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Brought to you by Loyal2Luna, this new Downloadable Content for Mass Effect 2 brings the fight to Equestria.

Just about ready to embark on their mission to stop the Collectors from further abducting human colonies, Commander Shepard and the crew of the Normandy SR-2 are given a new priority, when the Illusive Man tasks them with investigating the mysterious disappearance of a Cerberus science team.

Soon, what begins as a simple search-and-rescue unveils a mystery millions of years in the making, and the Commander finds himself thrust into a situation he couldn't possibly have prepared himself for.

Join the Hero of the Citadel as he uncovers the secrets, combats the demons, and ultimately decides the fate of the impossible world known as "Equestria."

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(Proofreader's privilege)

Also, I pick option 2. I'm trying to imagine Garrus as a pony, but my mind can't fathom that much awesomeness.

Wanderer D

Oh, this is going to be gooood!

But who to choose, there just seems to be one from each of the choices that I really want to see interacting with ponies (Jack + Ponies = lol). The one I want to see the most is Garrus but I'm not that interested in Thane, but Mordin and Tali...

Edit post after addition of Garrus and Tali Option (Don't know if I should change this post or make another, but going to change this one):

Changing choice from "Let's see what we can learn" to "I need people who I trust" Garrus and Tali is the best possible combo. Shep needs his bro Garrus while in Equestria.

Can't wait to see where this goes.

Hmmm.... 'Lets see what we can learn'.

Oooh! Nvrmind, "I need People I can Trust". Because as much as Mordin could be amusing as a pony, Garrus and Tali make even more of a crazy team.

I'm with Wander D. Tali and Mordin. Imagine Tali as a pony. Mordin would go crazy with experminetal ideas. But most importantly, if they find this new tech, they need to analyze ASAP then find a way out. The second I assume will take sometime. :ajsmug: I would also like to note that Mordin and Tali could benefit ponykind as well as the mission.

However, though I choose the paragon choice, I would like to not that the Garrus and Thane choice is a friendlier approach; they seem more civil and able to talk the mane 6 and co. better the other opinions. Grunt and Jack will probably just bring about intimidation and fear. Leading to problems with Applejack, RD, and, possibly, Royalty.

Though, this is assuming our choice partners will come to Equestria. Again, Mordin and Tali is the best.:pinkiehappy:

Learning route. Mordin and Tali

Mordin and Tali. Just hope you can get Mordin's personality and speech habits down. And if Tali comes along, remember, she is our romance option.

Mordin and Tali! Twilight will be so pleased with Mordin and all of his rapid-fire questions and I would love to see how Tali reacts to being pony-fied. And it's only three days till update! :pinkiehappy: This has been tracked and liked to death!

If I had my choice, I would choose Mordin and Garrus, because Garrus is a bro and Mordin is quite possibly my favorite character in ME. Of course, Tali is cool too. Mordin & Tali it is. You knew everyone would choose it. :P

first the doctor whooves series, now THIS GLORIOUSNESS!!!!!!!
:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:marry me please:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

also, your shepard seem almost CREEPILY similar to mine.

Garrus/Thane. They have the most amount of cool without sacrificing the whoopass

Let's see what we can learn.

im stuck between 'lets see what we can learn', and 'expect hostiles'.
on the one hand... basically what everyone else said.
on the other, JACK AS A PONY!:rainbowkiss:

i now use my allmighty powers to make you imagine a deathmatch between ponyjack and rainbow dash.

Interesting. Tracking.

Oh, and my choice is:

Mordin and Tali: Let's see what we can learn.

You serious lol not even mad, LETS READ THIS SUMBICTCH :pinkiehappy:

Lets see what we can learn ( Mordin and Tali )

Also, I love the way you presented Mordin.

Garrus, would find the situation absurd and would probably be dying to fix himself.

Thane would probably feel humbled by the God-like Princesses and enjoy the ideal peaceful society. But I imagine he'd want to leave because he's feel he has no right to be in such a pure place after what he's done.

This is why I pick Mordin and Tali. Those two would have tons of questions... For Science and the Flotilla.

Renegade: Expect hostiles.

Never know what could be lurking out their.

Great story so far :rainbowdetermined2:
Tali and Mordin, Let's see what we can learn :twilightsmile:

Tali and Modrin--I'd like to see him try and keep up with Pinkie.

