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A situation with the Dursley family gets Harry sent off to America to live with his mother's cousins, Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna. Of course this brings a whole new set of problems to both the world of wizards and the girls of Canterlot High School.

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AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:


It would be cool if Hermoine and the Weasleys came to visit.

Intresting idea, hope questions on why Harry abuse was never reported in i know why and agree with alot fo fans was the dumbest plan to have Harry forced to stay with his family.

“It’s Petunia, Pinkie; but I agree. No offence Principal Luna, but your cousin is sounding a lot like the old Sunset Shimmer. You know before she learned how awesome friends are. Uh… no offense.” Rainbow Dash said and apologized.
“None taken.” Sunset sighed.

and can we not have this bit repeated, unless Harry asks why they rubbing salt into aold wound again and again, I mean nobody brings up the Miss Amon incident again and again, thou it should if fair trade.

Im a big fan of HP cross overs and i can tell this story will be good

Ok this is really good so far can't wait for more.

I love/hate this story. Love it because its so freaking good in my opinion. Hate it because I was reading it and found there were no more chapters.

An interesting story so far, though you could use an editor.

I can't find a appropriate enough gif to express my malicious glee at the thought of this story. Considering that Harry, the girls and Canterlot are trouble magnets, this promises to be hilarious.

Let me guess the Universal Magic Theory is true and that the origin of all magic is Equestria and the huMane 7 (assuming Sci-Twi can pony-up) have access to the most natural and pure form of magic the Wizarding World has seen since the origin of magic.

This is getting good i wonder if while Harrys studing with sci-twi he lets something slip like a chocolate frog in his bag or spike finds his wand. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftleft:

Nice story; definitely on my fav & follow list.:yay:

FYI, misspelled 'aurora' in this chapter...

Right, you have my interest here.

Well this is getting very interesting and those wizards and twilight's are getting to close to each others tails. This is gonna be good haha hehe.

I never watched Equestria Girls so I have no idea if this is how the school was run but aren't the mane 6 teenage students in this? Why is the Vice President telling children all her personal baggage?

I get it if you couldn't think of how to write out the exposition but that was just really unnatural and weird. Adults do not just blurt all their personal issues out to the children in their care. It made it worse by the fact that the beginning of the chapter was actually really good. You set up the main character and the premise but everything after that just seemed really shoehorned in, like you were trying to meet the quota for pony related interactions.

It would have been much better if you just didn't have the mane 6 in this chapter and instead had the child service person bring Harry directly to Luna and Celestia. (Shrugs) you probably have a different plan in mind for their introduced but just adding them at the end there seemed like an after thought. Then having Luna blurt out the traumatic life story of her cousin to kids was too unbelievable. No grownup would tell teenagers something like this, not even if they were related. Why would she tell a handful of random girls?

It just bothers me but like I said I never watched the movies and those might give legitimate reasons why an adult would seek emotional support from kids... still seems weird though.

However I will give credit where credit is do. This chapter did get me interested to see more. I'm curious but I'm also worried about where this is going. I sense something nefarious afoot with those "misplaced" abuse reports. I'm calling it now. I think it was Dumbledore, it's ALWAYS Dumbledore. He's one of those great characters to have as a villain as he believes he's doing the right thing.

In retrospect I see your points and you are correct. In an attempt to fill one of the requirements for the site I did not process through enough possible scenarios. Though it hurts to have one's own flaws pointed out, thank you for helping realize one of my weaker moments. And I hope you can continue to enjoy the story as it unfolds.


Of course, if Harry wanted to get in contact with his friends sooner, it was mentioned (beginning of book 2, I think) that Hermione gave him her phone number on the train ride home...:pinkiehappy:

Oh just bucking great now sombra is on the loose thats two rouge sprirts running around.
i see this getting worst sleepy head meet moldybutt

7585493 I believe it is worse than that. I think we have Tom Riddle Sombra to worry about.

7585593 oh no that is worst that is something i dont want to see the horror

7418434 I can answer why Harry's abuse was never reported in one word: Dumbledore. And yes I do subscribe to the interpretation that Dumbledore, while not evil, is perfectly willing to sacrifice people for the sake of "the Greater Good".

Nonetheless, good start let's see where it goes from here.

