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Now with an amazing YouTube reading by the equally amazing AShadowOfCygnus!

During its two year search for Shepard, the lone Geth traveled across the galaxy, exploring worlds both known and unknown. After a blind FTL jump to escape from an Alliance patrol, it found itself in a previously undiscovered system, a system without a mass relay and completely cut off from the rest of the galaxy. It touched down on one of the worlds, a garden-like planet, with the intention of gathering data on any flora and fauna that may have been present.

Instead, it made a remarkable discovery.

Edit at 8:10 AM on 8/17/2014: Scanning...Featured Box Achieved! This unit humbly thanks all organics and fellow synthetics for their support!

A big thanks to my bloody brilliant proofreader AShadowOfCygnus. Don't stop being classy, buddy.
NOTE: This story takes place years before the Return, back when Twilight was just a filly.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
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Mass Effect belongs to BioWare and Electronic Arts.

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Isnt legion like dead after the reaper war?

4861368 this is before any of the mass effect games

maybe dun dun dun the player choose to give legion the code

This is set between Mass Effect 1 and 2, during the two years that passed between the first and second game. Legion was searching for Shepard during that time because the Geth believed, after what happened with Sovereign, that Shepard was one of the best options for combating the Reapers. Note that these are the true Geth who opposed the Reapers, not the Heretics that followed and worshipped them.

4861428 aah the summary didnt say much so ok.

What if the use of a geth prime? A 12-20 foot tall of awesome.?

Will more characters be added, as the story progresses? :rainbowhuh:

As I said, this is not going to be long. I am only going to add one more significantly longer chapter detailing the encounter between him and Twilight, and then possibly a short epilogue afterwards.

Will strive to keep it on the upbeat though, so expect loads of adorable supplemented by some very lighthearted comedy. :raritywink:

Filly twilight is so damn adorable.

Looks good so far, shame it's only gonna be a few chapters.

Only two or so gripes, you spelled pegasi wrong, and "That though made her pause for a moment." you need to fix that though so it is a thought.

And fixed. Much obliged. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, It is a simple idea and I would prefer to keep it that way. Short and sweet will work the best here.

Squee! I love filly Twilight! :twilightsmile:

This is going to be adorable.

Dude.... I like this. Keep doing what you're doing. :moustache:

I loved this. Rather enjoyable, and I want to know what happens next.
If this is not at least 9,000 words by the end of the three or four chapters Ponies will die.
I don't know who but they will die. Might start with Big Mac or something... :eeyup:

I love it! Legion fics are my favorite.

"And that, my number one assistant, is how I single-hoofedly saved Equestria!" :twilightsmile:

"Twilight, I believe you." :moustache:

"Really?" :twilightsheepish:

"Yes, so long as you set me up with Rarity." :moustache:


welp, another one for the favorites. I expect good things from this.:eeyup:

26.37°C average surface temperature would make for a *very* hot planet. Try 14-15.

I will hate on you

But only once

But otherwise

zermegerd! ets legion! Ma favorited!


I'm soooo so so happy :pinkiehappy:

LEGION!!! My favorite Geth!

Finally someone makes a story about Legion:pinkiehappy:

At the moment this definitely is an example of So Okay, It’s Average: cliché as hell and a thoroughly competent, if uninspired, showing so far.

Yes it would be awesome but then it wouldn't be Legion because Legion have a hole on his body and he use Shepard armor as part of him.

Ooohhh Now we need a Mass Effect crossover where Shepard choose Synthetic and Equestria in chaos because of weird energy thing change them :trollestia:

er mer gerd it's legion!!!! i must have more!! :pinkiehappy: :pinkiecrazy:

Moar please...? :fluttershysad:
Anywho, great story so far, looking forward to more!

4863596Yeah that makes me wonder how all the non space fairing races both discovered and undiscovered reacted to that happening to them especially the Yahg

Please continue this, the premise is too adorable not to.:pinkiehappy:

4863245 Shit, I never thought of that. God I feel stupid. Fixed. Many thanks!

4863380 :rainbowlaugh: Simply Amazing.

4863574 Yeah...I figured as much as I wrote it. First Contact, pony staring wide eyed...
God, now that I think about it, this really is cliché as hell. :rainbowderp::facehoof:
Well, hopefully I can alleviate that with the second chapter.

Twilight Sparkle, of little significance. Heh, oh Legion, if you only knew.

This has a fair amount of potential, I'm looking forward to the rest of it.

4864176 Ehh, I wouldn't worry about it. Some things are cliché because they are exactly what would happen, and filly Twilight staring wide eyed at an alien species is probably one of them.

FINALY a Legion in equestria story. Though I was hoping one would take place after he died.

Holy crap. A legion/MLp crossover? Add this to the list of crossovers I've liked. Add this to my favorites. Add this to... Something else. I ran out of lists!

M98 Black Widow rifle

The official designation for Black Widow, according to the Me3 Creation Kit, is XM98/2-A Black Widow. Other than that, this should be good...

4862675 Ugh did my iPad fuck me over with auto-correct? What I said in the second line makes no gods damned sense in the first sentence... "only two I or gripes"? I don't even remember what the fuck I'd said...

Huh. Looks like the ponies were uplifted. I can't help but wonder what Javik would have to say about them...

In any case, I'm certainly intrigued. I look forward to more.

4865760 We tried to use them in the war with the Reapers, but for some reason we could not. I think it is the eyes. Unnerving things...

The bundle of metal that had been sitting in the newly formed crater began to stir.
Standing in the center of the clearing, in a big hole in the dirt that looked fresh, was something the likes of which she had never seen before.
It stepped out of the crater and walked forward a bit.

Damn, it even (kind of) failed at lithobraking? :derpyderp2:
Someone sell those schmucks retrorockets or parachute technology! ;)

The consensus within eventually dismissed the actions of the creature as mere curiosity,

I think for it to mean what you intended you will need to say something like this:
...dismissed the actions of the creature as a threat/hostility/etc
or change "dismissed" to "classified".

And fixed. Many thanks. :twilightsmile:

And yes, I could not help but notice over the course of the Trilogy that the Geth did not seem to care much for parachutes or any kind of landing gear. They instead took the simplistic course of action by dropping down like falling meteors at random times. No brakes of any kind. :rainbowlaugh:

Gotta say though, it made for one hell of an entrance.

During its two year search for Shepard, the lone Geth traveled across the galaxy, exploring worlds both known and unknown.

Also, keep in mind that this was long before he met Shepard.


4864788 true but the offical name for the widow sniper rifle line is the M98 the black widow is simpyl a redesign of the M98 widow with less power and large clip size.

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