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A fine welcome to you!
Welcome welcome welcome
I say how do you do?

Welcome, Newcomers! is a group that does what the title intends, welcoming newcomers! This group can be for people who just joined FiMFiction, or even people who just joined the fandom! For the people who registered a FiMFiction account longer than the beginners, you can also feel free to join to help out other people as well! :twilightsmile:

In the forum, everyone is free to make a new thread and ask any question they desire to be answered. If you're also a beginner who posted a brand-new story, you can also be free to but it in the "Feedback Wanted" folder and make a thread about your new story!

So, do you know someone who is new? Are you that someone? Well, this is the place to be!


-Be respectful to the newcomers

-Give as much support as possible

-Be patient with the newcomers

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The Spider, The Myth, The Legend will help all newcomers

--timid wave--- Hello everypony. :)
I've a new story...the only one at that, up on the site right now. It's called 'Trial of Ages', so if anypony's interested, please take a look and feel free to leave a comment. I'm brand new to writing, so please be nice.


I'm also looking for a way to create a pony avatar, but I haven't been able to find anything decent. Does anypony have any idea about who or where I should go to?

Hello! Sorry for not saying much of anything (or being online for a while), I don't get enough free time to write these days... too busy for my own good (until the end of next month).

Hey guys! :D think you oculd check out my story? Is the only one I got so... could you please check it out? :3

390035 I'm a diehard fan xD it's one of the best stories I've read and that's saying something. When you start writing your fic, let me know because I want to read it :pinkiesmile:

390033 hell yeah, I haven't finished it yet but I know enough to get the joke from your avatar. I've been a fallout fan for about three years and mlp for about one, I knew of the crossover before I became an mlp fan. I'm reading it now and starting a fic in the near future.:pinkiehappy:

390022 Oh great :D so, you a Fan of FO:E?

390014 not too late, I said that yesterday.:ajsmug:

389954 I don't know how late I am :facehoof: I sorta lost connection for a bit haha. I'm back now though and my avatar is amazing xD

388105 I don't know, I was never any good with those things.
P.S. oh my god I love your avatar!:rainbowlaugh:

So uh... how does this weird stick-wand-thing work? Do I just say resurrect? Or do I shout it? I really don't trust myself with this thing.

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Well this group is really growing. Faster than I originally hoped. I really thin that with enough time and people, this could be a VERY good group for people new to the writing and fiction scene like myself.

Congratulations! This group was just listed in New Groups.

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