The set up and direction of this story are both iffy, but there are elements (no, not a pun) to the story which I like. For instance, I love the whole "magical FBI" thing you have going on. One thing authors tend to neglect when they shift HP from the 90s to near present day are adjustments to magical government. I love how the American magical government is not completely clueless when monitoring modern day threats. I also like the cameo of Ron. When Harry gets displaced in stories, usually authors cut out all other characters from the Potterverse. I'm glad to see this might not be the case here.

The scenes and interactions of the Equestrians are formulaic and lacking cohesion, but they are passable for slice of life scenes. I still am not seeing how you are planning to tie these 'verses together, but even if that fails I bet some of the slice of life scenes will be fun to read.

P.S. Spike's dog transformation seems even more unfair than usual in an AU where there are actual dragons on the planet...

... So this thing is some dark shadow which is somehow related to Sombra... it is the mirror of Riddle... Harry's 'power' over Voldemort is love... he is the 'nephew' of Luna and Celestia...

:facehoof: Harry Potter is secretly Princess Cadance? ... well that's just stupid.

edit: ^ This is sarcasm/ a joke

no, Harry is their cousin and we don't know of any cousin to the princesses of the night and day so... We do not know who he mirrors (however my guess for Dumbledoor is Starswirl the bearded)

7589900 he could be after spike. He just doesn't realize he's looking for a dog

This is going to be a glorious clusterf**k

Well this is gonna get very interesting very quickly.

How doesn't the American Magic Agency know about the portal or the other magic happening around CHS?
Oh, that's right. They are as inept as their British counterparts when it comes to keeping track of things.
Bureaucracy at work.

Ahhh here we go i forsee the raise of sombermort , this is going to be bigger than i think :ajbemused::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy: and when the girls tell harry the truth about the portal hello pony harry.

7687985 Agreed, my heart is already pounding with excitement and anticipation. I should go to a doctor and take a look at that.

7688087 Bureaucracy, working hard to keep things from hardly working.

“It still has a few bugs to get worked out. It pointed out Harry to us. As if your cousin from England has magic.”

You've no idea Twily.

Things are getting good! Loved the little heart-to-heart with Luna and Harry.

Uh oh. Just what was that sliver of darkness? Not only that, what did the ominous message that was sent to Dumbledore mean?

Interesting. However, to me it looks like the Humane 6 might be going a little too far in their quest for answers from young Harry. I mean reading his mind IS a total breach of privacy!

And it also seems Sunset is under surveillance as well! Ooh boy. Now what? Update again soon!

“So, you do know what you are dealing with. Not that it will help you any. You are horribly out…”

A sudden slash from Professor Smith’s wand sent Death Flight through the air once again,

“Professor of Magical Theory, seven-year reigning champion of the Inner Office Anything Goes Dueling Circuit.” The scholar grinned before engaging the possessed man.

Wonder how Equestrian magic will affect him...
Also, battle theme.

Also, If they are to bring in Sunset for questioning, they would have to drag one of the rulers of an entire magical country (Princess Twilight)...Sunset is still an Equestrian's citizen...

Interesting! Talk about the cat being outta the bag! So I wonder...what will Death Flight do now that he knows about Voldemort??? Will the secrets between everyone drive them and Harry apart? Update again soon!

Oh wow, did he just take the piece of Voldy's soul that was in Harry?

7721487 seems the most likely explanation the rainbow does purify when It can, Discord was't really impure and Sombra was all darkness so it effected them different. The peice of Voldemort's soul was an impurity in Harry.

7721718 Sombra didn't get rainbow harmony magic though. He was killed by Cadence and the crystal ponies.... That sounds like a cheesy pop band name for some reason.

now harry isn't connected to Voldemort so he is... no longer an extra horcrux? Not bound by the prophecy? Killable/touchable/whatever it is by Voldemort? <Other generic question that has something to do with the significance of Harry having a part of Voldemort in him>

...well. Dumbledore's gonna freak when he finds out about this. And other people are gonna freak very shortly after they find out why Dumbledore's freaking. And all that freaking will probably end up with old Albus' nose getting broken again.

7721821 The point that the "Orbital Friendship Laser" has a purifying effect stands. It removes or destroys sources of evil, I'm counting Rainbow Power and the EQ Girls rainbow attacks as the same

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