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During a day at the fair Spike wins a prize at a carnival game! As he enjoys all that the fair offers his mind continues to return to the token...and what a fair marking the turning point between summer and autumn means for him and the ponies he loves.

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D'aaaaw! :twilightsmile:

faving this for sure

I'm glad you liked it!:pinkiesmile:

Thank you so much!:twilightsmile:

I second the d'awwww and raise you a squeeee.

Again your stories mange to both ask and answer the meanings of life. Deep stuff going on her and the necklace being for Twilight was a wonderful surprise :pinkiesmile: Glad to have read this.

Thank you so much! This is one of my little stories that don't get much attention... I'm glad that you were pleasantly surprised by it!:twilightsmile:

I haven't worked my way through your ENTIRE output just yet, but this is definitely my favorite so far, and I wanted to mention that since it's one of those little shorts that so often get overlooked.

It's not super-ambitious or innovative, but it does exactly what it aims to do perfectly, and the slice o' life Spike niche is one that we just plain don't see nearly enough of. Thanks very much for writing this, I can't think of a single thing I'd change about it if I had an editor's pen in hand. It's low-key but very beautiful in its subdued way.

Thank you, I truly appreciate it that you enjoyed the work for the quiet, introspective bit that I meant for it to be. The premise was simple, just Spike spending the day at a harvest fair and enjoying the company of those he loves. I'm very glad that shone through for you.:twilightsmile:

Sometimes people forget that simple, little tales can be just as moving as an epic. It's all in the presentation and making your readers feel the emotions. Rarity may be Spike's crush, but Twilight will always be his big sister!

This little gem is massively under-appreciated.

Indeed, I just wanted to do something that captured the feelings that I associated with going to the fair every year when I was a kid, and Spike was perfect for that. Yes, Rarity's crush on Spike is an important part of my "fanon", but even more so is his relationship with Twilight. I'm glad these shone through for you.:twilightsmile:

In my mind, "Slice of Life" can be one of two things: a story that attempts to read like an actual episode, and a story where objectively nothing happens but subjectively is great and powerful. In my opinion this is the second type, the sort of story all such slice of life stories should dream of being. Nothing happened in this story. Spike will not wake up tomorrow a different dragon than he was today. And yet I feel that the time spent reading this story was well-rewarded.

That is an excellent observation on the genre, and I thank you for taking the time to read and comment!:twilightsmile:

I regret not reading this sooner. It was great just like all of your other stories I have read. I'm glad somebody writes plenty of great stories about Spike. You are by far my favorite fanfic writer.

Thank you so much for saying so! That means a lot to me!:twilightsmile:

Have to say I was expecting the necklace to go to Rarity, but I like what you did, just as I liked the short story on a whole

Don't you mean Spike's crush on Rarity?

Heh, well, I misspoke, it seems.:twilightblush:

Indeed :rainbowlaugh:
Everyone makes mistakes though.

It was a very enjoyable read, but it got me wonder. The story is (in my opinion) a very unique piece in your repertoire (so to speak :twilightblush:, but I have not yet read all of your stories). It's so calm, so peaceful, so slow-paced, so sweet, and so romancey. :twilightblush: When I finished reading, I was afraid I missed its hidden meaning, so, a little plea from the dumb: was there a deeper meaning to the story which I missed, or was it meant to be the simple and sweet romancey evening? :pinkiesad2:

And yeah, I totally thought Spike gave the medallion to Rarity. :pinkiehappy:

Also, Cervia... Where has that place been mentioned before? :pinkiecrazy: Yeah, head-canon consistency is invaluable, so let me assure you the readers see it and appreciate it. Well, at least I do, if it's worth anything. :twilightblush:


the memories of the fair and all after would be his treasure thought the centuries of his long life

Um... through? :twilightblush:

This story was just my attempt to capture something of a important time of my life, the county fair, when I was child and let Spike have the same great experiences. There was no deeper meaning apart from letting my favorite character have a great autumn afternoon.:twilightsmile:

Cervia is the land of the perytons, the winged dear from The Silent Shore, So Being What We Sow When We Sew, and The Purple Mare. They're kinda my personal fanon "good guy" race that the show is missing.

