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"Who is he?

No one really knows. Some say he's an organization composed of thinkers and sages throughout history. Some say he's a rank passed down through generations, dating back to pre-Equestrian times. Some say he's an alien from another world, others maybe a time traveler or a ghost or a magical paradox. Some say he's a hero of great deeds, others say he's an omen of disasters to come. While others say he's just a story. A myth. A legend. A shadow in the corner of my history books.

One thing I know for sure though. I'm going to find him.

...one way or another."

Join Twilight Sparkle and her search for the mysterious figure woven throughout history, known only as "The Doctor".

Cover art made by KzKsm

Chapters (3)
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I love me a good doctor who crossover, this has potential. Just one tiny suggestion, that really just sticks out to me. Could you please not bold the speech? It gets a bit distracting.

2460442 I agree with what they say, also I like where this is going, keep up the good work :twilightsmile:

Will do.

Still getting used to FimFic. I'm used to bolding speech text. Cuz it makes it easier to distinguish it from the rest of the text.

Editing nao :scootangel:

Interesting concept... Doctor who. You are doing it well so far! But I have just one question - are young going to focus the story on the first (or original series) doctors? I ask because I have never seen those episodes so I can't really relate. Keep writing though!

"the 1st Doctor, played by William Hartnell"

You beauty! You bloody beauty!
I'm going to fave this story into the ground

I'm planning to feature various doctors throughout the story. Don't worry though, I'll be sure to explain the references I use in the author's notes so that you all can relate. And of course, I'll be featuring the newer doctors too. Like 10th, since we all know there can't be a Dr. Who fic without Davey Wavey :derpytongue2:

2460484 A tip is to write dialogue with "" <--those little bastards and writing thoughts in italics without the little bastards. :raritywink:
(I forgot their name, that's why I call them little bastards) :scootangel:

Small note: Italics in comments are broken... :facehoof:

I believe they're called quotation marks :)
And thanks for the tip. Will edit that as well.


" Like 10th, since we all know there can't be a Dr. Who fic without Davey Wavey "

*favourites story*

Wow, a fic with the first Doctor. I hope when Twilight finds him that he's regenerated. I can't stand the firt one, any of the others are fine, but not him. Also if he was there from 3pm to midnight everyday for a month, why didn't Pinkie just COME INTO THE LIBRARY! Then she could have met him. Just saying.:twilightsmile:

Truth is, since the Doc has been in town for over a month, inside or outside the library, I think anyone would have noticed him. The mystery is that no one has seen him. Ever. Except for Twilight for some reason.

I'll reveal why this is so, soon

Okay, but who to have as the Susan expy? Scootaloo? :scootangel::pinkiehappy::twilightoops:

Caught my attention for not looking like it'll be your average run-of-the-mill Doctor Whooves tale.

It was a bright sunny day in the town of Ponyville.


Unless you're doing something particularly creative with the trope, NEVER START A STORY BY DESCRIBING THE WEATHER FOLLOWED BY THE SETTING. It is the instant warning to the reader that this is written by an amateur writer.

I am an amateur writer. I have no reason to pretend that I'm not. But thanks for the advice nonetheless.

Although I'm not a big fan of Smith, I'll see if I can include him too :)

First Doctor is such a troll. He is quite literally going to drive Twilight up the wall.

I don't think they had perception filters in the early series, so it can't be that...

You seem to have captured the spirit of Twilight and Pinkie's relationship, better than I have so far in my stories. I really want to see how Doctor #1 interacts with Pinkie. I can imagine how he will deal with Twilight, but I'm getting flashbacks to Cranky Doodle Donkey when I think of Doctor #1 and Pinkie.

Keep it up!

Minor correction:

Twilight Sparkle, although -->she<--took offense to this, let it slide

Alright, I have now satisfied my obsessive compulsive side. :twilightsheepish:

I sense much potential in this story, and shall be following with interest.

2462595 but 11 is fun, and slightly depressing but still fun

Ooh! Craftly Twilight... you can stretch logic far enough by overthinking it :D I have to admit that the last bit was rather interesting. Obviously, I am not as acquainted with the DW universe as much as I would like to be enough to understand if that was a reference to an episode, but as for providing a history of the Doctor and Twilight (I presume), it was rather nicely done. Keep writing, and thank you for updating that fast :D

Yay First!!! EDIT: oh wait

I thought a lot about maybe explaining each chapter in the author's notes. But ultimately, I decided against it. Why spoil a good mystery eh? :3
But please do know that I used very little reference from the show in this chapter. I'd like to explain the items, but that would be a little bit, as River Song put it..