I say we go with Tali and Mordin "Let's see what we can learn."
But I would also want to go with Tali and Garrus, I always used that setup, other characters were never used by me, hehe.
Anyway, this is great and awesome, like the rest of your work Loyal2Luna. Keep it up

I'd say Mordin and Thane as they would make the best combo of stealth/intel but since that isn't an option, Mordin and Tali.

Edit: Of course the voting is over, not sure how I missed that, any way just want to add that the story is off to a good start.

Tali and Mordin. I want more of That Salarian.

Voting isn't over, this chapter is technically early (L2L is impatient...) voting on this chapter ends on the 22nd.

Also, after thinking about it I get the impression that whoever Shepard takes with him won't get ponified, going by what goes on in the beginning of the chapter. I still vote Garrus though, Garrus is best squadmate.

Mordin and Tali, but I would Find it more interesting with Thane and Tali going instead.

What else can I say... 'AH WANT IT NOOOWWWW!' :applecry:

Also, yes. This was put up a couple of days early just in case there was a concern from the site moderators as my original CYOA format (which was a tad different) did not meet approval when I discussed it with a mod whom shall remain nameless.
I know there were a great number of awesome combinations and it was hard to narrow it down, but my desire in the first choice was to put together teams that would be 'specialized' for a certain task.
So this wasn't just me putting forward favorites of mine.

Well, except that Tali, Garrus, Mordin, Thane, Grunt, and Jack ... actually are my favorites... and I never used boring Jacob, b**chy Miranda, Bland Samara, or the DLC characters....
Uhhh wait, what was I originally saying?

Tali and Mordin. The idea of that salarian singing along with Pinkie Pie would be hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

Mordin & Tali.
Plus the way you've done Mordin's dialog was SPOT ON!

:moustache: A mustache to you ma'am, we wait more.


Exactly! What better way to make an amusing story than to have the two who will never see eye-to-eye?

On a more serious note, I vote for Thane and Garrus.

Tali and mordin, though I would love to see tali and legion together. That was how I played anyways.

Mordin and tali

or Garrus and thane

Hard choice

Cant I take Garrus and Tali

Wow, alot of calls for Garrus and Tali. I wonder if I should allow write in campaign for choices like this.
Would have to REALLY shake the stars to get it in though. :twilightsmile:
*throws down the gauntlet of Democracy*

Can I change my answer to Garrus and Tali?
(Not that it would matter all that much, Mordin/Tali seems like the most popular choice at the moment.)

Mordin and Tali, they should be fun( as well as being my team when I played). As a soldier we can bring the heavy firepower and having 2 combat drones is always tons of fun.

I vote Mordin and Tali, though if you're allowing a write-in ballot, Tali and Garrus would be awesome.

Tali and Mordin for me, although I would like to see Tali and Garrus. I like what you have so far. Keep up the great work! :ajsmug:

Aside from being a soldier (prefer infiltrator myself personaly) we pretty much have the same Shep :yay:
Tali and Mordin have my vote, can't wait for the next update of this and Along Came A Spider

:ajbemused: Nnnnnnnnhhhhh...

...It's obvious I need to at the very least partially familiarize myself with Mass Effect if I want to enjoy this story, because honestly I can barely tell what's going on. It would be nice if there were a little bit more explanation about what's going on with some of the concepts and the characters and past events because I honestly don't know much of anything about the ME universe. I know there's a guy named Shepard and I know there's some kind of thingamajig that allows things to achieve 'negative mass' (hence Mass Effect) and that allows for them to do all their cool sci-fi stuff, and that there are things called Reapers and they're the bad guys you're supposed to shoot at... and they MAY be similar to the Borg? :unsuresweetie: Beyond that though, I basically know nothing. SO when you're up there talking about 'Physical Integration' and 'Protheans' and all the various factions and races and characters... I get a little bit confused. Especially since none of these concepts are really explained, like... at all.

I dunno, maybe I just need a wiki open while I read this, but in my opinion, a story should be able to stand on its own. I should be able to read and enjoy a story without having to do supplementary reading... or playing. No matter how good the Mass Effect series may be, I should be able to enjoy a crossover story like this without having played it first and, in fact, a really good story should be able to draw me in and get me interested in the series by itself so I feel compelled to pick it up. This is how I got into Beast Wars, Dresden Files, Silent Hill, and Alan Wake, by the way. Really good crossover fanfictions that got me interested in the thing they were crossing over with and inspired me to broaden my horizons.

