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A blue box has fallen out of the sky, and crashed right into Twilight's Library! A strange brown stallion, calling himself the Doctor stumbles out. Soon after, strange stone Pegasus are everywhere, one of resident weather ponies has vanished, and Twilight is tossed in the middle! The Doctor and Twilight have to find out what's going on, before it's too late!

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There may be a little bit of a need of polish on this and some of Squeak's early works, but when it shines, it really shines. The Doctor's portrayal is a blast, and 12 feels like a Dr Who episode set in Equestria. I'd recommend any Dr Who fan, or just person with a sense of humor to give this a shot. It's a fun adventure.

As a fan of The Doctor and My Little Pony, I was a little on edge about this type of crossover. You hwevre have proven that with theright stuff the two can mesh together perfectly.

Ps. Never quiet noticed how simular our 4th dimensional pink friend was to The Doctor :pinkiegasp:

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:rainbowkiss: I remember reading this a few weeks ago, and I LOVED it. I enjoyed how you didn't really kill anypony (and even the one pony-casaulty ended up much happier than before). It fit with the MLP portion of the crossover. Plus, the Doctor's introduction was flawless, I read it in David Tennant's voice, and I'll be monkey's uncle if it didn't sound exactly like something the Tenth would say.

Followed a link from Youtube where a brony was using lines for an audition to play the Doctor. At first I was all :pinkiegasp:, but after reading it I was all :twilightsmile:

I just gotta ask.... Are you okay with another writer possibly putting up 'episodes' into this continuity of the Doctor's adventures in Equestria with Twilight and the Gang? (With Full Credits given to the originator of course)
If not, I totally understand. But if So: Would be happy to send any product to you for stamp of approval.

:pinkiehappy:SO CAN I? CAN I? PLEASE PLEASE PLEAAASSEEEEE :pinkiehappy:


Well, I'm very happy you enjoyed it! There's a sequel in the gallery if you like. :yay:

On the subject of writing episodes in my little continuity, I've never put much thought to it I suppose. Though I can't see any real issue with this since you're offering to send it too me to look at first.

Though if you like I'm creating some audio drama's for Celestia Radio at currant. and writing five episodes is a touch taxing. If you'd like to try your hoof at writing a script be my guest. Could turn into an episode.

Please tell me there's a sequel. Please.


Yep, Traveler just click my name, it's in the gallery.

This was a really fun read ^^

Oh crap look at the time I have to work in the morning. *turns off PC cursing*

Good story and well written. You forgot one thing though: ALLONS-Y!:derpytongue2:

Congratulations - this was so good, you convinced me to make an account just to be able to keep track of it.
A thought did occur to me, though, about halfway through that - what would happen if the Angels (Pegasi. Whatever) met one of the Princesses? After all, if they feed off the potential energy gained when someone is sent back in time, what if not only does it not matter at all, but if it actually gives that person more opportunity? And how would an all powerful deity react to such a thing (my bet is on appearing behind the Angel a split second after first being sent to the past, and either banishing it to the sun, or pounding it into moondust)?

Well, this was a story that was so awesome that it took me a while to comprehend anything other than 'Doctor Who' and 'SO AWESOME!'.

I absolutely loved it. Good thing there's Traveler or else I'd be hard-pressed to find something as good as this to read!

And of course the upcoming YouTube thing from which I first found you...

Amazing story.

Great work, sounds a lot like what we expect from the tenth, and it was "BRILLIANT and FANTASTIC"

Interesting read.

Damn this story was long, but a one worth the while! :raritywink:
I like how you made the 2 awesome people from Doctor Who (The Doctor and the Weeping Angels) and changed them up so they fit with their surroundings!

Keep it up! :yay:

I am sad to say i've never watched Dr. Who before:rainbowhuh:, but i love how you made this understandable for the uninitiated.:twilightsmile:
P.S. any advice on certain dr. who episodes to watch to get the gist of it?:pinkiehappy:

This story inspired me to write my own Doctor Whooves fanfic. It's currently awaiting submission. Check it out when it shows up, It's titled "It's Bigger on the Inside."

This was the single greatest thing I have ever read.

I could very easily second that thought. Somehow Doctor Who and Friendship Is Magic makes a winning combination no matter how you twist it.

And I kept imagining the Doctor acting like 10 would, when evidence pointed more towards him being like 11. I guess Tennant left too much of an impact and he's my go-to headcanon for the crossover Doctor without condition. I... regret nothing?

i gotta give props to the story line(mind i haven't read it yet, but i have seen the series) but i MUST point out that the plural form of pegasus is pegisi

what's with the huge empty space after the story?:applejackconfused:

Could be worse. My go-to head cannon Doctor wears a scarf and an afro. :twilightsmile:

maybe I'm just too crazy fangirl-y, but at the end, do I detect Doctor WhoovesXTwilight Sparkle?

