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This story is a sequel to A Queen's Perspective - Correspondence

For months now, Twilight Sparkle has been studying the mysterious energies emanating from Canterlot High School, but when she visits the school herself they turn out to be stranger than she ever imagined. Things take a turn for the worst when she is pressured to release the magic she has captured.

What she doesn't know is that she is soon to learn what it means to be the dimenional counterpart of a changeling queen.

A retelling of the events of EQG 3 and their aftemath set in the Hive-Continuity by law abiding pony. Set partway through the events of For the Hive.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 42 )

Awww I was hoping Queen Twilight would have been there from beginning to end, oh well their reaction to meeting each other will be interesting!

How is Rainbow gonna find the Dazzlings? They disappeared & forgotten faster than Firefly!

Phoenix Storm and Storm Phoenix: the official eyes and ears, and sometimes mouths, for the Queens of Phoenix Roost.

Well, as far as I'm concerned the Dazzlings are still in town and friends with the Rainbooms, as described in the early chapters of AQP - Correspondence. They just don't go to CHS as they are slightly too old for that. (If you're still in school after several centuries something has gone terribly wrong.)

"Phoenix Queen" has some unfortunate implications of its own after the Series Finale of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Ah right, the Phoenix King ... I forgot about that ... good thing that human Pop-Culture doesn't affect the world of MLP ...

So what I'm confused? Is Twilight a giant now or in her full changling form in the human world?


Before them stood Queen Twilight Sparkle. In her natural shape.

This should make it rather clear, shouldn't it?

Thx, I miss that part, while I was reading this chapter. So does that mean, this is the end of human Queen Twilight?


Not neccessairily.

She can come over in her changeling form by tunneling a portal through the connection between the books, providing her with more options but making it harder to fit in, being more draining and requiring Sunset to set up the terminus on the othr side beforehand.

Or she can come over in her human form by using the Gatekeeper to fully open the portal and simply go through, limiting what she can do, but making it easier for her to fit in without needing to hide, and without help from the other side.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, which she chooses to use would depend on the situation. In this cas she used this because she wanted to test it, and because she needed full access to her powers for a reason that should become clear soon.

Ahhhh that makes sense now, appreciate the answers Gerand! :twilightsmile:

Apparently Her Majesty was not informed of the various jungles on Earth.

Oh yes some of them have VERY dangerous creatures, some of the rain forests even more so. *thinks of the Amazon*


Well she likely wasn't told about those. That being said if the fauna includes silence behemoths, fire hornets and phantom scorpions it stands to be reasoned that the flora would have some endemic variations aswell.

The Dazzlings are officially back & better than ever! Also, damn your cliffhangers!

Queen Twilight is trying to demote the use of cellphone!

can't wait to see what happens next!!:pinkiehappy::yay::raritystarry::twilightsmile:

The girls have mind powers now!

i wonder how the 7 of them will be take test at school now since they can talk to one another mind to mind,

Well, if neccessairy Celestia can allways ask Queen Twilight for help, we know link-filters exist.

yea but I can see those like rainbow dash say nothing use it to cheat once, but then aj, sunset, and twilight will tell her or ask queen twilight about it before hand

also good group of storys I am enjoy them alot

Does this mean each one of them is at Queen's level of hivemind then?

When it comes to controll over their psychic abilites, yes. However the most time consuming part in the development of a queen, according to LAP's cannon, is strengthening the nervous system to a degree where it can support the weight of a hivemind.

It's stated that a normal queen can handle a few hundred thousand lesser drones with their crown and Twilight's line can support maybe half a million without theirs. Since the Rainbooms don't have crowns and also lack the kind of development cycle queens go through, they could support maybe a hundred lesser drones or a few hundred, maybe a thousand, intelligent ones. That's the main difference.

So, the point is, the Mane 7 now develope the hivemind in the level of average Queen Changeling. Would this be the beginning of human world's hive?

Well, no. Like I explained, they don't have the capacity to support a hivemind. Or the ability to integrate others into one for that matter.

I see. Just that seeing human Twilight gain Changeling's similarities. I thought she also gain some changeling's strength.

Well she does get some of it, as do the others. Biologically, if they were to go to equestria, they'd be on the level of 'post-downgrade' Cadista, but of course without the raw psychic strenght that comes from having lived for that long. It should also be clear that, while the girls now have the same psychic abilites Queen Twilight has, they don't know that yet.

Just a little hint of what's still to come.

Wow..... I wanna comment about the 7 mental links the girls created to communicate with Queen Twilight, but..... To read that part where Twilight's mother see nothing but a monster, it's while... Depressing...


Well it's not out yet in-universe that Chrysalis was involved with that so yeah, justified that Twilight's still bitter.

So now the Mane 7 has private chat network that basically un-hackable by human mean? Neat!

That's a lot of information the girls had to take in.


Sure is, especially for poor Sci-Twi. But they had to bing her up to speed sooner or later.

Hopefully before camp Everfree

What do you mean, hopefully? They allready have brought her up to speed, that's what this story was about. (well that and a few other things, but you know what i mean)

<Well you have to admit, being able to talk like this without having to hold onto a phone is pretty cool.>

Just don't tell your parent or they will take your phone away.

Oh I think there are quite a few things these girls aren't telling their parents.

I swear those 2 were meant for each other! What a great way to end the story! Next stop, Camp Everfree!

Actually ... next stop: What happens to EQG RD when Pony RD becomes a changeling.

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