Thanks for the usage catch!:pinkiehappy:

Ah, that explains the uniqueness of this story. :twilightsmile:

Oh, The Purple Mare also has Cervia in it, even though it is marked as Alternate Universe? The story was next on my read-immediatelly list, but it was replaced for now by To Change a Heart by one of the best writers in our little read-write community. :rainbowkiss: Perhaps you've heard of it? :pinkiecrazy::trollestia:

It sounds awful... who was the idiot who wrote that one?:ajsmug:

*sigh* Carneys. Good thing Twi wasn't the one to attempt it, she'd probably destroy the entire booth. Of course, Twi is too smart not to be tricked by them in the first place. Rainbow would have been hilarious to watch as she failed time after time against the carney-rigged games.

I still would like to know the point of rock farming... er geoculturalisting (?).

The sight of the rabbit done up in a great wide bow

HA! That's karma right there.

Twilight at once noticed something about Rarity, saw something unexpected…a big silver balloon.

Oh you trickster. Making us believe that Spike gave Rarity the necklace.

"Do…do you think that the autumn is just as fun, and the winters?" the whelp asked, surprisingly earnest for one so sleepy.

If only Spike knew what lay before him. A magical ride on an awesome sled.

Nicely done TD! There were plenty of enjoyable moments throughout this story that I really liked.

This was my effort to give my favorite little guy one of my favorite memories, and I'm glad it came across. I wish I had thought about using Dash at a carnival game! Thanks for reading, Redz!:twilightsmile:

the D'aaaaw is strong in this one :twilightsmile:

Heh, I'm glad you enjoyed it!:twilightsmile:

Loved this little thing. Spike and Twilight are my favorite couple in the show, likely.Twilight is best pony, and Spike snags second place.

Heh, I agree... just in reversed order!:raritywink:

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment!:twilightsmile:

I love simple and meaningful stories like this. Spike and Twilight forever. :twilightsheepish:

Ah, a good old Spike fic by The Decendant. Fantastic as always... I should probably go to bed...

Ah, a good old Spike fic by The Decendant. Fantastic as always... I should probably go to bed...

I kept wondering where you were going with this one, and then I read that he had given Rarity the Baloon.

That scene almost got me to tear up. Of all the writers whose work I have read, you capture Twi and Spikes relation the best. Bravo.

Thanks for saying so! Their relationship is the most important part of the show for me, so I'm glad that shone through!:twilightsmile:

Stories read thus far: 11/24
Story to be read Next: "Variable"

It really struck me how powerful this story is. You say you tried to manifest the feelings of being at a county fair, and even though I don't recall ever going to one of those, I very much enjoy the picture you painted here. I like how consistent Spike is in this, as well as how varied the pieces of the story were. I was shocked at the twist at the end, and it was pleasant. Overall, this one, I think, may be one of your betters. :moustache:

That is exactly what I was going for, yes. I'm very glad that I could bring those feeling and sensations of being a kid at the fair to you. I'm glad you are enjoying my works!:twilightsmile:

Awww. No major FEELS from this one, just a pleasant nostalgia-like feeling, but without the pain.

I'll take that... I like that reply!:twilightsmile:

This story sent me on one hell of a nostalgia trip, Great read. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, it was a nostalgia trip of my own that inspired this, so I'm glad you enjoyed it!:twilightsmile:

Experiencing the emotions each of the seasons can bring in spending a day at the fair, beautiful job. A touching story with Spike enjoying the day at the fair with his closest and best friends. :twilightblush::rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy:

Thank you. This was a simple story based around some of my favorite memories, and I'm glad you could enjoy them, too!:twilightsmile:

I simply adore the way you write Spike-Rarity and Spike-Twi relations. In every story you write about them there is another facet to discover. :twilightsmile:
By the way you've got me with the neclace and the balloon but I like how it turns out.

3202435I'm glad you enjoyed that little switch-up, and I'm glad you enjoy my views into their relationships.:twilightsmile:

That was a nice bit of fun.:moustache:

Thanks! I'm glad that you enjoyed it!:twilightsmile:

it is the stuff like this that makes me happy.

I'm very glad that it did.:twilightsmile:

yay to simple sweet lightheartedness, another good story TD.:pinkiesmile:

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