Yeah, it's probably just my over-active imagination. Oh well

I don't get it, what's the fun in copying a Doctor Who script and changing it to fit My Little...
Wait, what's that?
You mean, this... this isn't... Oh.
Well, could've fooled me. :twilightsheepish:
Seriously though, this was a very fun and enjoyable read. Great job here!

Just one singular question. When is part two coming out on YouTube.


March 31st my good stallion and or mare.

I have to say, the radio play matches perfectly with the story.
Excellent job on both fronts!
Also, is "Traveler" complete, incomplete, or on hiatus?

Really enjoyed the story, great job. :rainbowdetermined2:

:applejackconfused: Confound it, as soon as I read *theme music*, the entire Doctor Who opening (10th doctor) played in my head! This is even more uncanny because I didn't even have a picture to prompt me like I do for "read this in my voice"!

just "theme music"? what am I supposed to sing here, My Little Pony or the Doctor Who theme? Be more specific!

Amazing work with this here crossover. It was very well written with one exception: lots of little wiggly spelling errors. They all seem to be clustered around the top of the story.
If you want me to, when I go and re-read it (eventually), I will go through and correct all of the errors I find, and send it to you.

Now, if you'll excuse me, off to the next story!


Why thank you! Glad you liked it! And sure, I'd appreciated that.

Also it's now an radio play if you'd like to hear it.

That was FAST! I haven't even started reading the next one.


I'm Squeak! Fast is my middle name...well not really, but you catch my drift.

Ah, here it is! You've probably heard this before, but this is the definitive Doctor Whooves in my personal headcanon.

THANK YOU! i can't tell you how much it bothers me when i see a doctor whooves that's not true to the doctor, i don't know why, but it bugs the crap out of me. You sir, nailed it. Plain and simple. Very enjoyable, and well written story and a job well done. :pinkiehappy: :yay:. Now on to the sequel, allons-y!

PERFECT! A nice long Doctor Whooves story to settle down with! I can't wait to start reading it!

-Upwards and Onwards: ALLONS-Y!!

Very enjoyable. My only problem being that you have the Angels as the bad guys yet absolutely no sign of Fluttershy and her STARE. Would have made it about 20% cooler.

Absolutely FANTASTIC!
I love the youtube version. I had no idea about the Fic on here. I am putting off reading the sequel, but i shall eventually!
That being said, now i must critique your avatar...you should really find a way to keep that fedora on.
Love fedoras they are the bronze metal of hats. One of the three things i never leave home without...unless i overslept...along with my lucky d20 and pocket survival towel.

Keep up the...nope can't say goo because it's not...BRILLIANT work.
On wards and upwards

Twilight: My books!
Spike's Ghost: Twiliiiiiight, rememmmber meeee?
T: NOOOOO!!! Not my BOOKS!
SG: Twi, sometimes you're such a :trollestia:.

Love the story, can't wait to finish it.

Your spacing hurts my eyes.
Great story btw.

THAT WAS AWSOME!!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Brought here by the new story by Loyal2Luna and my possibly obsessive compulsive approach to reading the full backstory of any story, I thought that this was quite good. It felt very true to the Doctor.

And now I can listen the the Doctor Whooves Adventures without even leaving Fimfiction! Ah, sir, what you have done to me!


Amazing! I just started following the audio series this night! I'll read this when I finish watching.

errrm... ... humm. I feel like you should have just posted a link to the youtube channel doing these instead of... you know... posting them here inside a story. When I open a story page I tend to expect, you know, a story.

I saw 0 words and I was like WTF is this another picture story (like that one that was featured last month)

Is it all going to be youtube links? I prefer reading it myself rather than listening to it. Please :twilightsheepish:

edit after chapter title's been updated: Oh. Great, thanks! Already read Traveler, and love it!

The doorbell rang again.
“Who is it?” The Doctor called as they reached the door.
“Mail!” said a voice.
“Mail?” the Doctor opened the door.
A blue and yellow Pegasus pony sat on the doorstep. Her eyes both staring off in different directions.
“Mail.” she said again.
“Um..thanks.” said the Doctor. “Mr.Shift is out currently, I’ll take it for him.”
“Sure as bubblegum!” said the pony distantly. She dipped her head into her bulging saddlebags. “Mhher” she said around a large, dingy letter.
“Thank you.” he took the letter. “Who’s it from?”
The pony’s head lolled to the side slightly “Night Shift.” then she was off like a rocket.

Is your name Marty McFly?

I just realized he married sunny day... I wont make assumptions i wont make assumptions!

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