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25 y/o filly from the United States that has only recently discovered the wonder that is MLP:FIM.

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An Ending · 7:56pm September 11th

Before you get your hopes up, no, this is not the real Loyal. This is her editor, co-author, and friend, 2dextreem. I'm sorry to say I don't think Loyal is ever logging back in of her own accord.

Ever since my last post explaining things, I have not had any contact with her. I still have no idea what happened or where she has gone, but I'm afraid she isn't coming back. It is with a heavy heart that I have to declare all of her stories dead. With a small exception.

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it had to end eventually

I wish it had ended with the stories’ conclusions and not in the middle of them.

Farewell. It was fun journey, after all this time, all those fantastic stories...
But it's over now, it had to end eventually, yes, though I wish it would last a bit longer.
Thanks anyway! Wherever you are, whatever you do, have fun and be well!

Your fan.

Always remember the individuals who made this site what it is. Not just the admins and the mods, but the the amazing authors who inspired us all. Thank you Loyal.

*stares at login date time and blog post...*

Godspeed Loyal2Luna, godspeed.

This, your fans do pledge, to always remember the glory of the stories you left in your wake...

We'll miss you.


*salutes a fellow follower of Queen Luna*

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