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Following the events of "Traveler," Twilight goes to Canterlot to deliver her report on what has transpired since the Doctor's arrival in Ponyville directly to Princess Celestia. She leaves the Doctor in Spike's capable claws, asking him to show Equestria's newest arrival around town while the TARDIS rests and repairs itself from the trials of the previous day.

Although at first distraught at being stranded in the seemingly serene township of Ponyville, the Doctor finds himself reexamining his initial assumptions about the ponies, the land of Equestria, and his compulsive need to travel when he is confronted with the miraculous, impossible events surrounding Ponyville's resident party mare: Pinkie Pie.


The Pinkie Conundrum is the first in a series of continuity branching off from the foundations established by the Doctor Whooves stories: Number 12 and Traveler by the very talented Squeak-anon and all references to these two works of fanfiction is credited to him. Also, while this is a separate continuity from any future works by Squeak-anon, it is strongly recommended to read these two fictions before reading Pinkie Conundrum.

This work has been developed and published with permission and blessing of Squeak-anon, my original inspiration.
Doctor Whooves Intro posted on YouTube by: Cshep99
Cover art provided by FoxInShadow from deviantart.com
Proofreader, Editor and Number One Assistant: 2dextreem

If you enjoy this story as well as my other works, please leave a comment. Constructive critique is encouraged as well as any questions or remarks that may occur.

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:yay: yay, comment. I am happy with the squeee, but I don't suppose you care to elaborate. :pinkiehappy:

Although I shall withhold my "squeee" for now, I will give this a tentative "Woo-hoo."

Number 12/Traveler was the first MLP fanfic I ever read. Quite frankly, I can't think of a better introduction to the community, and still eagerly await Squeak's eventual conclusion of it. A sequel to it, even written by another author, is quite a welcome sight in my book.

Your characterization of the Doctor is done fairly well thus far; quirky and odd, just the way the Doctor should be. And sending him off on a quest to understand the impossibility that is Pinkie Pie may very well drive him even closer to the edge of insanity, something I'm very much looking forward to.

However, there are a few things that bug me slightly about your story. First off, your capitalization seems quite arbitrary; words in the middle of sentences are just randomly capitalized. Perhaps you've got some pattern, however. If so, the please continue.

Second, this doesn't quite feel like a real Doctor Who story, due to its seeming lack of consequences. No imminent danger, no mysterious enemy lurking over the horizon, no fanatical organization attempting to tear the universe apart (Although that last one might be a bit overboard for a MLP crossover). Then again, this is only the second chapter; maybe you've got the Master or Valeyard showing up in the next update.

Finally, and most concerning, is this an official sequel to Traveler, or just a spin-off? Do Twilight and the Doctor really just return from the future, seemingly unchanged, with everything resolved? No lingering lusts for power, no life-changing revelations? After everything that happened, merely returning to the status-quo feels... empty almost. If this is canonical, then I'm going to be somewhat disappointed. Not unhappy, just slightly unfulfilled. But, if it's just your version of what might happen, then I can resume my blissful ignorance of what will happen to our favorite displaced Time Lord and studious Unicorn.

In any case, this does seem like it'll be quite the entertaining read. Keep it up; I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter!

41219 In order:
My Capitalization style is meant to show what words are emphasized by the speaker, intending to show rises and falls in their speech patterns. I may water that down in the future, but that was the intent.
On the second concern... wait *re-reads*.....
*Maniacal Laughter*
*ahem* sorry, sorry... :twilightblush:
There are times when the multi-verse gives even the Doctor catches a break, particularly when he's in a whole new situation where ALL of the rules have changed. A break where he is allowed to connect with his inner stallion and start discovering who he is this time around.
Even if it is only for a day. :trollestia:

Pinkie Conundrum is the first in eight planned episodes of the Doctor Whooves series, with possibly more depending on reception. To further address this, I ask only that you please await the epilogue of this episode, which should be up before the weekend is out. Promise you won't regret it.

Also, I am a bit cocnered at your thoughts that things are unchanged.
The Doctor is the ever stoic doctor, moving on to what's next.
Twilight is obviously still scarred from what she experienced, as scenes between her and Celestia show.
And as far as the rest of Equestria, it hasn't happened to them yet and If Twilight get's her way, it never will.

This is less an 'official' sequel and more a branching off. As Squeak has commented, his time has been monopolized by multiple projects (including Caramel Light, which I adore) and he has fallen behind. The Doctor Whooves Series by me is not intended to 'take over' from him, but work as a sort of 'branched off' and seperatecontinuity. A sapling cut off the parent tree if you will. Unless Squeak himself posts in these comments that he is relinquishing the storyline to me (I rather doubt it) then assume that only Squeak-Anon's fics are 'Number 12' Canon and mine are meant to be a diversion to entertain and give doses of Doctor Whooves for everybody else's enjoyment.

