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Memories become jumbled over time. They distort, go out of order, and sometimes they might even begin to run backwards. What must be remembered is that specific memories can only belong to the person who originally had them. That being the case, memories will almost always be imperfect, and no two people will remember the same event exactly the same way.

You are entering the mind of Discord. Events will not always occur in a chronological fashion.

Believing Stories was only introduction. (Seriously, you need to read Believing Stories to not be completely lost here.)


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~Skeeter The Lurker

Move the credits down a couple of lines so that the names are perfectly centered.

2949199 on my computer it is. I'll see what I can do though to make it more universal.

LOVE IT! This is going to be...

!!! EPIC!!!

Can't wait till the next chapter. :heart:

:yay: squee!

Yes! I've been waiting for this. :pinkiehappy: Can't wait to see how it goes.

I love this :heart::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

3097203 Yep. The entire dream is a memory that is running backwards :)

I still have no idea what the fuck is going on.

I am going to read it normally for now, but when it is complete I will read it back to front so my mind doesn't explode. ::twistnerd:

I think I've got it now, I think I've worked out what the storyline is..

Make your paitent think life is a dream and the alternative is a worse dream then offer a way home to the first one which only you control

Sombra has "sub contracted" Discord to pull Celestia into a human world in some fashion.
Discords job: convince her that talking ponies are silly and don't exist
Sombras job: brow beat and bully her into accepting his help... at a price
but Discord (and his helpers) seem to have chosen a third option...

3277891 Sombra... the growling nutcase who whacks his head against a shield... has somehow managed to overpower DISCORD... who is essentially Q and could snap his fingers and quite literally turn Sombra into a puppet...

I could never believe that. Even if Sombra wasn't a raving nutcase, his powers are miniscule compared to Discord's.

Well. So much for answers :derpytongue2: Oh well. At least I've more questions to ponder.

3529726 ...gooooooood :3 if you still have questions it means I've doing my job :derpytongue2:

3529826 Yes. I suppose it does. :twilightsmile: I'm still going to figure it out before you finish though :pinkiecrazy:

Thought it was a good idea to release a chapter during the season 4 premiere, huh?

3530537 meh, it's more I just got sick of it sitting there after about weeks or editing so since I was updating OCIO I decided to update here too. lol

Please tell me this story is still going. I haven't been this hooked on a story in ages. Whatever the case may be, well done sir.

3627251 Progress is kinda slow but I do intend to finish this no matter what....just not sure how long it might take me.. :twilightoops:

Thanks so much for your words though. I appreciate them :)

3628039 No, thank you my good sir! I haven't read so much in ages! 'Tis a good thing. You should be proud.

3628078 Thanks. On thing though... I'm not a sir XD lol

wait this story is still being writin right? the last chapter was in 2013. I LOVE this story please tell me it still being writin!

Why did you stop writing this story?

Stop? I haven't started yet. I've been figuring some stuff out, but I hope to have the next chapter out soon. Or, at least, as soon as possible. But when I revive it from it's hiatus I want to be ready to go and have a set path for it.

yes, it took a while figuring things out. the transfer of the story was a while ago, but it took a lot longer to actually revive.

thank you! I really hope I can.

You... I have waited... for so long...


5876278 Was there a reason the sequel was given to you and not written by the original author?

Well, she tried to start it. Hence the first three chapters... but she couldn't finish it, so she gave it to me so I could finish. That was a couple months ago, it took a while to get the hang of the flow of the story.

Edit: first four chapters. I only wrote the latest one.

Thank you so much for this. I remember writing this scene and then my whole ability to write just broke. It means a lot to have you take on this story. I'm glad you'll give it a chance to live again ;u;

5880810 Well, you did a pretty good job. There wasn't too much of a difference in the writing style.

Thank you, I only hope I can do it justice.

I don't quite remember you having changes in tense (as in having some parts in past tense and some in present tense for no apparent reason) in your writing. You should probably fix that.

Also, I couldn't really follow some parts because there were so many pronouns without clear antecedents. Because of this, I did not like this chapter. I could not understand who was who.

This will update right? Believing Stories is one of my all time favorites. :fluttershysad:

I'm working on it, rest assured. but even my own stories are on hold for the time being.

7314912 good enough for me. You can't rush cooking or writing. Both tend leave a bad taste.

*pokes* Is this dead?

not dead, not officially.

Is there any hope for an update then?

Perhaps. But, not immediately.

I would imagine so. This is one huge mind-screw of a story. :)

Still a bit confused, I guess

Man, I have the fondest memories of this story.

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