Spoilers :scootangel:

um okay, that last part confuses the heck out of me.:twilightoops:

Be careful when you look for answers, Twilight Sparkle, because sometimes the answers are something far greater than you can possibly imagine. Those who would peer into the secrets of the Lonely God, the Courageous Coward and the Oncoming Storm should beware. Travelling with the one who solves mysteries, the bringer of death and the destroyer of worlds, will change you forever.

If you intend to carve through all of the Doctors... I am quite eager to see how you intend to portray Ecleston, though he is my least favorite of the new series, and Tennant, who is very much my favorite of all the Doctors. I am firmly convinced that both will make quite entertaining ponies.:moustache: Smith... I see Smith being nearly impossible to convert well to pony form. Regardless, he is still quite the entertaining character. He's effectively Captain Jack Sparrow crossed with Dirk Pitt, further crossed with Indiana Jones, and even further crossed with McGuyver, in space. There may be even a little of Sherlock Holmes in there too...:pinkiehappy:

the first doctor more of just a citizen of the universe

Truth be told mate, I haven't even finished even one of his seasons. I'm really more of a Baker fan myself. Once I finish Troughton's and Davidson's, I'll get around to the newer stuff.

Comment posted by Gentlemuffin deleted Apr 23rd, 2013

You have my interest good sir. Lets see were are you going with this story


Hey guys,

I decided to merge the prologue and the 1st chapter to give it that more continuous feel. Current prologue is now up and ready.
Also in Chapter 1, I edited the type of books in the doctor's bag from mostly history books to a mix of history AND magic books. I did this so that it would reflect with the current prologue.

Sorry for the sudden changes and I hope you guys will continue to read and enjoy the next chapters.

Interesting.... very interesting. Most Doctor Who crossovers have the pony Doctor be a future regeneration with a personality made up of a mix of traits from Nine, Ten and Eleven (mostly the latter two). I don't think I've seen a story with a past Doctor before. I've only seen a few of the First Doctor serials, mostly The Daleks and The Tenth Planet. Since those were his second and last serials respectively, and his characterization changed significantly over the course of his run, it should be interesting to see which this Doctor is most like. He started out as fairly jerk-ish with a hair trigger temper and none of the compunctions about violence that define his later incarnations. Very curious to see if Susan is an OC or not.

The depiction of Twilight in Psycholight mode is spot on, laughed my ass of at that. I'm guessing the reason nopony else saw the Doctor is because there is a perception filter him? Probably on the bag too.

It's probably a coincidence, but when I read there was a fob watch in the bag, I immediately got worried. I recently read a fic where Twilight is the Master the way Professor Yana was in Utopia/The Sound of Drums.

Sure, I love Doctor Who and all, but this wasn't very good. :fluttershbad::fluttershyouch:

2471724 What next chapters?:rainbowhuh: THERE ARE ONLY TWO.:flutterrage:

Still working on the next one. Sorry for the delay, but what with work and all.

Chapter 1 Part 2 out!
Hope you guys enjoy :rainbowkiss:

2835436 Read and enjoyed, though I hope I don't have to know anything about Doctor Who later on, because I don't know anything about Doctor Who.

2835436 I enjoyed it a lot. Can't wait for more!

Everyone keeps using matt smiths or david tenants version of the doctor. It's nice to see someone going old school with good ol William Hartnell. Rest his soul

i feel like when 2 comes around twilight will try to somehow add logic to how he changed faces and how impossible it is and all i see is 2 just saying something like "Logic Merely Allows One To Be Wrong With Authority" at which point twilight will either give up or try interrogating him if he was a changeling

I already have an idea planned for the 2nd. Not gonna say though :rainbowwild:

well, this is different, having the first doctor being in Equestria, but I'm still looking for one of his hidden regeneration. His secret.

Oh dear Lord this is epic. I heard The Doctor's Theme from the new series (the sad/ominous one) throughout the chapter every time Twilight seemed to get closer to the truth.

I'm guessing something's happened to The Doctor and it's up to Twilight to save the 'Mad old Stallion with the Blue Box', and maybe, just maybe, Granny Smith knows him.

Excellant! It will nice to see Twilight interact with a nicer Doctor. It's nice to see Something with William Hartnell's Doctor, he never gets respect.

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