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The Doctor's adventures in Equestria continue in this second installment of the Doctor Whooves Series.

His nature as a Time Lord revealed to Twilight's friends, the Doctor prepares for his first jaunt into Equis' history with Rainbow Dash when Applejack informs him of something mysterious she saw as a filly. Intrigued, the Doctor and Twilight, accompanied by Applejack and Rainbow Dash, travel 3000 years into the past to visit Ancient Roan during the Reneighssance Period.

Upon arriving, the ponies are beside themselves with wonder as they explore a place they once thought existed only in history books. They even get to meet a living legend in the form of Leonard DiHoovsie: the famous inventor, thinker, painter, and philosopher. But not everything is at it seems, and something disturbing is happening just under the surface of Roan's exquisite architecture. With strange rumors abound, and a string of unexplained and unsolved disappearances plaguing the historic city, the Doctor's companions are about to discover that some things are left out of the history books for a reason.


"Game of Stones" is the second episode of the Doctor Whooves Series and the fourth of the expanded "Number 12" continuity begun by the inspirational Squeak-anon.

It is strongly recommended to read the following fics here on FIMFiction before proceeding with "Game of Stones."

1 - Number 12 by Squeak-anon
2 - Traveler by Squeak-anon
3 - The Pinkie Conundrum

Comments and critiques are very much desired and let this crazed writer know that the herd does indeed care.

Elements of Number 12 & Traveler: Squeak-anon
Doctor Whooves Intro posted on YouTube by: Cshep99
Cover art provided by FoxInShadow from deviantart.com
Proofreader, Editor and Number One Assistant: 2dextreem

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Oh boy, here we go! Good start, looking forward to the REAL action!

I love your enterpritation of the Doctor. I can't wait for more.

this is going to be great! don't know if its going to be as epic as Time Lords and Terror or My Little Time Lord, but it's promising!

Also, on a minor note, FIRST!:trollestia:

I have not heard of the former and have not read the latter. Are they on FiMFiction?

Aaaaaaannndd you have got me. Great, now I will wait as eagerly for new Episodes of this as for their BBC counterpart.

Hit the keyboard, I wish to know what they will find!

Oh and... great job there. Really.

(track) 5 stars already:moustache:

This promises to be...wait for it...Brilliant! :twilightsheepish:

Just like reading the books...all I can say is..... Allons-y

You are getting better with every chapter! I've watched a view episodes of Doctor Who lately (again) and you are really doing a very good job writing him! I hope you will keep up this amazing work and speed!

I like your pacing, it reminds me of classic Doctor Who where the story unfolded over several episodes rather than the breakneck speed of the new series. I would like to see more development on his new regeneration's persona, as you hinted in the earlier installments, because right now to me he seems more an amalgamation of Smith and Tennant than his own unique character.

Also, Di Hoovsie wears leather boots? As the Doctor noted in the last chapter, that seems out of place in a (generally) peaceful, herbivore society.


EEP! Did I say Leather? I was looking at the picture of Leo too hard and not thinking when I said that apparently *points to blog* Yeah, gotta fix that. Thanks for pointing out the slip-up. *Fixes*
Also, while I am indeed blending Smith and Tennant into my Doctor, I am also attempting to subtlety show influences of his surroundings towards him... or has nobody noticed just how quickly and rabidly protective he's already become of 'his' little ponies?

Speed is down to comments. Demands for more and intelligent discussion and questions tend to spur me on faster and... wait... Pinkie? What are you doing... wait... what's with the whip? Pinkie? PINNKIIEEE!!!! *author has to flee*


My dearest L2L, I just ADORE your style. You really grasp the personalities of your protagonists and keep them consistent yet interesting. I must say I am looking forward to where you are going with this. You are not just transporting any Doctor Who episode over to Equestria but writing your own storyline and therefore earn my utmost respect.

The downfall of many crossovers is that they tend to "just got through the motions" of their source material. But you really nailed it here. It keeps getting better with every chapter, and your style just improves every single time. Awesome!

You seem to adore the "troubled genius"-personality the Doctor and most of the famous characters on the show get, by the way. Not a bad thing, this is usually how my science-self sees himself.

I really have nothing to critizise here, and therefore just ask you to keep up the good work and keep earning the solid 5 star rating you got :)

*Goes on fanboy tirade*
Okay, that aside, I can hardly wait for your next bit!

All right... I admit I have recognized the new "protective" streak and increased patience, I was just hoping to see more in-depth exploration of whatever other personality quirks he now has. It is early in the story though, so there is plenty of time for you to show them to us.

I didn't say it in my last post, but I do like the story and your writing style, so keep up the good work, and I look forward to the next chapter.

Oh, by Celestia... Why the hay did I read this? Because the Doctor is COOL!!! :pinkiehappy: Nice little fight scene, by the way. It was handled quite well. Tracking, and 5 stars. Keep up the good work.

Consider your story tracked my good man.

forty two.... I see wat ya did thar

:twilightsmile: I am so glad that somebody did, it took alot of research into both Sci-fi and Tru-Sci to come to that theory of time travel navigation and make the number work.

