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Writing stories, drinking excessive amounts of coffee, traveling in the TARDIS, drawing for tumblr and a whole heap of other crap.

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And welcome to my page! Here's a little about myself:

Hi my name is Bee!!!

I live in Australia and I love riding horses. I take advance courses in literature this year to help improve my writing skills and I hope one day to publish stories as well as becoming a pediatrician in the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne. I've had a passion for writing stories since I was very little. To be perfectly honest, on this account, it's the first time I've ever written some sort of comedy or light story with 'You Are The Father' and 'The Four Elements'. I mainly write darker stories with more violence, gore and swearing (That's the Australian coming out in me) so this website is a bit of change for me.

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Have you moved on from FimFiction? Is there going to be any sort of update for You Are the Father and such? Please?


Are you still writing or? :(

have you quit writing?

plz finish your avatar crossover or at lest tell me if your not going to so i can stop obsessing over its awesomeness and read other fanfics:raritydespair:

Please update your stories dammit~

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