I believe River Song said it best:
"You Might want to find something... to hang Onto." :ajsmug:

Wow....that explanation about the doctors past and why he does what he does s so good the should use it in the show

I still need to read the next chapter, but one thought has crossed my mind with this one:

Is Pinkie related to Idris, by any chance? :pinkiehappy:

*heads onward to read the next chapter*

41379 Again, in order:

Huh, interesting writing style then. I've never seen anyone else use capitalization that way; well done.

"Every day in a million days, when the wind stands fair and the Doctor comes to call," eh? Alright, I can go with that.

As for my third complaint... yeah, go ahead and scratch that from the record. My apologies; I had failed to notice that the second chapter had been uploaded, and naturally had missed Twilight's meeting with Celestia. And although I would argue that the Doctor isn't as stoic as you make him out to be, the scene in the Memory Room has proven that you're not ignoring his darker side either. Again, my apologies; you clearly know what you're doing.

And as for the promise of more adventures, well, I'll give that a heartfelt "yay." Looking forward to it.


Oh this is VERY interesting!
Keep going with this. I can't wait for more!

"It made him wonder who the Companion here was." <---- :pinkiehappy:

So much funny! And excellent spacing, too: often, I'd get done chuckling at one part just in time to burst into laughter from another part. Well done!

Umm, not that I am aware of...yet... although... One DOES have to wonder how a brown stallion and a grey mare with two off-color grey fillies would suddenly have a Pink filly.

"Every once in a million days...." No, that is the day that must come another time. The 'SPECIAL' day.
This is one of those other super-rare days when the Doctor actually has a 'quiet' day without adventure, which we almost never get to see in the show for obvious reasons.
It would figure he gets stranded in Ponyville on a Sunday. Sundays are rubbish. Nothing happens on Sundays. That's why he never lands on them.


Did I mention that these comments are what will continue to drive the production of the Doctor Whooves series? Plz keep them coming.

Why do I have a feeling this won't end well:trixieshiftright:...........


Ah... I see you have decided to go episodic with your fic.
I'm a little disappointed though I would of loved to see more on how the Doctor would tackle the
enigma, wrapped in a riddle, surrounded by mystery that is Pinkie Pie.
Oh well story must go on I guess. I look forward to the next installment.


Who says that particular path of story is done? It took more than one episode to figure out River Song, now didn't it? :pinkiesmile:

Is Twilight becoming The Master?

I hear the beat of four, the sign of the Master.

I see the pepperpot, the Dalek's return.

I see a reference to the Silence.

I am all kinds of interested. Let's see what you have in store for us...

i like it but you never finshed travlier off tho so how can you make a sequal for a non finshed fanfic i wana see how it ends D:

Absolutely loving the characterizations in this piece. The interactions between the Doctor and Pinkie in particular made my day. Also, the entirety of chapter 3. 'nuff said.

Can't wait to see where you take this next.

Are we supposed to use Doctor Who intro music or
MLP: FiM intro music?

Please refer to my Blog... which will be updated in the next few days with further musical selections to accompany the episode. Got a bit excited and finished alot faster than expected.

Pinkie is an eldritch abomination, and that's why the Doc is there! Great stuff so far!

You misspelled a few words, but don't expect spell check to find them because they are still technically spelled correctly. Like 'through' being 'though'.
But I still knew what you meant and others probably will to, so there isn't REALLY much need to go back and change it.
Alright, critic part of me aside, I feel as if I'm watching a match made in heaven. You've got talent, (either that or YOU are the Doctor and are writing this as a journal) and we eagerly await the next installments. :pinkiehappy:

Dude, you've been descriptive enough for someone to draw art pics and animate this!I think I am just about hyped up enough to perform a school-girl squeal. :twilightsheepish:

*Takes out wallet*
*Throws it at the screen*

I liked that very much!

Slightly different from my take on the Doc and the Mane cast, but you had your own spin, and you have the Squeak seal of approval. (Though you might want to add that this is not in my cannon, but yours.). The Doctor was pretty doctory, and the rest of the mane cast fit in very well. I link Pinkie and the Doctor, they make a good foil for one another, and the Timey Whimey set up for the apple thing was marvelous. The set up works, plays of what I established and makes you want to read more, wonderfully done.

If I had any critisims, I'd say try not to borrow lines directly from the show too much, it happens a few times in this story and it's a touch jarring. Remember this is your story. You don't have to borrow, go nuts! And on occasion the Doctor might slip ever so slightly out of character. But never so much as to be very noticeable, and besides, it is the 12th Doctor, so he's...well... a new character, so there's really no wrong was to go about it.

I think your tales lean a bit more towards the pony than mine as opposed to the who-y side of things but it works out great, and I can't wait to see what you're going to do with your version of my world from here.

