to wonder if Equestria even exists or if she simply made it up to escape her human life. Does she try to hold on to her memories of her Canterlot life or does she let them go and accept them as nothing more than stories? Who is she going to trust? Who is she anyway?

This is only the beginning...

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Cover Art by blahblahaha123 (with some altering by me.)

Reading by Phantom Brony


Csquared08, DarkPheonix, Gweat and Powaful Twixie, HenryAnthonyCourtler, Kaidan, KartalTheWriter,ZeroOmega

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Oh. My. Gosh.

This is amazing.

I honestly will be very surprised if this isn't featured... :pinkiehappy:

potencial. that all i gona say.

I take it you were inspired by Pyroshy?

Very nice. I can't wait to see where you are going.

Thumbs up and Favorited:pinkiehappy:



Discontinued tumblr. The premise is nearly identical, except there's no fantasy about Equestria.

710246 Ah, okay. I don't frequent tumblr, so that's why I didn't know.

I love this premise! That being said, there were a few things I need to point out.
You missed a couple of spaces, for example : Twilight had to be real!There was no way that she wasn't real!

another thing, it struck me as odd that the nurse would also be the doctor's daughter, but I suppose it isn't impossible. But the biggest issue I have was the last line. what kind of father would call their child screwball, even as a nickname? Other than that, I'm tracking this.


It's all good. Pretty cool tumblr, even though it was cancelled. You ought to read through it if you liked this.

710262 Screwball is an insane background pony... I it figured that out a few seconds ago, so yeah.


This is a very good story, reminds me of this.

710298 I knew she was a BP, but in order for the story to make sense (celeste using ppl from her actual life to create the ponies) Dr Discord would have at least given his daughter the nickname of 'screwball' which to me is a little harsh for a parent to call their child.

710312 Maybe because his daughter always hung out with the asylum patients?

22 spots from featuredom... This. Will. Be. Featured... Probably. :pinkiehappy:

this...... is....... gooooood...... MOAR!

WOW...Thanks Everypony! :derpyderp1:

Now to answer some questions:
@Rainy Afternoon- I haven't heard of Pyroshy before (I don't have a tumblr) but I'll definitely check them out. Thanks!
@Bronius Maximus- Thanks for pointing out the space issue I'll go back and fix it. About the nurse being his daughter: Yeah I can understand and kinda agree with you on how it's odd that the nurse is his daughter but I wanted to bring the BP Screwball in and I don't think they would allow him to bring his daughter to work unless she was in the medical field herself. If you look up the song "Daddy Discord" it is a song between a female pony named Screwball and Discord where she talks about her cutie mark and her name and how she misses her father Discord when he is frozen in a statue (just listen to it. It explain it better than I do.) I figured it could be used a a nickname that would sound odd enough that it would make people wonder but yeah it does sound kinda harsh.

Thanks again everypony! And thank you most of all for your constructive criticism! The second chapter is actually already submitted but the moderators just have to approve it. :)

710358 have to warn you, the actual chapter may not be much bigger than the prologue but we'll see what happens. :)

The story updated as I clicked on the story o_0

Anyway, liking the story :D

Chapta Two= Epic.

Came a bit early, though... Warning here. Don't rush updates. You may end up speeding up the pacing, and ruin the flow. Make sure to keep the quality. :pinkiehappy:

710489 ok and thanks. I just had trouble sleeping last night after writing the Prologue so I wrote the first chapter. Second chapter...hasn't been started yet so I'll be working on that.

710519 If chapter one is the prologue, name it prologue... Yeah. Makes a bit of confusion, otherwise, of you refer to it as the Prologue.

710533 I think the number might be confusing. Prologue name is going to be changed to chapter 1 name and Waking will be chapter 2 and chapter 3 has not been started yet. I'm trying to think of a name for the Dr. and I want to figure out which direction the chapter should go in. Hopefully that will be less confusing.

710558 don't use you fancy matematick anyhow:ajsmug:!

My dad used to call me Screwball, and I know he meant it in a good way. So I don't believe it's a bad nickname.

