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Im like a Baby Discord with a crazy imagination


King Sombra has been reduced to a foal along with Queen Chrysalis, Nightmare Moon, and Discord. While they hate princess Celestia for turning them to foals and cause her nothing but trouble. They will have to learn to accept their new predicement and learn to love their new mothers.

Please note that this Fic has alot of diaper usage and nursing.

Editor: SuperPinkBrony12

Chapters (16)
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Interesting concept! I look forward for more! :D

I was honestly expecting Discord to just be used to being a foal and comfortable with it.

So the four of them are going to have to get used to each other in order to keep Equestria safe from baby Tirek? They'd better hope that when Tirek is regressed, he loses his ability to drain others of their magic. :pinkiegasp:

... Kinda amusing that Chryssie is the best behaved one. I also wonder if she can somehow contact her changelings.

I hope they make life in Canterlot as living hell. :pinkiehappy:

I'm not a foal guy... But dang it!!! This is adorable AF!!!

Wait... Luna is here, yet, we still have Nightmare Moon. Hmm... This will be interesting to hear, nonetheless. Oh, and as an extra; THANK GOD THEY'RE NOT THE SAME!!! Celestia feeding... A bit weird, if you ask me. I'm glad Luna and Nightmare Moon are separated, otherwise, I'd dislike this immediately. I'll still give this a go. Hope for more.

Get Twilight and her friends to watch them for a day

Woohoo! New chapter! Keep up the good work. :raritywink:

The gradual mind rape is horrifying. :twilightoops:

Comment posted by Foal Star deleted Aug 2nd, 2016

This story is getting better and better as it goes along. i wander what Celestia did on Sombra's diaper and what will it do if he starts to wander off, I am guessing that he will have a sudden need to pee every time, maybe something more too. I wander how the others are copping with the situation. I can't wait to see what will happen next.

You are really getting better in your writing Raistlin Majere.

7443341 thank you I really appreciate the compliments. I hope I just keep improving. But I can't take all the credit superpinkbrony12 is an amazing editor. If it weren't for him I wouldn't have gotten this far.

7443350 Oh! how do you work with him? is it similar to how I go about with you?


Kind of about the same. I write out the chapter then he goes through and fixes the mistakes he sees and makes the story more readable and entertaining and he also helps adds plot points he thinks that are applicaable to the story.

Dawwwww! Lol get spanked! XD

7442927 Cadence could also be a big help, maybe she could even bring Flurry Heart along for a playdate.

7443341 I'm thinking that if Sombra tries to sneak off, his diaper will expand all on its own until its so poofy that he can't move.

7443401 What's so funny about getting spanked in this particular instance? Yes, he deserves it for sneaking off on his own, but I don't see what's so funny about it.



Also Flutterhsy with baby Discord is going to be so freaking adorable:pinkiehappy:

I guess now we'll find out if Twilight and Cadence know about the regressed villains or not.

7443198 I think it's more of a symptom of them being turned into foals, whether or not they want to their brains now functions like that of foals and the first thing a foal want is to hold on to the person that it feel the closest to and automatically create a bond with them and won't stand to be left alone for long periods of time. others factors are that they will have really short attention span and will live more and more in the moment, so they can't really plan far head and they are subject to more of their bodies needs and impulses.

7444109 you really shouldn't spoiled the surprises like that. Tickling with a few clues is fine, but flat out say it sort of ruins it.

Interesting chapter, I was a bit disappointed that they fond a way out of the inflating diapers, but I think that overwhelming the nanny was a stroke of genies. I like the appearance of Blueblood but I feel that the foreshadowing was a bit too blatant about what is going to happen to him, still it would be fun to see him join the ranks cutie squad. For Cadence and Twilight being their to help out could be interesting if a little predictable and not quite enough of a reason to have them move constantly from their kingdoms for those four, especially cadence with Flurry Heart to have to take care of. I would rather think that they would periodically sent to to their respective kingdoms for a change in scenery. If I where to suggest someone to take care of them it would be BB, Kibitz, Raven or maybe Fancypants and Fleur de Lise. Or, better yet those too Guardsponies could work if you could give them their own personalties. the Cutie Squad could even bet confronted to their most hated of nemesis; a stand in for Marry Popin; they would all rue the day they all deiced to mess with her. You might also want to give them constant check up with the doctor which could be lodes of fun. Remember to think of every slice of life moment and turn it into comedy moment, don't keep them confine in the nursery all the time make them explore.