Good luck! Onwards and Upwards!


Yay Squeak liked it! :derpytongue2:
Thank you, and yes, this chapter was more or less to get footing as The Doctor got 'used' to Equestria, while he's no longer cooking, he is still adjusting (Slower for him this time as compared to the previous 11 since it's his first non-humanoid form) but going for a mix of the Matt Smith/David Tennant Personalties with some more lightening up and a whole new look (which will be presented next Episode) .
The Borrowing from the show was just to get it out of my system. Used up most of the lines I loved in this episode for the distinct purpose of it not becoming a constant thing. Only two or three plot-relevant 'borrowed' lines should be in the next episode, and then no more until closer to the climax.
Also, I did mention in the comments that this is a 'branching continuity' and only Squeak-Anon Doctor Whooves fics should be considered true canon for the Number 12 series. I suppose I need to note that in my description as well though (Already got links up for you)

Again, THANK you for the foundation and the permission Squeak. I hope I can help entertain the rest of FiMFiction as much as your works have entertained me.

I am thoroughly, deeply impressed. My two favourite things in one fanfic, it just made my day. I read Squeaks fics too, and loved them, but this, I daresay, was BETTER. Very, VERY good.

Please keep it up and deliver more delicious awesomeness!

Is the next story going to be like what the epilogue describes it?

Oh no... The Epilogue crosses multiple episodes, much like the opening season trailer of a series of Doctor Who (Which was the format I was going for).... future epilogues will be episode specific, but this one touches on planned moments from multiple future episodes.

Really great work! The carackters ar very well done and the Doctor is all wibly wobly doctory!
Please keep up the good work in the coming ∞ episodes! :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::twilightsmile::yay:

Except for some spelling and grammar issues, this was a well written story. You have used Squeak-anon's stories as an effective launching point for your own interpretation of this crossover, and I especially like the (for lack of a better word) "humanity" you have applied to your portrayal The Doctor's as he adjusts to his new regeneration in this very different universe. The scene in the memory room in particular was quiet moving, and brought me near to tears; on a lighter note, I would love to see Rarity's reaction to Six's "wardrobe" :rainbowlaugh: .

Can't wait to see what you have in store for us, keep up the good work!

There's a 'Green Maelstrom'?
Curiouser and Curiouser....

Even Time Lord Tech knows that trying to figure out how Pinke works is futile.

Friendship powered TARDIS for the win!

Doctor who intro music would be perfect.

42670 loyal2luna didn't make the traveler:ajbemused: someone else did, loyal just wanted to base it off of the traveler or have this happen shortly after, just glad to clear any confusion you had:twilightsmile:

I thought rule number 1 was that the Doctor lies


Those are the River Song Revised TARDIS Companion Rules... and those are unauthorized by the standards of Gallifrayan Time-Travel Codes of Conduct... to have this rule added to the list, please contact the nearest available Time Lord and apply your submission. :derpytongue2:

Did the sonic screwdriver seriously give up on trying to get Pinkie? The sonic freaking screwdriver?

I'd feel bad for what the Doctor's most likely getting himself into, but anyone's pain that stems from trying to comprehend Pinkie is too amusing.

Wow... words simply cannot express.
I am a massive Doctor Who fan, and a New-Blood Brony. You have amazing talent As a writer. You captured the Ponies and the Doctor's personalities so well! (Granted this is a different rendition of the Doctor, being Twelve and all, but it's still incredible). During the epilogue I literally had goosebumps over my whole body during the "Sinister Voice" bits, and especially with the Sound of Drums. I look forward to future installments with much enthusiasm.
I also enjoyed myself greatly personally reading The Doctor's lines (and for some reason adding facial expressions) out loud to myself, as well as the "Sinister Voice"

Dude, for real, you rOck so hard. You grasp the feeling of the show AND Squeak's story so well! Ease keep this up way past the second episode! Jut know you have loyal fans! :rainbowkiss:

Hello there! Sorry to seem nitpicky but when you refer the the TARDIS' -previous- state, the 'coral theme' is strictly 9th-10th Doctors no? If this is supposed to be number 12 then the most recent TARDIS layout is Matt Smith's, with the bright colors, glass panels, shiny polish and the two staircases in either direction. Don't know if you knew that already or maybe glossed over it, but inaccuracies like that break the illusion for me.

Negatives aside though, I really like the story of this and Game of Stones, (Squeak's continuity also). I'm a big fan of both shows and I feel like you do justice to both materials.

Also, if you wouldn't mind I would like to show you some of the grammar/spelling errors I've noticed in your works. They are admittedly few but noticeable, and I think it would go a long way towards improving reading quality. If not, that's totally fine, ignore the Grammar Nazi.

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