Someone who used to hide in the fridge and eat all the grapes dressed as a kitty. :pinkiecrazy:

710612 lol Ee-Yup :eeyup:

710641 ....wow...you had an awesome childhood... lol


Reminds me of a similar episode of Buffy, though in that one Buffy switched between the 2 realities, choosing to die in the "normal" world. I wonder how this will play out.

Dr. Sid Cord
Dr. Rodd Isc
Dr. Ric Odds
Dr. Cid Dors
Dr. Cris Dod
Dr. Sircodd
Dr. Docis (Hey the Dr in doctor can actualy be part of the anagram... whoa... :rainbowderp: )
Dr. Codis
Dr. Ocsid (Look at that, Discord in reverse)
Dr. Cosid
Dr. Doisc
Dr. Driscod

I hope that this helps you with a name and possibly, if you choose to go there, a plot device for Celestia to make some connection, real or self-pervieved.

:pinkiehappy:im really liking thios tory, cant wait for teh next chapter

710707 Thanks for the ideas. I'm reminded of Count Olaf from "A Series of Unfortunate Events" I see a few in there that definitely help.

I've read that everyone seems a bit put-off by the doctor calling his daughter "Screwball"
however, I know for a fact that parents with adorkable children tend to give weird nicknames to them.

I, for one, have been called Dork Knobbum (faux latin for Door Knob), That Whiteboard Eraser (whenever I cut my hair really short), and even by my little sister's name by my own parents many times.

As such, I don't think it too wierd for the nickname Screwball to show up.

>> TypewriterError

There we go, you got the reference :pinkiehappy:

Have some 'staches, on the house :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

His daughter is Sarah Crueble.
S. Crueble
Scrueble sounds fuzzily like Screwball
:twilightoops: It's a conspiracy...

Need any other subtle or convenient plot devices or story seasonings? :rainbowlaugh:

I enjoy this kind of thing, so just ask for anything and Im on it:twilightsmile:

710907 ok. I'll PM you when I need some help then :)

Sweetness, it makes my heart warm when I realize that my influence is spreading through people everywhere :trollestia:

my wish was granted sooner than I expected:derpyderp2:
"no letter came that day"....poor Celeste(if that's her real name)

If you're not going with anagrams or plays on words, I think Discord would have a french-sounding name.

Dr. Belfonte
Dr. Bellemont
Dr. Beltram
Dr. Delancey (u c wat i did thar?)
Dr. Leblanc
Dr. Delacorde
Dr. Delaconte
Dr. Delacreux

I'd think that he'd have a cordial and benevolent-sounding name with an either negative or ironic undertone. The phrase "de l'accord" means "from the harmony". "de la conte" means "from the story".

And I can't help but imagine his first name would either be Henry, John, or Kevin.

Oh, yeah, and a great story. I love it.

711021 I like your suggestions too. I did base the Dr.'s description off of John De Lancie so his first name is definitely John. Thanks for your help!

Wow this is a amazing story :scootangel:

come on, come on, come on,come on!:raritydespair:


Love this story, and since there is no need to comment the errors, I'll PM them.

Firstly, this is a marvelous story and as eveyone said already, you will probably get this up in the featured box soon enough. The idea is so original (at least to me) and honestly, really drove me into the same mood as most great stories do. Only a matter of time before you're a famous author before many others! :pinkiehappy:

Actually, there is a name closer to Celestia than Celeste.

Celestie. Which has the potential insanity bonus because if an insane person wrote the 'e' the wrong way, it'd look like an 'a'.

It'd also bring confusion. My mother's name is Celestie and if I mention Celestia in conversation, she'll often look up, because it sounds like her name, just with an 'uh' sound tacked on.


Dr. John Ocsid.

If reduced to just his last name and title, it becomes Dr. Ocsid.

Flip it backwards.

disco . rD

As Celestia is an insane person, she might've read his name wrong and wound up getting Discord.

711396 Ok. I think I have the name thanks though!

I hope screwball is a nick name, I am looking forward to some psychological mind bending, and logical explanations later on, but right now, that is a suspenseful beginning, and it is attractive to my perspective. :trollestia:

Oh she is very confused, someone call the doctor. :trollestia:

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