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Quick Update · 3:36pm May 13th, 2021

Still here, Have not disappeared.
Work progresses on next chapter of Shades of Twilight, putting it around 40% pre-edit due to some work related issues. Don’t have an exact date but am going to have it up with new decisions and choices.

Also have taken the time to re-watch some Dr. Who (Pre-City of Angels) and Season 1&2 of MLP to get my mindset back into the flow and mindset of Only Skin Deep.

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last seen 1 hour ago 😮

Oi! Finish building your slipstream drive and come back from the Delta quadrant already, you great mangy dingbat:twilightsmile:

Sadly, she seems to have disappeared again.

Back from the dead... So somebody hired a Necromancer... Makes sence, you can't rest until you'r magnificent story is ended in a way that blows our collectiv mind.
Fun fact: Once i have my own Children i let them play ME 1-2-3 and than let them read you'r story. I can't wait to debate how epic you'r addition to MASS EFFECT would have been :rainbowkiss:

  • Viewing 474 - 478 of 478
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