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Hearth's Warming has always been a time for family and friends. A time when the ponies of Equis remember the frigid days before the rise of Modern Equestria, and bask in the warmth and comfort of their loved ones.

But for one particular holiday season, strange things are happening in Ponyville that can’t be easily explained. Least of all by Scootaloo, who is having her own share of troubles during this normally festive time of year.

When the mirth and whimsy of Hearth’s Warming starts to take on a more dour and icy edge, things take a turn for the stranger when out of the blue, the enigmatic “Doctor Clockwork” appears.

Join the Hourglass Stallion as he takes it upon himself, his temporary companion Spike, and the newly-conscripted Scootaloo to save Hearth’s Warming before the holidays are ruined forever!

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I second Cream's assertion. This is gonna be good.


Why am I suddenly reminded of the beginning of 'The End of Time'?

Is this connected to Skin Deep? I haven't read it yet. Spoilers, you know?

1833316 Don't worry, this story will not reference any of the Doctor's time traveling shenaigans in any sort of detail. Unless you take the fact that the Doctor is 'around' during Hearth's Warming in 1002 C.R. as being a spoiler, then you have nothing to worry about.


I'm a little tipsy, so that's all I'm saying. But. It will be good.

I almost missed the notification for this.
But yeah that little slip probably saved me.
So now I have another story to love.

Scootaloo and Spike? Not Twilight? This should be interesting.

Well in the words of Korey and Co-Host: LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm excited. I doubt it will be as good as Steven Moffat's Christmas Carol, but that's way too high a standard to try and hold you up to.

I imagine this will be closer to Pinkie Conundrum in length?

"YEAH!" Runs out with grenade launcher.
Oh wait, wrong universe.

Taking a wild guess on the parents:

Dawn = Twilight & Big Macintosh

Daring = Rainbow Dash & ???

Cream = Pinkie Pie & Braeburn

“You mean that cookie?” Daring asked. ”Wait, where have you been hiding that?”

“Cream, you’re getting crumbs all over the blankets!” Dawn piped up.

Luna, who learned long ago not to question some things where certain families were concerned, set a hoof to her lips as she considered.

Sooo, is Cream Pinkie's daughter or something? :pinkiehappy:

Wait is this Luna telling this story to future CMC? Whom I'm guessing is related to the Mane 6 or the original CMC. This is going to get interesting i'll be watching this.:derpytongue2:

I'm with Cream on this one. This is gonna be good. We rarely ever see Spike accompanying the Doctor.

The Anticipation! Cannot....wait....must...know...
and I really like Luna's characterization this chapter. And you mislead as pretty well in the beginning regarding the new Cutie Mark Crusaders. The tradition live on!

1833628 I guess Rainbow Dash & Soarin' didn't cross you're mind, eh?:rainbowhuh:

This is a very nice why to introduce a story; very safe, but very effective. I look forward to reading more.:twilightsmile:

A new story? Talk about eye cand- Err Holiday Spir- I mean a christmas bonus!

1833531 I was expecting "LLLEEERRROOOYY!... (Well you know the rest...)

What the Demoman of TF2 screams at the beginning of each match.

you can have ALL of my hugs
and a mustache:moustache:

Pinkie Pie reproduced! Abandon planet!


I definitely wasn't expecting a Doctor Whooves Christmas Hearth's Warming Eve special!

Is this going to be a full-length Doctor Whooves episode/story running concurrently with Skin Deep?

1836325 A Hearth's Warming Tale is set currently as a five-chapter story that (with luck) will run it's full course by Christmas Day (or Boxing Day at the latest) This is a One-shot story that is not part of the overarching Dr. Whooves plot-line. Expect multiple updates over the weekend and Christmas Eve. :ajsmug:


Woo! I feel like I should get you a present too, now.

Happy holidays!

So Dash named her daughter after Daring Do? Well, my parents almost named me after Atticus Finch, so I guess I can understand. Daring Dash is a pretty awesome name.

1837437 Hehe, well don't let me stop you. I like fan-art, comments, and new readers. :trollestia: I'm an easy girl to please.

I'm gonna go ahead and guess that the full names of the new CMC are Daring Dash, Dawn Sparkle, and Cream Pie.

This is certainly an unexpected Xmas special that I hope to see more of VERY soon.

I'm pretty sure Dawn is just Dawn. At least, that's what I think. (Ponies don't really have last names, so it's not necessarily automatic).

Adding this to my watch list. Ohh, the anticipation!

How many stars do you want? Because you can take all of them.

Anyways, Scootaloo, Spike and the Doctor in a Christmas/Hearths Warming themed adventure? Well, only one thing to say... and three ways to say it.

Onwards and Upwards!

I hope this is going to be as good as CanvasWolfDoll's Sepia Tock Hearth Warming Carol!

Fucking awesome. I love how the stories you write can get you into something, they always feel right to the series.

Doctor: There isn't even Christmas here and something still manages to to go wrong! It's like the universe demands something strange to always happen on the twenty-fifth.
Twilight: Christmas?
Doctor: Yes, it's a winter celebration on Earth dating back several centuries. And let me tell you, Jesus wasn't any happier than I am that some kind of alien invasion always interrupted his birthday party.
Pinkie: *Gasp* That's no fun at all! Sounds like he needs a Pinkie Party, stat!
Twilight: ...
Doctor: ...
Twilight: Is that even possible?
Doctor: Don't tempt her, I'm afraid to find out.

With deep apologies. I blame everything on the cold medication.

Unkown shadow used Net! It appears to be effective!

It makes me interested in what's going to happen to poor Scoots.

oh boy... this is getting interesting:derpytongue2:

Oh what the hell. What the hell what the hell what the HELL.



Sounds like something is infecting Ponyville with negative feelings. Did somepony take all of Celestia's thousands of years of occasional annoyance and release it all at once?

Very interesting. Now I've got to wonder if Gloomy Gus did this on purpose or if he's just the Typhoid Mary of whatever this is.
And something tells me whatever the Doctor wanted at the spa is connected to all this?
An excellent story and I can't wait to see more.

I'm thinking that box that Scoot knocked out of Gus' grip has some kind of alien parasites in it or something. Something that makes everypony grumpy.

The question is: is Grumpy like he is because of that, or was he planning on using that box all along?
Can't wait for the next chapter! :twilightsmile:

The tiny net is a death sentence!

I second this chemically-induced blasphemy. A party with Pinkie Pie, the Doctor and Jesus would be beyond awesome.

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