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This story is a sequel to A Phoenix Beyond the Veil - The Philospher's Stone

Well over a year after a calibration fault in the mirror portal sent Sunset Shimmer to a world she had not planned for, she continues learning the magic of this new world. Between diplomatic overtures and magical endeavors, new complications arise.

Once more, Hogwarts opens its doors for young witches and wizards, unaware of an ancient threat slumbering beneath the school. Will it be awakened?

NOTE: As of right now, I find myself burned out on writing this story. The continuity introduces too many little mistakes and things add up. I may eventually rewrite the entire series and hopefully do a better job of it, but for now this is all there is.

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The sequel cometh! Shout out your happiness!

:pinkiehappy: IT'S BAAAAAACK!!!!
Also any idea on the creepy thing going for Sunset?



Maybe a parasite like the Venom symbiote or ze Nightmare...

I know what it is and it is semie harmless.
But Sunset will prackticaly eating for two now.:trollestia:

Glad to see you back. Can't wait for more of this story. One thing though...

Observing the match, Sunset had noticed that Ron had several times moved his pieces in ways that expected strategies she commonly used.

That sentence is confusing to me... you might want to rewrite it ...

Ah, I see you have good taste in fanworks, sir.

read the other story I am going to start reading this when more chapters come out.

Not sure I'd going to the filly bonded to a Phoenix was a good idea for what ever this is (magical tapeworm?)

Who is going to conquer waht with kindness?
She isn't worried about that. Where she's going she'll be quite firmly out of Philomena's reach.

Though cutting down on the simulated violence the pieces engaged in might be wise.

I can just imagine instead of the normal wizard chess pieces it would be pieces that looked ponies that were dressed up and instead of killing the other pieces they would just boop them and the defeated pony would collapse dramatically. :twilightsmile:

As the for the creature, I feel like I've read about it somewhere on this site before. Some kind of parasite or something, but I can't for the life of me recall much of anything about the story. Could anyone that knows (or think they know) PM me any of the stories that feature the strange creature?

Was more thinking about just how hot inside Sunset might be able to get. Might not matter, and perhaps she can't do so. But it could well get uncomfortable.

Alp Luacra or whatever? Hmmm. Eggs won't have much chance in the toilets of either world.

moar pone and fire birb plz

Care to enlighten u, you modern-day sage?

Aaah! Goa'uld!

Probably not, but System Lord Sunset would be cool.

And ruin the reveal, no
But I vill say it is a bit more than your average intestinal parasite.

You do realize that her affinity for fire-based magic doesn't impact her core temperature, right?

Sophontic parasites are quite the moral corundum, aren't they? :rainbowwild:

Welp, that was unexpected. As long as its not like a Goa'uld from Stargate SG-1, it shouldn't be an impossible situation for them.

Well, I binged the first one when I saw this sequel go up. +1 to the ol' tracking list!

Aghhh what is It!!!:pinkiecrazy:
I have no clue

Well, you shall have to wait until tomorrow, I guess. The next chapter should make it a lot clearer.

Well, Whatever it is its doomed:pinkiesmile:

Now wherever did you get that idea?

If it is dark magic the luminium will kill it, if it effects the mind sunset’s bond with Hermione will detect it, and Celestia probably knows what it is anyway.:twilightsmile:

Again, I have to ask: What gave you the indication it would do either of those?

Though Celestia does, indeed, know what it is, yes.

It is some kind of Parasite that likes magic strength.

I shan't deny that ... though why that would imply either of those things still isn't clear to me.

Consider the effects the differently powerful ambient magical fields in the two universes have on the size of the non-magical population. Then think again why a parasitic magical creature would like to find a magically strong host.

It might eat magic which might also agrivate the luminium.

It might ... you shall see soon enough ...

Hey, you done with 6 yet?

So it has the opposite of Choranaptyxis (growing and shrinking to fit available space) and it instead increases the available space so that it fits!

I'm more curious about how traveling between dimensions and changing forms will affect things.
Granted, I'd much rather get back to all the stuff we were left wondering about at the end of the last story. :facehoof:

I guess that's one way to give Sunset Basilisk immunity :trollestia:

Ohh, I assumed it was malicious:twilightsheepish:

I feel like this shoud have some rather large implications. Unless I'm mixing up lore from other Potter/mlp stories, in this realm dimensional travel automatically changes ponies to humans. This creature has been shown to be pony-esque and reasonable intelligent/sentient. So either Sunset will be starting the next semester pregnant, or we're going to need a real novel magical solution.

On the other hand, I rather hope she becomes smart enough to communicate and become a character. With everyone so competent, we the readers have been slightly lacking a relatable character who knows nothing that the others can exposition to. Plus that'll save her from being just a macguffiny chekhov's gun towards basilisk poison problems.

And just imagine the ramifications if they can teach her magic!

"Ha ha! With your wand stolen and your horn capped, you're defenseless, Sunset Shimmer!"

She smirked. "Think again, Tommy! Say hello to my little friend!"

Sunset opens her mouth and a tiny Sunset pokes out like a Xenomorph's tongue and casts magic missile.

"Oh, I don't actually speak parseltongue, I'm just chauffeuring someone who does."

See I told you it was harmless.

Poisons immunity, not petrifickation stare immunity.
There is "minor" diffrence. :derpytongue2:

Well at least immunity to basilisk venom, though as we all know that is far from the deadliest thing about them.

Maybe they should talk with Celestia in the morning

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I'm honestly rather amused that everyone seems to jump to the whole Baselisk Venom idea. Were talking about an endoparasitic creature that lives in the stomach of its host. I didn't expect I'd need to specify that it has the ability to neutralize ingested poisons. Last I checked, the If-looks-could-kill snake wasn't known for sneaking its venom in its victims' food.

Some would probably consider it so. But, then again, that is true for almost anything. Sunset most certainly doesn't think so.

And of course there is a scientific term for that. Why wouldn't there be?

I was joking. Like I'm almost nervous to ask. lol

Since I evidently need to elaborate: Yes, that is indeed a fetish some people have. If you know what to look for it can even be found on this site. The only reason I didn't put a content warning on this is because I have no intention of actually describing it at any point in the story.

Can you link one of it’s stories?

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