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Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon have been friends since they were very young, with Silver Spoon always looking up to Diamond Tiara, and constantly seeking her approval. However, as Silver Spoon grows older and experiences changes in her own life, she begins to question Diamond Tiara's actions and motives, and ultimately finds herself torn between choosing her own path, and sticking by the one pony who has always been at her side.

An emotional story about personal growth, achievement, compassion and loss.

This story is a re-write of Midori134's Silver Lining.
I have been given full permission to re-write and finish this story, I really hope you enjoy it.

Cover Art is entirely my own. If for some strange reason you want to use it for something, please just ask me first.

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And so it begins! I await for more chapters! And thank you for continuing the story!!!

(Nice cover art, by the way!) And I hope to see Pip!!!

5360359 Thank you! Something really strange just happened. I uploaded this last night and it's had a lot of views, but when I came back to it this morning it hadn't been submitted and it needed to be approved. So I've just clicked that now so hopefully it's safe! Bizarre!

That explains the email updates I had recieved! About three or four Silver Lining update emails.

5362234 Oh man, sorry about that! I don't know what happened, it somehow un-submitted itself, mine still says it's "awaiting approval" :\

No need to apologize. Happened to me once. :twilightsmile:

It's GGOOOODD.... But if it's ends up all too predictably with poor old stereotypical Alpha Bitch DT being abandoned by SS for those 'perfect' Cutie Mark Crusaders... I will find you. I will find you, and cut you. Remember... a good author gives depths to all his/her characters NOT just the main star. Anyway have a LIKE for now... And keep on 'keeping on'.

5362670 Ha, don't worry about that. If there's one thing I love about any kind of story/film/game, it's the character development. Midor134 did a great job of fleshing out all the characters, and the original story was anything but predictable. Another reason why I volunteered to take it on :) Also thank you very much for the 'like' :)

I get Silver Spoon's dad seemingly doesn't do so well under pressure, but treating her like that over her first goof up of that nature simply because there was a particularly important critic there still rubs me the wrong way. A little lecture on knowing ones limits I could handle but that treatment was just cold.

Still feels same, only with a few chapters squeezed into one with a few minor additions and a pinch more "because she always blames me" thrown in. Looks cleaner though.

A bit more telly than the original by a bit, but I'll stick with it if it means it'll get a more complete ending. And by that, I mean, hopefully we'll get to see one this time. :P

Going to have to switch this from favs to tracking. I'll leave the like where it's at for now though. Best of luck with the rewrite. Chapter 2 could of certainly used one, but good to see you trying to stay true to the original though, I suppose.

Take care. Happy writing.

5364171 Yeah, he does seem like an ass at the minute. He will get more character development as the story goes on, so you should be able to understand his bitterness toward Silver Spoon more.

5365424 Don't worry I will be adding my own things. I just thought the beginning was fine as it is, and I love the way Silver Spoon gained her cutie mark in this story so much! There will be many more changes in the future chapters :)

Can't say I'm noticing any differences between this and the original just yet (except for maybe the Berry ordeal and the ball scene setting). Can't wait to see what you do with it! :pinkiehappy:
You know, it's funny, I always wondered what made those two stand each other. Was it mutual dislike for everything or what.

5374679 The storyline for the main part will be similar, so it won't be a completely different story. I do however have huge plans for the Manehatten chapters ;) which I'm going to foreshadow a lot. I removed some things I felt weren't needed, such as the 'Sparkling Wonder' part of the story, and the part about Silver's mother being an actress. I also completely changed most of the dialogue and added a lot more interaction with the other ponies, as my main priority is to work on the characters more. I don't want it to be another 'Silver Spoon is 60% good really but Diamond Tiara is 100% bad" type of stories. I want it a little more 3D than that! Hopefully you will like the next chapter! :)

Pretty good so far. I can't help but be drawn to Silver Spoon stories that explore her character. Same goes for Diamond Tiara stories that explore her character as well. Anyway, I would like to leave some advice, as I noticed this mistake throughout both chapters.

“I told ya, we ain’t done nothin’!” The country filly repeated.

Here, "the" should not be capitalized. After dialogue, only names are capitalized. Also, it would be better to use Apple Bloom's name or she. It doesn't detract a lot from the story, but it's generally a good idea to avoid what users on here call "Lavender Unicorn Syndrome".

Either way, I still enjoyed what you wrote and I'll follow this for now. Keep on writing. :twilightsmile:

I love this and ikr that kindergarten scene is so cute I like how u rewrote this tory so far a read the first one

5375061 Ah thank you for pointing that out! I worry a lot about overusing the characters names, but if you think it's fine then that's good enough for me :)
5377104 Thank you so much! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far.