This story... has not convinced me to pick up Mass Effect... which is a shame because it's written really well, as your stories usually are (love your Doctor Whoof series btw. Possibly the best one I've seen ever). But sadly, it relies upon too much knowledge of the Mass Effect Universe for me to enjoy properly. I understand in your foreword that you instructed us to go out and buy all three ME games and play them nonstop for the next 120+ hours, but sadly, some of us aren't willing to drop 30-70 dollars on games (x3) at will just on somebody's recommendation without being thoroughly convinced it's worth the money, and the utter lack of explanation isn't helping me to be convinced. I also understand that you don't really want to include spoilers, but that doesn't mean you can't explain concepts, factions, races, and characters, you just need to be a bit more vague and be careful about how you go about doing it to avoid events that happen in-game. Sadly, as is, I can't help but merely be confused by a lot of what's going on, and making me utterly confused does not reflect well on my opinion of the story... nor the series it's representing.

It's too bad because given what the other comments are saying, it sounds pretty interesting. Sadly, all I can really get from this story is "there are these guys on a ship going to rescue some stranded scientists and retrieve data from an unexplored planet." And that's a fine setup and all, but it's the story to hundreds upon hundreds of things. And if you want me to really care at all you need to make your story somewhat original and define your characters and concepts from all the rest... which I'm sure you are, but you're not doing it in a way that is accessible to the reader that is not in the Mass Effect fold, making your story limited to the reader.

Also, I'm not a fan of 'human turns into a pony' at least not in crossover fanfiction. I tend to feel that, unless a) there's a really REALLY good reason for it for genre or immediately apparent story reasons, or b) it's a Doctor Whoof fic (since he has his own background character of course), the character should be able to go to Equestria and remain unchanged... ESPECIALLY in spacefaring fics where they meet alien races all the time and DON'T suddenly turn into a different species every time they land on a new planet. I get that this is a personal preference, but honestly, at least so far as I've read, it doesn't make sense to me at all why anyone should turn into a pony when they land on Equestria... unless there's some reason for it in Mass Effect, like to make first contact go smoother or something? If that's the case then that's just one more disconnect between this story and an outside reader.

Look, you write well. You write really REALLY well... but I honestly can't give this story any kind of good review because NOTHING is explained. It's like Quest for Camelot for me... things are just happening or being glanced over with no reason whatsoever and it's really jarring.

I can really only give this a 6/10. It sounds like it could be really really good, and if you stop and/or go back and explain the concepts being brought up, then I'd be willing to up my review. I really want to like and follow this story, but as is... :pinkiesad2:

Also, I guess I may not be entirely qualified to say this since I can't make an informed choice... but I guess I choose Garrus and Thane. I have no idea who these people are or what they can do, but here's my line of logic: You're going into potentially hostile territory to rescue hostages and retrieve data. Personally, I'd want to try and be stealthy and try and get in and out without a fight and with as minimal detection as possible, but be ready with somebody who can be capable in combat if absolutely necessary. If it were me, I'd say I'd want somebody like Solid Snake on my side, but well, he isn't a choice. :twilightsheepish: That said, if these two can be 'discrete' I'd guess they'd be the closest to that option. Of course, I can't be sure I'm making the right choice since I don't know who these people are like, what they can do, what their personalities are, or even what they look like...

after reading the Conversion Bureau stories. I just hate human/alien to pony stories.....good concept...but i am going to have to pass this one. sorry.

Good luck.:pinkiesmile:

I choose a different answer!

I choose Garrus and Tali!


450633 ...Um... IMO... a good chunk of that review can't be taken seriously due to the fact that you don't know much about the game... The story that Loyal has shown so far fits perfectly with the storyline in the game. Much of the confusion you are having is directly related to the fact that you haven't played it. Most of the readers have, hence the demand for Tali and Garrus, as most everyone knows those two. Not attacking you or anything, as your review WAS solid, but I'm just pointing out that you don't really have sufficient information to review a story like this. Just my two bits on the subject. Also, I don't believe Loyal was trying to get you to pick up the game... I think this was written for people that were already fans to enjoy. Please correct me if I'm wrong, Loyal! :twilightsmile:

^ What this guy said. If you don't care for a story based on not knowing the source material, then either you educate yourself, or just not read it. Other franchises don't need to do a total recap on everything that happened before. Why should fan-made material be held to a higher standard?
Just take this site for instance... Would you even be here if you didn't like the show? The stories here take for granted that their audience doesn't need to be spoon-fed details about everything about the universe, we're just here to read some fun stories and be entertained.

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