Just found this story and I cannot wait till Twilight and her friends start helping raise these guys it will get funny, for the foals.

Comment posted by RexDraconum deleted Nov 14th, 2016

Celestia smiled, “You’re right, with such power they need to be taught to use it properly. But I’m afraid Luna and I don’t have the time to teach them, and run Equestria. So instead I’ll have Twilight and her friends come over to teach them.”

Ha! NAILED IT!!! :rainbowkiss:

havent read this yet but it is glories it reminds me of another fic cant remember its name, but Nightmare moon, chrysalis, and Sombra all end up as foals without memories of there older selfs, and in fluttershys care, anyway if this turns out like that fic, then this will be good.

just read the first paragraph yup this should (hopefully) be good

7444151 Dunno, still seems rather horrible to me, since they still have most of their personalities and memories left, so it's incredibly humiliating to them, and the whole situation is Sunbutt and Moonbutt's doing. I guess it just feels too close to some horrible mind rape fics I've seen. Will keep reading, though, since they aren't regressing further, it'd seem, and the sisters aren't actively brainwashing them.

Nice chapter, some great teamwork there. Plus, it makes me think that this won't go down the road I was worrying it would, aka full brainwashing, but more about giving them happier childhoods to show them the better sides of life and friendship.

I'm in love with this story! You sir have a great idea and so far have executed it very well. I have no doupt in my mind that you will bring out the full potential of this wounder full idea.


7444803 That's EXACTLY, what's going on. Right now, they're getting a chance to start over with a proper childhood, and grow up in an environment that will hopefully teach them right from wrong.

I think Celestia jumped the gun a bit with starting to teach the foals magic. They still have some parts of their former evil personalities and they are messing with the more foal like minds. Have Pinkie help because she would be too random to be affected as well.

Twilight is just angry because she got owned by foals.

I think Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy could give the foals some pointers on how to behave.

Im planning to have Pinkie pie and Fluttershy play very important roles next chapter.

So much cuteness is almost lethal. Good job.


7444268 People disliked you because they think it's adorable X3
But yes, this is fucked up. the punishment is excessive. You don't spank a kid for yelling. You put them in the time out corner.

I like this story so far, only problem I can see, is the fact the this is basically violating their right to their own minds, and even Twilight seems to be fine with it. I would definitely love one of the adults getting put into the foals position, even for a day, just to put some perspective into how they're treating them.

Rarity nodded and replied. “I don’t blame you, it must be simply dreadful to be a foal again.”
Sombra told Rarity, “Well it ain all bad. Yeah, as foals we do poppies and wetties in owa diapees, bu we also ge to pway and sweep all day and I kind of wike it when the adwlts daaaw ova us, its kind of siwwy.”

Just that line reminded me of this...

I wonder how Rainbow Dash will interact with the foalified four?

Reminds me a bit of Rugrats.

Yeah, not surprised Dash didn't get to care for any of them, that'd be just inviting disaster.


Dont worry she'll make an appearance :raritywink:

7472493 :trixieshiftleft: Now I'm kinda hoping that she appears, is mean to the foals and they tie her up and hide her in a closet. :trixieshiftright:

so Princess and Luna are going to breastfeed little baby Tirek when the story get to it??????
Well I think the princess's have enough with the four villains and what about discord did was reformed two times and turn to be good new??? and how is fluttershy with all this and I hope that fluttershy take discord cuz she knows him more then the five.

7472416 Funny you should mention that given that show turns 25 years old this month.

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