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Artist, writer, an avid gamer... In addition I like to read (ponies of late). I also tend to be cynical and over think things a lot....

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  • Forgiveness Pending Moon Mender's adventure continues right where left off. He jumps at the chance for a new life, but will his old one truly leave him in peace? Some things are better off forgotten. by Kiroberos 1,047,449 words · 16,958 views · 2,075 likes · 116 dislikes
  • Friendship is Optimal Hasbro just released the official My Little Pony MMO, with an A.I. Princess Celestia to run it. by Iceman 38,698 words · 58,164 views · 3,249 likes · 115 dislikes
  • Professional Virgin: Unicorn Interpreter Being a unicorn interpreter isn't easy. What's more, you have to be a virgin. by Lise Eclaire 12,300 words · 4,728 views · 591 likes · 22 dislikes
  • Starlight Over Detrot: A Noir Tale In the decaying metropolis of Detrot, 60 years and one war after Luna's return, Detective Hard Boiled and friends must solve the mystery behind a unicorn's death in a film noir-inspired tale of ponies, hard cider, conspiracy, and murder. by Chessie 1,122,027 words · 23,174 views · 970 likes · 42 dislikes
  • The Chaotic Touch of Harmony 2: Bonded by Fire Ponies are starting to take root in human society, bent on proving their worth to humanity. But will that secure their future as the Mion threat grows worse every day? by Law Abiding Pony 171,860 words · 4,606 views · 604 likes · 23 dislikes

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