5377120 You're welcome. Good luck on your future writings! :twilightsmile:

Hey guys, the next chapter has been written but I'm having trouble phrasing everything correctly for some reason. It's like I've got a kind of writers-editing block which is probably down to the amount of booze I consumed over xmas, ha. So it will be up as soon as it's sorted out, don't want to upload a piece of crap in place of a pretty exciting chapter. Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas :) xxx

I am so happy that my favorite story on the site is getting the treatment it needed :pinkiehappy:

Another update!!!
Keep up the good work!!!

5470492 Aww thank you! Hopefully I will do a decent job of it :)

5467357 Thank you :) Hope you like the changes I've made. I'm no changing anything that I think is already fine the way it is, but I'm adding lots of stuff :)

Well, this chapter has earned a spot in my "Inspirational Section.'

5488193 That's really nice of you, thank you :)

Another great chapter for an amazing story.
keep the updates coming.

5489826 Aww, glad you enjoyed it, thank you so much for the feedback!

Guys, I've written the next chapter, but it needs tons of editing and I'm off to Kenya tomorrow on wildlife conservation until late feb. Please rest assured the story will continue when I'm back, the lions need me lol :)

I'm totally in love with this story:pinkiehappy: When's the next chapter going to be out?

5662069 Thank you very much for your feedback. Also gotta say I love your Avatar, it's really pretty :) I've recently returned from working in Kenya, but won't be reunited with my beloved laptop for a few days. You can expect the next chapter to be up sometime near the end of Feb or very early March. :)

Glad to see that this story is still alive! :twilightsmile:

Great, a cliffhanger ending! :twilightangry2:
Seriously though, this chapter was very emotionally charged, and now I'm more invested then ever.
Can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter.

Thank you!:twilightsmile:
Keep the updates coming!


5697480 Thank you! Don't worry, I won't ever abandon this story, I've just been super busy. Got a new job :) x

This seems to be progressing faster than I remember. (Not a bad thing, just a little perplexing is all.) Still good though.

5708253 Sorry, Midori134 told me that she added a lot to the chapters which didn't end up going anywhere in the long run and just became filler story. I've removed those parts and instead added my own stuff. I'm also changing the order of things in hopes to make things run smoother. So to those of you who think I'm cutting out a major plot point, which had already happened by now in the original story, don't worry about that ;)

These chapters are 2/3 times longer than the ones in the original story, which were around 2000 words each. This story would now be on about Chapter 10 if they were the same length.

I actually feel sorry for Silver. What kind of parent would ignore their child like?!

“What?” Silver hated to admit it, but this request was far more reasonable than she had imagined it to be. Sweetie Belle had the ability to blank mail her, and yet this was all the filly was asking for?

I think you mean "blackmail"--unless you're going for a different spin on that concept.

Anyways, this a great chapter, and I'm very interested in reading more. :twilightsmile:

Well that was heartbreaking. :fluttercry:

Why is Candlelight so rude to SS? I mean, a teen arguing with a little filly! :ajbemused:

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay again, I have a good reason though! I'm moving house tomorrow, it's going to be my first time living away from my parents, and I'll have plenty of space and free time to continue this story once I'm settled :) Thank you very much for your patience!

Sweeeeet! This story is alive!!!

Another amazing chapter to an amazing story. Please continue.:twilightsmile:

The baby? Oh dear heavens I hope you're not going down the road I think you're going down with that plot line.

5887225 What road would this be? I'm not sure yet whether to fully stick to the original story here or mix things up a bit... I felt the original plot was pretty decent, but any advice is welcome!

5887038 Thank you very much :) I'm glad you enjoy it!

Wanderer D

5887845 if you're writing the story now you should take it where you want rather than copying everything from the original.

5890071 Thank you. I haven't copied very much from the original so far, aside from parts of the first chapter, which was more of an introduction. The genuine story arc of the baby actually wasn't finished in the original story, just bullet pointed in the notes, so I might change it up quite a lot. I'm just curious as to what route people are expecting it to take, before I go ahead and write something overly cliché.

Can't wait for the next chapter.

Silver x Pip



(I'm sorry. I just can't help myself! THEY ARE SUCH A CUTE COUPLE!!!)

5905467 Thank you! I thought so too when I read the original. Couldn't wait to go all out with Pip's adorably goofy personality. He's a lot of fun to write.

:rainbowhuh: Okay, it might have been too long and I forgot some details, but that last line really seemed to come out of nowhere. When and how did she figure this...bit of news out? It also seems rather strange that the CMC would just accept Silver Spoon after all of their difficult history, but at least she seems to realize that. I guess you'll probably explain these in the upcoming chapters though. :applejackunsure:

I do enjoy Apple Pip, he seems pretty awesome in a goofy sort of way. Maybe he has something to do with the CMC accepting Silver Spoon. You may have to add the "original character" tag if he becomes a major part of the story. I look forward to the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

5918184 I reread the previous chapter and found an answer to the first of my concerns...silly me. :twilightblush:

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