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I'm a guy who like ponies.

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More like continue reading it...
I got things that occupied me...And I was going through the many other fanfics that I am tracking both here and from fanfiction...

I like to "collect" a complete series in my bookshelf.
As for the story itself. I don't really have a specific reason...or several...
I just like it enough to put it in my collection.

Thank you for adding The Princess and The Soldier and The Soldier and The Unexpected to your favorites.:twilightsmile:

May I ask what you like about them?

Also thank you for your interest in The Soldier and the Empress.:twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

2324715 It is unique in that it is another Equestria that will rescue this Equestria. And do so with a ridiculous amount of firepower and magic and medical science and science.
Not some random "Chosen One(s)" popping up or some random country suddenly arrive and bring Freedom and Democracy and fastfoods.

Thank you for teacking Soldiers of Hope.:twilightsmile:

May o ask what you like about it?

  • Viewing 91 - 95 of 95
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