Okay, Announcement for all..... Chapter 3 should be up tomorrow (12/22) with any luck. Thank you all for your patience. :raritywink:

As promised, chapter up.
A little Exposition heavy right up until near the end, but worth it I think. Pleaassee Feedback and Comment. *Braces* :fluttershyouch:

Awesome, you stop bracing the chapter was fine, it read like the books, which is an achievement in itself, good job
P.S I'm loving the chapter lengths, keep it up:twilightsmile:

is now a bad time to mention I've never actually 'read' a Doctor Who book?

I LOVE it. What is the creature? will Leo run into more trouble? Can the Critique be toppled? Why is the princess away? SO MANY QUESTIONS!
-Don't worry, it's understood that they're going to be answered in time.:pinkiehappy:

I had no problems with it, in fact I rather liked it. I hope you keep up the excellent work, you are a very good writer and I look forward to reading the next chapter and those that follow it.




I know what it is, I'm new here, can I give a hint? :duck:

Gah, curse you cliffhangers! You are my one true bane!:flutterrage:

ANYway, I'm loving this, it's like watching an actual Doctor Who, At first you're like 'Wait, what? What's going on?' then after a while everything clicks into place and it just screams 'You idiot! Of course! Now it makes sense!'

I'm really loving this series!:heart: keep up the good work :3 :scootangel:

Wait the flyig machines were destroyed... NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
Now how will Ezio Auditore da Fillyenze sneak into the royal palce to stop the templots.

I've really been enjoying both the stories so far. They capture the spirit of both shows (as well as characters' personalities) very well and seem to follow on well from Squeak's work, too.

The only thing I can complain about is that there seem to be a few typoes and misplaced apostrophes here and there (e.g. "it's" instead of "its" and vice-versa). That, and sometimes things feel a bit Unnecessarily Capitalised. Still, neither of these are major problems, and they could easily be solved by finding a good proof-reader (it's usually easier for someone else to spot these things).

That aside, no other complaints. Story's been great so far, looking forward to reading more of it. Keep up the good work!

Hmmm, Theory discussion? I Suppose I could be alright with that as long as it's debated and not stated with certainty. I know during series 5 and 6 I enjoyed going back and forth with my BF on who River Song was before the big reveal.

Guess he's just gonna haveta hoof it. :rainbowlaugh:
But if you think you're taking it hard, wait till Leo has a chance to let what happened sink in.
:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:ASSUUMING he survivesssss :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:


Wait? What.??... *BAM!*
*Author is knocked unconsious by the Moar cannon*

84300 I don't want to ruin the reveal for the other readers, so I sent my musings in a message. I only want to see if I'm right about it in the story itself. Again, good stuff sir!

lol i think i know what the plot is too,
I'll send my opinion. :rainbowwild:

Intrigue, character development, and a cliffhanger -- Bravo, Good Show! I especially admire your descriptions of the environment, such as it was able to create the perfect image of the Studio in my mind.

Star Wars: The Old Republic seems to be sapping up a bit of my time...
Okay, ALOT of my time.
So to put on the pressure (I work best when I have a deadline and rabid fans nipping at me to get done) I'll do this to myself:
Chapter 4 shall be due in by Monday, January 2nd 2012 to ring in the New Year.
Until then... feel free to push and prod me. *checks for comments at least once a day... they make me happy*

Good so far........but did you use Da Vinci because it was harder to find a pony name for van Gogh?

Nah, it was always Di Hoovsie ... this is a completely different story from that one :rainbowwild:

ungh, sorry Everypony, looks like may take a bit longer than expected. Will definitely have the next chapter up by the end of the week, but the story's kinda gotten away from me. *watches it snowball*

Not a problem my fairest lady. I really enjoyed this chapter and must say that you sure know how to write the bricks-shitting "then why does it still do THIS!?"-moments that make the scarier Doctor episodes so good.

Can't wait for more!

Also... I still wonder WHAT exactly is attacking our friends here...

I have a very strong idea of what is attacking them. I should have guessed it before the hissing was shown. Ah well just need to wait until I can prove my theories.

I'm loving this story! So much thought and imagination put into making a narrative worthy of a highly praised television series (which I may have to watch now *adds to ever growing list of television shows to watch eventually*). I eagerly await the next chapter in this grand adventure.

And I shall it now since we no know what is consuming your time.
May the Force be with you.


My goodness, you did not watch Doctor Who yet? Jesus Christ. Just wait until you reach Season 3. Tennant really nails it here, the man is a bloody genius.

And I daresay I am a bit jealous about you knowing what "it" is. Care to share your theory? :>

Update by tonight My Little Whoofians. :pinkiehappy:Slight warning longest chapter yet.

Well done my freind! capturing the esence of the doctor and making it wonderful.
I aplaud you my good sir.

EDIT: good job my dear MAM!
sorry about the misconseption.

*Ahem* Lady. :ajsmug: BELIEVE it or not, there are Female MLP fans XD

Edit: You're forgiven :raritystarry: Just alot of folks seem to assume So thought I would set it straight once XD

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think I see where this is going... :rainbowderp:
Still, that was an amazing chapter once again. A very good story and very good writing.

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