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"Anything I like, people hate. Anything I hate, here comes the fandom!" There are 60 characters left in this short bio. The more you know!!!

Twily Bookshelf

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Welcome to the Twily bookshelf.
This is my personal bookshelf for the following:
1.) Stories that are my favorite on this website.
2.) Stories I am currently reading.
3.) Stories I have already read and enjoyed.
4.) Stories I wish to see updated for various reasons.
5.) Stories I added just to see people's reaction to their story added in a bookshelf about Twily.

King of the Hill Notice

I did not completely deleted my King of the Hill content. I just moved them into a new blog post.

Here's the link for it:



Stories I wrote (even though I'm a terrible writer!)

Stories that made it to the Featured Box and/or Popular List

Image Dump

Holy Guacamole it's slowing me down!

Here, I moved it to a blog post:

Click me!

My interests

Best Ponies/Characters
Spike / Twilight Sparkle / Big Macintosh / Sunset Shimmer

Best Ships
Spike X Rarity / Spike X Ember / Cheerilee X Big Macintosh / Sweetie Belle X Button Mash / Apple Bloom X Tender Taps / Scootaloo X Rumble / Twilight X Big Macintosh

Best Games
Hotline Miami / Left 4 Dead 2 / Payday 2 / Team Fortress 2 (before Overwatch existed)

Best FiMFiction Users
Rated Ponystar / Path_of_cloud / Wildcard25 / Onomonopia / Tatsurou / Ekhidna

Formerly Known As Ltmajordude

How to be a Popular Writer

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I feel so honored to have my story in your "Sparity" folder :rainbowkiss: glad you enjoyed "The Dragon Cut"!

Ok thanks for ansering anyway. And good luck at college

Due to time restraints (stupid college), lack of inspiration (don't have that same kick I got when writing the story and I'm working on another story now), reflection upon the story (I made it too fast paced), and lack of audience (not much people know Hotline Miami and are not too big on crossovers)...

There will be NO sequel.

But, I'm working on a EQG Spike & EQG Shadowbolt story that takes heavy inspiration from Kingsmen: The Secret Service & The Golden Circle, so look out for that. Right now, I'm in the middle of figuring out the storyline for it.

  • Viewing 2,143 - 2,147 of 2,147
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